Look Fantastic June 2017 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

I usually review the Birchbox first but this month it was late and the first box to arrive was the Look Fantastic one. I have to say the Look Fantastic boxes were never late so far for me. Points scored there.

June’s Look Fantastic Subscription Beauty Box had a “Wanderlust” theme. The theme was very exciting as it screams luxury products or colourful makeup. This month’s quote inside the box, under the lid, was “She believed she could so she did”. Yes, yes, yes, agreed!

Look Fanstastic 1 June 2017.jpg

The only luxury worthy quality was the actual box design itself. Absolutely gorgeous, this is a box I will keep for a long time. The products however, did not scream luxury at all despite the editor’s note even stating that the Wanderlust theme is all about luxury products. Unfortunately, the theme did not match the contents of the box as the products were mainstream/super drug type.

This month the box contained 6 products and the two monthly magazines that always accompany this box, a small Beauty magazine and a travel size, full version of ELLE magazine. Good value for money as always.

Look Fanstastic 2 June 2017

From left to right, the products were: a highlighter, facial treatment pads, a face spray, a face moisturiser, a lip gloss and a hair shampoo.

Look Fanstastic 3 June 2017.jpg

So let’s dive in a little more deeply into how each product performed after a week’s use. Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and as beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, beauty requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. If you tried any of these please leave your comments below!


Bellapierre Shimmer Highlighter SP042 Exite

Bellapierre Shimmer Highlighter SP042 ExiteThis product is a highlighter but not in the traditional way you might think. I wouldn’t say it works very well for cheek bone highlighting but more for inner eye corner or eye shadow highlighting. It is essentially glitter so it works much better as an eye product than anything else. To be honest though, I would more likely use this to “glitter up” my eye shadow colours than for any highlighting whatsoever.

The packaging is very standard, does the job. This product doesn’t feel like very high or low quality. Can’t say there is much to this other than just another glitter. Tends to feel a little like the cheaper type of glitters that you can buy from the non-cosmetic companies such as accessory companies, clothing lines or supermarkets. SCORE = 5/10


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance PadsThis product is quite interesting in terms of packaging and function. It is a standard plastic tub but it contains very nicely (not too little or too much) moisten face pads. One side of the pad is ridged, designed to “exfoliate” whereas the other is smooth, designed to wipe. This is a product that is supposed to be used on an already clean face to exfoliate, brighten and tone the skin while being alcohol free. According to the beauty magazine that came with this box, they also contain a blend of lactic and glycolic acid but you wouldn’t know that because the product itself does not have a list of ingredients!

I had great hopes for this as brightening the skin is something that we all look forward to, especially after a not so great night’s sleep but I can’t say that I noticed any difference. The pads do feel nice to use, they don’t leave any sticky or oily residues on the skin and your skin will feel nice after but I can’t really say that they exfoliate, brighten or tone the skin.

I do like the different than usual type of product though and I am amazed on how nicely moisten the pads are. Would I buy it after? I’m afraid I’d stick to my toner. I don’t see anything particularly “must-have” about this product but it was definitely a cool product to try. SCORE = 6/10


Monu Rosewood Reviving Mist

Monu Rosewood Reviving MistThis is a useful product that we all need every now and again especially after a long day or in the morning! This facial mist is supposed to wake you up but you could also use it to refresh your body or as a light fragrance.

The smell is pleasant and does work as a “wake-up” smell. The liquid looks and feels like water and gets absorbed quickly by the skin. Take care in spraying this from a distance, it can ruin your make up if you spray it from too close up. According to Look Fantastic you can also use this to “fix” your make up in place. I would disagree with that, this is nowhere near as good as a make up setting spray and the fact that the actual spray is not as “thin”, small droplet size as a make up setting spray means that you have a good chance of actually ruining your make up.

The packaging bottle is plastic, neither pretty or ugly but it is the perfect size to travel with on a daily basis. I will keep this in my handbag for “wake-up” moments but this is not a make up essential for me. In fact in the mornings specifically, I find that my make up setting spray does the job of waking me up already. SCORE = 7/10


Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser

Balance Me Balancing Face MoisturiserI was looking forward to trying out another product from Balance Me as I haven’t been a fan previously and wanted to see how their other products are. I tried their Instant Lift primer before and while it smelled very nice, it didn’t work well for my oily skin, in fact I felt that it made my skin more oily than normal.

With those thoughts at hand, I was curious if the same would happen with this cream. To my surprise, this moisturising face cream actually worked well, it didn’t make my skin any more or less oily and it was absorbed very quickly. The texture of this white cream is quite light, a little on the watery side but in a good way. It spreads very easily and gets absorbed quickly without any residues left behind.

The packaging is a standard plastic tube with the standard Balance Me branding which is not particularly pretty or luxury looking but it does the job. I have mixed feelings about the smell, I can’t say that it is a bad smell but I don’t like it either. Go figure!

This is supposedly a 99% natural product free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils etc and has vitamin E. The whole natural theme is a marketing promotion (post on chemophobia coming soon), this cream is not any better than other moisturisers in fact there are other much better ones. At least I liked this one more than their Instant Lift Primer. SCORE = 6/10


Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo Super Lips Lip gloss Colour Biz

Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo Super Lips Lipgloss Colour BizI have to be honest and state from the beginning that I am not a lip gloss fan in general. I hate how sticky my lips feel, how many times my hair gets stuck on my lips and how short, time wise, they last on the lips. So I can’t say that I was excited to receive this but nevertheless I have given it a test drive.

This gloss doesn’t feel luxury at all, in fact it reminds me of the cheap glosses I used to buy as a teenager from non-cosmetic companies such as accessory places and supermarkets. It smells lovely, like a pink bubble gum but unfortunately, that smell makes this product even more “teenage” type than woman-luxury. It even makes strong “bubble burst” noises when you remove or put back the wand. This is a playful lip gloss for an every day use but not one you would wear on a night out or a date when you want to feel feminine.

The packaging feels very cheap as well, quite lightweight and the writing outside rubbed off after 2 uses. This colour is a nude one, meaning that although it has a slight pink hint to it, you will most likely only notice the gloss effect when on the lips. It doesn’t last very long especially if you drink or eat, it is just gone completely.

This gloss is perhaps more useful over lipsticks to buff them up rather than on its own. I will give it a point for reminding me the teenager times but I’m afraid it won’t be part of my current make up kit. This is a product that will probably feel like luxury to a teenager, so if you have a sister, brother, friend etc who uses make up and is around that age, give it to them. SCORE = 6/10.


Kèrastase Shampoo Nutritive Bain Satin 

Kerastase Shampoo Nutritive Bain Satin 1Travel size shampoos are so useful, this one will not go to waste! This Kèrastase shampoo has a strong wake-up, refreshing type of smell. The texture of this white cream shampoo feels and looks silky. My hair felt clean and “in-control” after using this shampoo.

The packaging is very standard, a plastic bottle like any other travelling size shampoo. The branding and bottle design is not particularly beautiful but it is very clear that this is a hair product.

This shampoo is for normal to dry hair. Thankfully, most of our hair falls under that category otherwise this would be one point less for Look Fantastic not personalising the products contained, for the user, unlike other Beauty Subscription boxes like Birchbox and Glossybox.

This was a good shampoo, I cannot tell if it did nourish my hair or not as it claims but it definitely felt nice to use. SCORE = 8/10.


Overall I was disappointed with this box. The Wanderlust theme did not match the quality of the products contained. This theme had so much potential! Whether I liked the products or not, they were all mainstream/super drug type. I wouldn’t class any of them as luxury. The box design however was luxury, amazingly gorgeous.

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 6/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) =6.3/10

Star product = Kerastase Shampoo Nutritive Bain Satin 

Did you get this month’s Look Fantastic box? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

For general subscription box reviews see the: BirchboxGlossyboxLook Fantastic and Cohorted general review posts. For help on how to choose the right subscription box for you check out “Which Subscription Beauty Box is right for you?”.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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