Cohorted September 2017 Beauty Subscription Box – Unboxing and Product Reviews

September went by even faster than August but fortunately I have a little monthly treat that cheers me up consistently, month after month. And boy was this month’s Cohorted box a good one!

The box design was as always the standard black Cohorted box that closes magnetically and is held with a black ribbon bow. Cohorted always comes with a small beauty magazine (only 27 pages) that tells you a little bit more about each product and some featured products or artists.

Cohorted doesn’t really follow a monthly theme, like the other three subscription beauty boxes (Birchbox, Glossybox, Look Fantastic), but you can sort of guess a theme from the editorial intro. From that it appears that September’s Cohorted Subscription Beauty Box went for a “favourite brand treats” theme.

This month Cohorted contained 5 products, from left to right: an eye shadow palette, a mascara, a face day cream, a skin care trio and a lip gloss.

Cohorted September 2017 6.jpg

Let’s dive in a little more deeply into how each product performed after a week’s use. Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and as beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, beauty requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. If you tried any of these please leave your comments below!

Cohorted September 2017.jpg


Cargo Around the World Eye Shadow Palette

Cargo Around the World Eye Shadow Palette 3.jpg

This is a palette I have seen around but never wanted to buy because…well it just looks a little boring. The colours are literally 12 shades of brown and they don’t really look inspiring to me.

However, after playing around with this palette, I have to take all of that back!

The palette came in its original outer packaging which is great. It is made of strong, thick carboard, feels quite sturdy and has a mirror. It closes magnetically and it has a some sightseeing monuments icons at the front with the “around the world” palette name.

Cargo Around the World Eye Shadow Palette 6.jpg

I really like the around the world idea, especially since the company is “Cargo” and I love that the eye shadow colours are named after different big cities (not all are capitals). I wish though, that there was some kind of connection between the colour and the city. I have no idea why Rome is super pale and Toronto is super dark…

Cargo Around the World Eye Shadow Palette 7.jpg

Anyhow, despite the fact that the palette colours initially look underwhelming, they swatch very beautifully. They were all buttery and easy to blend, with only Toronto and Dublin being a little patchy. This is very common with dark colours though.

Cargo Around the World Eye Shadow Palette 8.jpg

The first 6 colours, the top palette row, are very pale and natural. I couldn’t even see Rome on my skin. However, once a little light shines on them, like for example in a flash picture (see second swatch image, below) the colours come alive. They are definitely shiny and beautiful. Except Rome. Rome is nowhere to be found.

I’m currently obsessed with Shanghai, it’s that brown-orange type of crease transition colour…yes please!

Cargo Around the World Eye Shadow Palette 9.jpg

The Cohorted magazine says that this palette contains 6 matts and 6 shimmers and I don’t agree with that. This palette contains mostly shimmer colours with only Shanghai, Toronto and Madrid being real matts. There are some colours that are not as shimmery as others but they all contain a certain amount of “shininess”.

The palette also comes with a Cargo branded brush which is great. It is very petite and easy to use. It washes well and is fairly soft. It’s a much better quality than I expected and I will definitely be using it with this palette. I really love how petite it is.

I ended up really liking this palette as the colours are very natural and so you can easily create a lot of casual, no make up – make up looks and even professional work looks. It is a palette that earns your appreciation after you swatch it and play around with it, so give it a chance. It works even better if you listen to “Around the world” by Daft Punk while you create looks!

This palette retails for £32 which is on the cheaper side for full eye shadow palettes. SCORE = 9/10


Benefit Roller Lash Curler Mascara

Benefit is a brand that needs no introduction. I’ve never tried this mascara from them though, so it was a lovely item to get in this box.

This mascara has the “eye-opening Hook n’Roll brush” and contains pro-vitamin B5, serin and lash conditioners.

It has a cosmetic, mascara type of smell. The packaging is definitely pretty. It’s very difficult to go wrong with black and pink. It looks expensive and feels expensive.

Benefit Roller Lash Curler Mascara 3.jpg

On the other hand, unfortunately, the brush looks very cheap and plastic to me. Nevertheless, I tried it out a couple of times to be able to form an opinion and…I just don’t like it. The brush is awkward to use and my lashes were not as big, bold or curled as other current mascaras, like for example the Too Faced Better than Sex. It was also meant to last 12 hours but unfortunately it lasted maybe half that time for me.

Benefit Roller Lash Curler Mascara 4.jpg

To be honest, I don’t know if this was a disappointing product or if it’s because I got used to the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. It definitely wasn’t a bad mascara but in my opinion, it doesn’t compete with the Too Faced one which is one of the best out there at the moment.

This travel size mascara retails for £10 which is not a bad price. It came in it’s original outer packaging, which is extra brownie points for Cohorted! SCORE = 7/10


Fig & Rouge Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture Day Cream

I’ve tried this cream before from a Glossybox, before I started this blog, and I absolutely loved it. The only reason why I never purchased it is because it’s not readily accessible to buy.

Fig and Rouge Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture Day Cream.jpg

This cream smells a bit like coconut, it feels very hydrating and gets absorbed quickly and fully by the skin. It doesn’t leave any residues behind and although it says it is for “normal to combination skin”, my oily skin loves it.

It has hyaluronic acid in it (see post Hyaluronic acid – the fountain of youth?) and vitamins A, C and E (see posts Vitamins C & E – Do they work in skin care? and Vitamin A – is it worth it?). It is definitely a very good cream and makes a very good make up base, before your primer.

Even though it is just a standard tube, the packaging and branding looks and feels expensive. This 50mL cream retails for £28 and although it might sound quite expensive to some, I’d pay for it. If you want a cream that will nourish, not just condition your skin with some basic skin conditioners that you will find in the less than £10 creams, then you have to pay the price. Ten years from now, you will thank yourself.

I wish I could easily access and try more Fig & Rouge products, this brand definitely has me curious…SCORE = 10/10


Lica Cole The Good Vibe Discovery Kit

Lica Cole The Good Vibe Discovery Kit.jpg

This is a trio of products, a cleanser, a scrub and a butter that came in 3 little plastic containers. I am assuming this is a sample type of thing, a discovery kit as it says, so we can ignore the packaging. Or maybe not, because the fact that the lids don’t fit the tubs properly, did annoy me!

Lica Cole The Good Vibe Discovery Kit 2.jpg

Anyhow, the cleanser (labelled as organic cleansing smoothie) is a yellow, creamy liquid with a formulation that needs some tuning as the oil parts of it separated from the cream. Perhaps this is meant to be originally in a bottle that you can shake?

It smells like lemongrass and sage, which it contains, and it gives that “awake” type of feeling. Like any cleanser, I gave this the hardest job it will ever have, a full face of make up. It only managed to remove half of it, there was still a lot of foundation left so you have to use this only on a clean face…which sort of beats the point a little.  It’s not specifically meant to be a face cleanser though, it is for the entire body so I guess that makes it a little better.

Lica Cole The Good Vibe Discovery Kit 3.jpg

The scrub (labelled as polishing paste) on the other hand, was much better. It’s not harsh on the skin and it doesn’t leave any residues behind. The scrub “bits” eventually dissolve so no environmental issues there. I really like the consistency of it and I like that it is green coloured. It looks and feels natural, as opposed to those typical blue bead scrubs. It is thick and creamy and it smells like bergamot and lemon.

Last but not least, the butter (labelled as whipped butter) is an off white thin cream that is absorbed quickly and leaves the skin feeling moisturised. No sticky residues, only a nice geranium and bergamot smell. It spreads quickly and easily and it gives an instant hydration feeling. The strong smell though might become annoying if you put this all over your body.

Overall, I thought that the best product of the three was the scrub followed by the butter. I would definitely use those two again but I’d pass on the cleanser.

According to the Cohorted booklet these retail for £23. I hope that’s a full size product price and not for this discovery kit. SCORE = 8/10.


Smith & Cult The Shining Lip Laquer Colour The Warning

Smith & Cult are famous for their nail varnishes, but I definitely didn’t know that they do lip products. Once again proof why these beauty boxes are a good idea for both companies and consumers.

Smith and Cult The Shining Lip Laquer The Warning

The product contained is a lip gloss in the colour “The Warning” which suits the intense red colour well. Personally, I am not a lip gloss fan as I can’t stand the whole “hair gets stuck on lips” situation. However, this product is so pretty on the lips that I might make an exception for it. It looks lovely on its own but also works well on top of red lipsticks. It definitely gives the lip that extra little fancy look. It doesn’t feel sticky between the lips.

Smith and Cult The Shining Lip Laquer The Warning 2.jpg

The packaging is pretty and is a “glass-plastic” type of tube. It looks like glass but it almost definitely isn’t and so it won’t shatter if you drop it. It has the classic Smith & Cult “squashed” lid shape. This is on one side only though and so it looks a bit like it is damaged. I like what they tried to do but they have to pull the pattern all over the lid otherwise, it really looks like something happened on that specific side of the product.

Smith and Cult The Shining Lip Laquer The Warning 3.jpg

It is of course, not transfer proof and it never dries, all expected behaviour from a lip gloss. This means that you will have to apply it again, quite often, as it will fade and come off every time you drink or eat.

It contains Portulaca pilosa extract which is meant to plump up lips. I personally didn’t notice anything special on this matter. There is a certain plumping illusion that comes with any lip gloss, because of the shine effect, and this gloss didn’t look any extra plumping.

It retails for £21 which admittedly is a little on the expensive side. It is very pretty though and you will probably use it only on fancy looks and so it might be worth the cash. SCORE = 9/10


Cohorted September 2017 2.jpg


Overall, I really loved this month’s Cohorted box. I don’t think there is a way it could get any better. All products were of very high quality and good size. The fact that it contained an eye shadow palette is amazing! More eye shadow palettes please!

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 10/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 8.6/10

Star product = Fig & Rouge Smart Nutrient Vital Moisture Day Cream


Did you get this month’s Cohorted? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

For general subscription box reviews see the: BirchboxGlossyboxLook Fantastic and Cohorted general review posts. For help on how to choose the right subscription box for you check out “Which Subscription Beauty Box is right for you?”.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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