Urban Decay Naked Heat Eye Shadow Palette and Lipsticks! Swatches and Reviews on National Lipstick day!

Happy National Lipstick day! I hope you guys are out and about this morning or night wearing your best and most daring lipsticks because why not? Today is the day! Go for it! I don’t know who thought about the National Lipstick day but I think it’s a brilliant idea! Life is all about those little special days were we can do small or even silly things to feel a little happier and today is perfect for that red lipstick that you weren’t so sure about! I love lipsticks and I am so excited, it’s such a silly thing but it makes us ladies smile right? I even said “Happy National Lipstick day” to a delivery guy and let’s just say he looked at me a little weird. But who cares? Maybe he buys his gf a lipstick today and earns some brownie points.

If you aren’t already aware big make up brands are giving away free lipsticks today when you spend a certain amount with them. I know both MAC and Estée Lauder are giving away full size lipsticks if you spend £40 today and you can do this online too, you don’t have to go to the actual shop. Hurry though as the offers are probably limited on stock. And even if you don’t get to choose a colour, it’s a free full size lipstick that you can try or even give to someone.

Urban Decay Heat Summer Collection 1

I though today is the perfect day to review the Urban Decay Summer Heat Collection as it includes 3 limited edition lipsticks! The entire Heat Summer Collection includes an eye shadow palette, 3 lipsticks and two eye liners. I’ve refrained from buying the eye liners as I didn’t think I would use those colours very often (alkaline which is a deep purple and scorched which is a burnt brown). There’s already quite a few reviews and swatches on the eye shadow palette but I guess one more doesn’t hurt. If you want to find out more about the eye shadow palette and the 3 lipsticks then keep on reading!

Urban Decay Heat Summer Collection 2.jpg

The eye shadow palette comes in a sleeve packaging that slides off to reveal the palette inside. It has the eye shadow powder pigments at the top and big gold “NAKED HEAT” writing and some writing at the back and a picture of the brush included. The sleeve packaging is already pretty enough on it’s own and the level of detail is high. It even has burnt matches inside when you take the palette out (see pictures).

Urban Decay Heat Palette 0.jpg

The palette itself is plastic but of high quality. It has the “NAKED URBAN DECAY HEAT” writing at the front in gold too and the writing is raised higher than the surface of the palette, meaning that you can feel it if you close your eyes and run your hand over it. The plastic at the front is see through and it has ridges at the bottom, almost mimicking a pattern similar to the burnt matches shown inside, going from thicker to thinner in the middle (see pictures). The palette closes magnetically.

Inside the palette contains a mirror and a brush and I must say it is a much better brush than the ones Urban Decay usually has in their palettes. It blends easier and is nicer to use, it looks nice and it even says “Naked Heat” on it and it washes well.

Urban Decay Heat Palette 1.jpg

Urban Decay Heat Palette Brush.jpg

And now on to what we are all waiting for. The colours! I’ve heard a lot of people criticise this palette in terms of “the colours are not unique” and “you can buy other palettes with similar colours” etc. Is it true? Yes. The colours are not unique, it is almost impossible now days with so many beauty brands out there and so many palettes to create unique colours. Can you find other palettes maybe even cheaper than have similar colours? Absolutely. Do I want those? Absolutely not.

I love the packaging and the Heat/Burning branding. I love that the colours are arranged in increasing intensity which might be a small detail but for me it makes it easier to image looks and how to do them. I also cannot even fault Urban Decay for their eye shadows they are always top quality and you can feel safe that they will last all day long. They blend nicely and they are highly pigmented so you don’t even need to use much.

Urban Decay Heat Palette 2.jpg

I don’t want another palette or to mix cheaper palettes to get these colours. The incremental arrangement of the colours is a massive selling point for me, the quality even more so and the packaging well it means I will be more excited about this palette and therefore more chances of me reaching out for it.

I think the price, £39.50 is totally worth it. I am absolutely sure I will hit pan with most of the colours contained and because they are so pigmented and hence you don’t need to use much means it will take a while. I love the selection of the colours as well, they are all “burnt” colours but still on the more natural side, you won’t get crazy unicorn looks out of this palette.

I also love that half of the palette is made of lighter colours and the other half darker which means you could travel with this and create both day and night looks. The shimmer pinky colours (Lumbre, Dirty Talk and Scorched) are absolutely insanely gorgeous. There is also another shimmer called “Ember” which is almost like a dichrome colour. It shines like a copper but can also look like a black from a certain angle. I don’t think it is meant to be a dual chrome but it slightly is. The only two colours that didn’t have as much colour pay off where the first two “Ounce” and “Chaser” and even though I swatched them a couple of times you can barely see them in the picture. But that’s ok these are meant to be “skin colours” for highlighting your eye brow bone or inner corners or even lightening other colours. They are meant to be that way, you wouldn’t want a milky intense white that would look like chalk or very unnatural when combined with the other “naturally looking” colours in this palette.

Urban Decay Heat Palette swatches.jpg

There was no colour that didn’t swatch or blend as well. Maybe if you want to be super picky the colour “Ashes” (one before last) was a little less creamy and more dry than the others but who cares. It still worked, still blended and still looked nice. Honestly, there are no pictures on the internet that do those colours justice, if you are intrigued go in a shop and have a look at them!

There is only one thing I can criticise, it’s a silly point actually. Urban Decay branded this as a Summer palette with “burnt” colours. And yes I agree with the burnt colours and that they will be more related to elevated temperatures and therefore connected to summer, BUT one could view these colours as “sunset” colours as well which means that you could easily wear these colours any time in the year. I can see the burnt summer look for sure, but I can also see some nice winter warm looks as well. For me this is an all year round palette with perhaps more usage in the summer. I won’t be packing it away when summer ends…

Honestly, I cannot praise this palette enough. I’m pretty sure I will be buying a few of these… If it ever get’s in stock. This palette gets sold out within minutes! This is one of the most cohesive in colour palettes out there. No random blues or greens or whatever random colours like most palettes have, which means you will most likely use all of the colours and not have situations where you finish a palette but almost never touched those 3 random colours they contained. When I see this palette and the way the colours are arranged, I feel inspired and that’s what makes it even more worth it for me. Love, love, love. Can I have a second one now?

Here’s some pictures of the sides of the outer box that also shows the ingredients if you are interested.  You can click on the pictures to make them bigger and hence readable.


BUT! Let’s not forget the three lipsticks, as it is after all National Lipstick day and if you are not wearing a lipstick by now take a few seconds and go put one on! Life needs some colour!

I love that Urban Decay made a collection out of this and not just a palette. We now have amazingly nice eye looks and we need some lips! Sadly though, because of how intense the eye shadow colours are I think the best one to match the palette’s looks would actually be the neutral colour “Fuel”. This is a classic neutral must have, how did they not have this already in their standard collection? This colour goes with pretty much every look I can think of, with any other eye palette I can think of and even with no other make up on, it is a true nude that is very versatile.  You can wear it every day or night, casually as well. I would have bought this colour without hesitation even if it wasn’t part of this collection.

The other two, the metallic red called “Heat” and the metallic brown called “Scorched” are also equally gorgeous but if you create an intense eye look you might want to keep the lip a little less overwhelming. So while I will absolutely, definitely use these two metallics a lot, it probably won’t be in combination with this palette. But that’s just my personal preference. If you don’t mind going above the “natural” look and you feel daring enough to go all out on colour, they will definitely match the eye shadow palette looks you will create. It’s not a matter of matching but more a matter of colour intensity if you get my drift.

Urban Decay Heat Lipsticks 6.jpg

Side note: The bullets look darker than what the lipsticks actually stain as (see stains below), so don’t be too scared of the “dark” looking colours. Swatch it before you decide!

Urban Decay Heat Lipsticks 5.jpg

Fuel is a must have nude for all occasions. It is creamy, easy to apply, lasts a long time and I think it would work well with all skin tones. Fuel. Check.

Urban Decay Heat Lipstick swatches.jpgHeat is a red lipstick and everyone should own at least one. But it is a red lipstick with metallic glitter which makes it even more special. I am not so huge on glitter and I don’t usually go for it, I always choose more natural looks, but it is a very nice lipstick and it looks quite fancy. It gives your lips that extra little shine while actually looking quite natural, and not like the teenager glitter lipstick, because the glitter bits are so tiny you almost can’t distinguish them out. It is slightly more sticky than the Fuel one but nothing major. Gorgeous colour. Look at it shine in the picture and remember they look nicer in real life!

I’ve read that some people said this lipstick has a bit of a texture because of the glitter. I can see what they are talking about but if I haven’t known about this I would probably not notice. It is much less textured than other glitter lipsticks so still scores highly with me. When you are adding a “foreign” object, like glitter, into the lipstick you are bound to create a little texture. I honestly didn’t think it was an issue here.

Scorched on the other hand was the one lipstick that I wasn’t sure whether to buy or not. It’s a metallic brown and I just thought it might be too dark because of how dark the bullet looks. It is deceiving! I am very glad I actually bought it because the colour is so unique. Where else are you going to get an almost true copper colour? It’s not as dark as it looks as a bullet and it actually looks quite naturally glowing as well. I think I actually might end up liking this one the most as it is the most unique one. It is almost, if not definitely, a true copper colour that amazingly doesn’t look fake. And actually, scratched what I said before, you could also wear this lip with an eye look created from the heat palette and not look too crazy in colour because all colours, including this lipstick, are fairly “natural”.

The packaging is the standard Urban Decay “fake/thin metallic” casing, identical to any of their lipsticks with the difference being in the colour of the lid. I love that they chose a copper colour, it makes the heat summer collection obvious and cohesive and they will also stand out as limited edition lipsticks in your lipstick collection.

Having tried now all three lipsticks actually makes me feel a little sad that they are only limited edition. I hope that’s just a promotional thing and they end up adding them to their stable collection later on. I will even forgive them for lying about them being limited edition. If not, ladies stock up these are nice lipsticks…All Urban Decay lipsticks are good but these ones feel slightly better. I suspect they tuned their formula a little bit.

They retail for £15.50 but I actually got them for £13.50 from online Debenhams. The price is not super cheap, as some drugstore lipsticks (£6.99 for Maybelline for example), but neither as expensive as the bigger brands (big brand lipsticks can vary from £20-30) so it is a good middle point price for what is actually high quality lipsticks.

I didn’t expect the lipsticks and the palette to be bad but I also didn’t think that they would be THAT good either. Great job Urban Decay (owned by Lóreal), we want more!

Seriously though, if you are still not wearing a lipstick go now! Happy National Lipstick day xxx


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