Wellthos September 2017 Health and Fitness Box – Unboxing and Product Reviews

September’s Wellthos box contained 10 health and fitness products and as always not all where food items which personally I really like.

Wellthos September 2017 3.jpg

As always the Wellthos box was a simple cardboard box with no special design. Wellthos and other health and fitness boxes don’t seem to invest in designed or themed packaging but that’s fine, these type of boxes are not expected to be as nice and thought out as the beauty boxes. Like every month, the box also contained a few recipes, two this time, where you can use some of the products contained to try out something new. I really love this feature. Not only do you get new recipes to try but you also get to utilise some of the products you got in the box.

Wellthos September 2017 2.jpg

Wellthos now comes with a small booklet that gives you a little more information about the items contained, has recipes in it and usually also has some kind or workout routine. This month it was a yoga one.

Wellthos September 2017 booklet.jpg

But let’s cut straight into the details and have a look at what was inside the September Wellthos Health and Fitness box. Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and health, fitness and taste can be very personal things as we all have different taste and biological builds. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. If you tried any of these products please leave your comments below!

Wellthos September 2017.jpg

The products contained were from left to right: a germ protecting foam, a protein powder, a drink, chewing gums, a seasoning mix, lentil chips, a carbs bar, cocoa nuts, pea pasta and cardamom granola.

Wellthos September 2017 contents.jpg

PS. You can click on the smaller images to see them larger if you want to read out ingredients, nutritional information etc.


Clean Freek Bio-Armour 24

Clean Freek Bio-Armour 24 2This is a liquid that you can spread on yourself to act as a shield against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It comes out as a foam and turns into a liquid slowly on its own or while you rub it on your skin. It supposedly also makes your skin waterproof. Not sure why you would care about that in a gym, other than if you don’t want your make up to run, but then again I can’t imagine using this on the face!

It dries quickly and it doesn’t leave any residue behind. The only negative really was the smell. The first thing that came to my mind was tires or something elastic/plastic. It’s definitely not a cosmetic or disinfectant smell. However, while you are in the gym sweating and all, you probably won’t be caring about it.

Clean Freek Bio-Armour 24.jpg

Clean Freek Bio-Armour 24 3This was an interesting product to see and try but I won’t be using it. It is true, the gyms are packed with germs but that is true with every place where there are many people using it like cafes, restaurants or even supermarkets. The amount of germs might vary and it might even be that the gym is a lot less sanitary but for me this product feels a little germophobic. I’m going to let my immune system fight my battles for now but if you have a compromised immune system or you really can’t stand the idea of a gym being full of germs then this might be a product worth trying.

I’m really not sure how much this would retail for as Googling this product comes up with nothing relevant and the Clean Freeek brand seems to sell predominantly other products like hoovering equipment and other cleaning products. This product is either new or doesn’t have very good internet presence which is actually not great. SCORE = 7/10


Machacha Peace Plant Protein Vanilla

Machacha Peace Plant Protein Vanilla.jpg

This is a satchel of protein powder in vanilla flavour. The powder was off-white with a yellow hint and it smelled really lovely, like vanilla. I didn’t get to taste it on its own, as I needed to use the entire satchel in the Wellthos Recipe 2.

Recipe 2 was a “Brownie Overnight Oats” recipe. It was very simple to make and requires almost no cooking or baking skill and no special equipment. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients together and leave the mixture in the fridge overnight, if you can resist the temptation.

Wellthos September Recipe 2.jpg

This wasn’t really a brownie in a classical sense as you can eat it cold as a mousse but you can also warm it up for 30-60 seconds in a microwave.

Wellthos Recipe 2 2.jpg

If I’m honest, I didn’t like this. It tasted too strongly of “synthetic protein”, a taste that as a fitness junkie and a chemist, I come across a lot more often than I want to and I just can’t stand it. However, if you make this with a protein powder that you know you like the taste of, then this might work for you.

I wasn’t sure initially as to what kind of dish this recipe was and I assumed, from the chocolate bit, that it is more of a snack/dessert. However, a quick count of the nutritional value of this shows a different story. At 22.33g of protein, 9.79g of fat, 79.61g of carbs and a damage of 488.55kcals makes this meal worthy. The protein, carb and calorie content resemble a full meal. As a result, choose when to make/serve this wisely.

Here’s the nutritional value based on the ingredients I used, bear in mind that this will vary a bit as you probably won’t use the same brand or products etc.

Ingredient Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) kcals
Almond milk 1.1 2.42 6.6 52.8
Protein Powder 19 2 7 126
Yogurt 8.75 0 3.4 48.5
Oats 22.66 15.4 133.1 798
Cocoa 1.84 1.72 1.12 33.2
Sugar 0.04 0.04 7.99 32
Total 44.64 19.58 159.21 977.1
Per person 22.33 9.79 79.61 488.55

I used normal sugar instead of stevia as the recipe states, as I personally cannot stand the after taste of stevia. You only need 8g (aka 2 tablespoons) of it anyway and that is between two servings so it’s not that detrimental. If you are eating properly and exercising, 1 table spoon of sugar here won’t be a problem.

This satchel would cost you £2.90 from Planet Organic which is too much for just a sample satchel that you can often get for free. Buy a satchel, try it out and then if you like it buy a larger tub of it, as buying the satchels would end up costing you a lot more in the long run. SCORE = 7/10.


Nix and Kix Peach Vanilla drink

This is a soft drink, not an energy drink or protein drink, with a peach and vanilla taste. The design of the can is very nice, I love the branding and the colour scheme and the fact that it has a matt finish and feel. It looks special and expensive. I also really love that the top is black so you can see if there is any dust on the can before you drink.

Nix and Kix Peach Vanilla drink.jpg

It is a fizzy drink and it smells spot on, like peach and vanilla. It also tastes like peach and vanilla and it doesn’t leave any strange after taste. It was definitely an incredibly pleasant drink to have that tastes even better when cold. I’m not sure I would have it with food or when I am thirsty, as the peach and vanilla flavour gives you a “sweet feeling” even though the actual drink is not that sweet. This is the perfect drink though for those hot summer nights. Too bad that summer is gone.

This drink is vegan, all natural, has no added sugar and contains canyenne chilli which burns fat! It will set you back 50kcal which is absolutely nothing and it has 0.25g of fat, 11.75g of carbs of which almost all are sugars and 0.25g of protein. This is a drink I will definitely purchase and I can’t wait to try any other flavours that the brand might have.

This would cost you £1.25 from Ocado or £0.70 if you buy 12 from Dolphin Fitness. Even if you have to pay the full price, it is very standard and acceptable for a soft drink. SCORE = 10/10.


Chewsy All Natural Chewing Gum

Chewsy All Natural Chewing Gum.jpg

This is a 100% natural gum with a lemon flavour. It’s made of only 5 ingredients which are sourced from trees. It contains xylitol, chicle gum base, natural flavour, gum Arabic and sunflower lecithin. It has no aspartame or artificial sweeteners or flavours.

It tastes like sweet lemon and it is nicely soft and chewy. The packaging is very simple and cheap and the branding is a little ugly. However, it was definitely a pleasant chewing gum to try.

Chewsy All Natural Chewing Gum 4.jpg

This small box of 10 gums costs £1.60 from Planet Organic or the brand’s website and admittedly it is a little expensive for plain chewing gum with no added value like vitamins etc. SCORE = 8/10.


Miracle Matcha Health Mix-in

This is seasoning or a topping type product that contains milled flaxseed, chia seeds, goji berries and tea matcha. You can add it in yogurts, smoothies, salads, cereal and anything you fancy really.

Miracle Matcha Health Mix-in.jpg

It is glucose and lactose free, has no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavourings and it is high in fibre and omega 3. It was a tasty topper but you really have to find the right combination of food/taste to use it in. Personally, I didn’t like it on yogurt and I preferred it in a salad. It’s a very personal taste type of item. The satchel looks nice and the branding is spot on, however there is no re-sealing option and so once you open it you have to reseal it somehow, use it all or transfer it into another container. I assume that this is only the case because this is a sample type satchel and I hope that the full size product has some kind of resealing option.

Miracle Matcha Health Mix-in 2.jpg

This small satchel would cost £0.58 but you can buy a 300g full size product from Planet Organic, Vitamin Bay UK or the brand’s website for £6.99. Not a bad price at all. SCORE = 7/10.


Eat Real Lentil Chips

If I’m honest, when I first saw this product I thought “not again”. There are so many “healthy chip/crisp” types out there these days and most of them don’t taste that great and they don’t even save you that many kcals, carbs or fat. As a result, I had very low expectations from this product.

Eat Real Lentil Chips.jpg

The chips taste like “lentils meet crackers” which is actually a lot more of a pleasant taste than you’d think. The taste is almost an after taste as they don’t taste of much to begin with. They are nicely crisp but not too dry and strangely addictive. This is the first time I can ever say that I wanted more of these “healthy chips”!

Eat Real Lentil Chips 3.jpg

This 22g bag will cost you 102.52kcals, 4.29g of fat, 14.52g of carbs of which only 0.48g are sugars, 2.05g of protein and 0.7g of fibre. It is a low impact snack for sure, just to fill you up for a bit. It is very low on protein though, so when and if you need this really depends on your diet plan and fitness needs. There is no added sugar, is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Eat Real Lentil Chips 2.jpg

I will definitely be buying these. They were apparently sea salt flavour, which I guess explains the bluntness, but as I mentioned above I still liked them. I’m not sure I would want a strong taste with the lentil-cracker after taste…

The packaging is a standard chip/crisp bag packaging and the branding is spot on. They look like chips but it is obvious that they are not normal chips. This bag would cost you £0.68 from Morrisons which is a pretty good price. SCORE =10/10.


Hangry Food Crancky Cocoa

Hangry Food Crancky Cocoa.jpg

This is a carbohydrate bar, something to snack on between meals or when you need a little energy. It is low on protein so again, it really depends on your diet and exercise plans whether this is the right snack for you. Personally, I’d prefer a protein bar as it would keep me fuller for longer and it fits my fitness plans but there are occasions where you might want a little more carbs too.

Hangry Food Crancky Cocoa 2.jpg

This bar contains 169kcals, 8.3g of fat, 18.2g of carbs of which 14.2 are sugars, 4.1g of protein and 2.4g of fibre. It has a cocoa flavour and it is nicely moist and easy to eat. It looks like a typical carbohydrate bar and although the taste was pleasant, I personally think that the Nakd bars (which are also natural carbohydrate bars and therefore direct competitors) taste nicer than this one. With that being said, I only tried one of the HANGRY bars so it might well be that the rest taste better. It wasn’t a bad taste, just think that the Nakd ones taste a little bit nicer. This might be personal taste though, both are worth trying out.

Hangry Food Crancky Cocoa 3.jpg

On the other hand, I prefer the HANGRY branding than the Nakd one. I am a HANGRY kind of person and so I found the branding quite spot on and funny. I’d be interested in trying out the rest of the HANGRY flavours but as far as the cocoa one is concerned, the Nakd one wins it for me.

You can buy this from Holland & Barrett for £1.75 which is actually a little expensive for just carbs. In comparison, a Nakd cocoa delight bar would only cost you £0.99 from the same retailer and it will give you very similar nutritional stats.  SCORE = 7/10.


The Tiger Nut Company Organic Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts

The Tiger Nut Company Organic Cacao Dusted Tiger NutsThis was a small bag of tiger nuts covered in cocoa. They tasted exactly as you would imagine, like nuts dusted with cocoa which was actually fairly pleasant. They were a little hard to bite but I guess they are nuts and you’d expect that.

I’ve tried Tiger Nut products before through Wellthos (see Wellthos August), specifically a Tiger Nut flour, and the quality was good. However, they never seem to have a nutritional value table on them which is most likely because the samples we get are just…samples.

This snack is gluten, lactose and nut free? Vegan, raw, paleo friendly, non-gmo and high in fibre. There is nothing non-natural added this snack is apparently hand made.

This bag would cost you almost £2.00 each if you buy 3 of them for £5.99 from the company directly. Admittedly, a little expensive for a nut snack but they have a high nutritional value and by buying them directly from Africa, this company supports the economy and agriculture of Burkina Faso, West Africa. SCORE = 8/10.


Peaz Chickpea Pasta

This was the item I was looking forwards to using the most. There is something about chickpea pasta that made me intrigued. Perhaps it’s the higher protein content or just the weirdness of it. Nevertheless, this pasta did not disappoint. I made the Wellthos Recipe 1 “Penne with Aubergine & Caper Sauce”, without the capers and with low fat meatballs because well, I just need to have the protein!

Peaz Chickpea Pasta.jpg

It was very tasty and easy to make but admittedly the recipe is a very classic tomato sauce, pasta dish. Nothing really new or special. When eaten with sauce you wouldn’t know that the pasta is not normal pasta and only when eaten on its own you can get a faint chickpea taste, which personally I didn’t mind.

Wellthos September Recipe 1.jpg

Other than the higher protein content, this pasta needs a lot less time to cook (4-7 mis) which is always a win. In a 100g of pasta you will get 26g of protein, 11g of fibre, 5.8g of fat and 43g of carbs of which 3.4g are sugars. This means that you can skip the protein if you wish, as this dish will provide the average person with enough protein. If you train hard like me and have fitness goals then you might want to add a little protein, but do your maths and make sure you are not eating more protein than what your body can digest at a given time (about 40g).

You can buy this box from the brand directly for £3.69 which is expensive for pasta but remember, this is not normal pasta. The box is very simple and it feels fairly cheap but I love that it is orange as it stands out. I will remember this box and I will definitely remember the fact that it has a chickpea cut out icon to show the pasta inside. Such a nice touch. This pasta is gluten free and vegan.

I will be buying these as I need protein in all shapes and forms for my fitness goals. When you eat a lot of protein, it can get tiring and boring and so having a lot of it in different shapes, types and tastes can be very beneficial. SCORE = 10/10.


Grain and Bowl Cardamon Spice Granola

I’m not a granola type, but I am still addicted to the Husk & Honey Oat and Nut Granola that I got in the Wellthos July box. I didn’t think back then that I was going to ever like granola but now that I do, I was excited to try this one too.

Grain and Bowl Cardamon Spice Granola.jpg

Unfortunately, this one was not for me. I actually really hated the Cardamon Spice flavour which I was surprised about because I usually like Cardamon drinks. This spice taste though really didn’t go well with granola for me. Admittedly, this is a personal taste type of thing so you might actually like this.

Grain and Bowl Cardamon Spice Granola 2.jpg

The granola was of good quality, crunchy but not too hard and not too dry.  The packaging is very simple and it feels a little cheap as it reminds me of an envelope material. The branding is very simple but to the point.

This granola is gluten and dairy free, has no refined sugar, no artificial flavours and is whole gran. It was a good quality granola, just the flavour didn’t do it for me. This would cost you £5.95 which is expensive for granola. SCORE = 6/10.


This month’s Wellthos box was worth £20.4+ however much the Clean Freek Bio-Armour 24 product would cost. This is almost as much as you would pay for this box, £22.99. Wellthos boxes are not good in terms of extra value for money, you really just get what you payed for. Like most of the health and fitness boxes, this box is more about product discovery.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this month’s Wellthos box and I have discovered some new favourite products.

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 9/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 8/10

Star product = Three products scored 10/10 which is very rare: Nix and Kix Peach Vanilla drink, Eat Real Lentil Chips and Peaz Chickpea Pasta. If I had to choose one I would go for the Peaz Chickpea Pasta as it will actually provide me with some needed protein in a different form whereas the chips and drink are just “addon”/snacks/not nutritionally important or unique items.


Did you get this month’s Wellthos? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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