The Fit-Box September 2017 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

It’s time for another Fit-Box unboxing! Fit-box is the last box I unbox and review every month for two reasons:

(a) it arrives last, much later than all other beauty and fitness boxes and

(b) you wouldn’t be able to get this month’s box anyway as it is a “pre-order” type box. All boxes are dispatched on the 15th of each month so you would have to order before that, but the boxes don’t arrive until around the 20th of each month so even if I showed you what was inside then, you wouldn’t be able to get it. On top of that, my box was late this month! On the plus side though, the Fit-box customer support was very quick and helpful in finding out why my box was late.

Fit-Box September 1.jpg

The Fit-box comes in a big cardboard, plain, white box that just has the Fit-box logo at the front. The box is not very durable and it often arrives a little banged up (see picture). This box is not collectable, it is just a cardboard box that carries the items within. There are no monthly themes, or monthly small magazines from the company that explain a little about each item contained. It is pretty much the items contained and you. It is very plain in terms of unboxing experience.

To be honest, as much as I think a monthly fitness theme would be amazing, I am ok with not having it. I am also ok with not collecting the boxes, it’s actually convenient to just throw this away, as I am having a piling up problem with the beautiful, themed, collectable beauty boxes! However, the box should be a little more sturdy as it is not very pleasant when it arrives banged up.

Anyhow, the items contained were even better this month! The items are always interesting and of good quality and value so I always forget about the box’s looks situation.

So let’s dive in the box and see what was contained this month. There were 7 products contained of which 5 were consumable, food items. From left to right as seen in the picture: a food box, a fitness diary, a protein coffee, protein yogurt clusters, two protein flapjacks and an energy drink.

Fit-Box September 2

Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and health, fitness and taste can be very personal things as we all have different biological builds. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. If you tried any of these products please leave your comments below!

PS. You can click on some of the smaller pictures to seem them bigger and be able to read out ingredients etc.


My Protein Food Box

Personally, I love that the Fit-box did not include a magazine this month but instead had 1 extra non-food item (total 2). Not only because I already subscribe to the magazine they include but also because a magazine is something you read once and throw away, whereas the items contained in this month’s box have a much longer utility than that.

My Protein Food Box.jpg

I love this food box. I love the colour and how light it is. I love that it comes with 2 dividers so you can separate your protein from your veg and carbs or fruit or whatever combination you want to do.

The box has 6 slits for the dividers which gives you the impression that you can use the dividers in a lot of different combinations. Unfortunately, that is not true. There are only two possible combinations: either both two in parallel or creating a T (see pictures). Dividing the box in half is also possible but the dividers are free to move in the middle.

My Protein Food Box 5.jpg

It is a plastic box, so I expect that it will eventually pick up food smells. It is probably not microwaveable as it doesn’t have a microwave sign on it. Nice item to receive, nevertheless. This item retails for £1.99. SCORE = 7/10


Gym Volution Exercise Notebook

This is a little gym booklet to help you keep track of your fitness progress in terms of exercises and reps. At the very end it also contains a few pages where you can keep track of your measurements.

Gym Volution Exercise Notebook 3.jpg

If you are a beginner, this is an absolute must have. If you are still figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t, having all the information written down in an organised way will help you a lot. But even if you are not a beginner, it’s an easy way to keep track of your progress.

Gym Volution Exercise Notebook 4

This is a very lightweight and small booklet with minimal design and informational input. I can’t say that it is the best I’ve ever seen but it is very travel friendly and it will do the job. If you want a super organised fitness diary that even includes diet information, I highly recommend the mefit TRACKS training and health journal. See pictures below.

mefit TRACKS fitness and nutrition journal.jpg

mefit TRACKS fitness and nutrition journal 2.jpg

mefit TRACKS fitness and nutrition journal 3.jpg

I used to use these type of diaries when I first started training but I don’t anymore. Unfortunately, counting reps or weight of reps etc is a measure of fitness that only truly works for traditional gym workouts. Nowadays, people work out in so many different ways and most wouldn’t really work with these type of organisers. For example, I do interval training and it is not just about the reps really, as you have a limited time to do exercises. Even if you did want to count your reps in those 30-50 seconds, you would quickly plateau (so the info is not that useful) as there is only so many reps you can physically do in that time and you only get 10 seconds of rest between each round. This means that by the time you caught a breath and moved to your next exercise there is no time to write anything down!

Gym Volution Exercise Notebook 5

Nevertheless, I think there will be many people who might find use out of this item and it was a nice thing to find in this box. It even comes with a sticker that you can stick at the front to make it look a little less plain. This retails for £3.99. SCORE = 6/10


UFIT Protein Coffee Iced Latte

Yes please! I cannot possibly imagine anything better than protein coffee. Maybe protein hot chocolate.

UFIT Protein Coffee Iced Latte

Anyhow, this protein coffee drink will provide you with 22g of protein for 173kcal, 2.9g of fat and 13.5g of carbs of which 10g are sugars. Must be natural sugars though as the drink is labelled with the “no added sugars” line. It is made of arabica coffee and is meant to mimic an iced latte. It looks like a latte, a light brown liquid and it smells like those canned ice lattes. Not quite like a proper ice latte.

UFIT Protein Coffee Iced Latte 2

Amazingly, it tastes like those canned ice lattes. It’s not as nice as a proper latte but it is pretty good. There is a faint after taste of something that I can’t quite pinpoint (probably the protein) but even me with my sensitive taste buds would probably confuse this with a normal canned ice latte (if I wasn’t told it is a protein one). I hate how synthetic and taste-obvious protein drinks are but this one is really nice! I am so, so pleasantly surprised.

The bottle is made of thick plastic and the branding and design definitely gives a protein coffee vibe. It retails for £2 from Holland & Barrett which is a good price for the amount of protein it contains. I know where I am going tomorrow…SCORE = 10/10


Dr Zaks High Protein Fruit and Yogurt Clusters

I was quite excited to have this item as it is a great protein snack idea. This cute looking bag is meant to contain pea protein crispies clustered together in a fruit and yogurt flavoured coating.

Dr Zaks High Protein Fruit and Yogurt Clusters.jpg

The clusters look exactly how I would expect them to from that description. However, they don’t taste nice at all. For me, the taste was too bitter and synthetic, so much so that after having 3 of them I gave up. I couldn’t finish the entire bag which was a shame. I ended up sharing the rest with some colleagues and unfortunately, they didn’t like them either. Nevertheless, taste can be a very personal thing so if you like the idea of this snack give it a go.

Dr Zaks High Protein Fruit and Yogurt Clusters 3.jpg

Dr Zaks High Protein Fruit and Yogurt Clusters 2.jpg

I like the bag design and branding, it definitely looks like an interesting snack. It will provide you with 11g of protein, 128 kcals, 4.4g of fat and 10g of carbs of which 4.3g are sugars. This snack is Halal and is approved by the Vegetarian Society. The 30g bag retails for £1.49 from Muscle Food. SCORE = 5/10


CNP Pro Flapjack Chocolate Flavour

This was a very nice snack indeed. It tasted like a flapjack dipped in chocolate (not a chocolate flavoured flapjack) and it was nicely moist and easy to eat.

CNP Pro Flapjack Chocolate Flavour.jpg

The packaging looks more like a protein bar or protein chocolate than flapjack but if you accidentally bought it, you wouldn’t be disappointed as it is still a very pleasant protein snack. It also smells very delicious, like a protein chocolate bar.

CNP Pro Flapjack Chocolate Flavour 4.jpg

It will provide you with 18g of protein, 275 kcal, 7g of fat and 38g of carbs of which 4.8g are sugar. It is a very nice snack for those times when you want both protein and carbs without exceeding the 300kcal mark.

This flapjack retails for £0.71 if you buy 24 of them from CNP. A very good and affordable price for sure. The bars also last for a year so there is no hurry to quickly eat them all. I will definitely put this in my snack list. SCORE = 9/10


Matrix High Protein Flapjack Cookies and Cream Flavour

There was also another flapjack in this month’s Fit-box and I don’t mind at all. Flapjacks, protein bars or protein snacks, whatever they are, are very useful if you are into fitness. Especially, if you are bulking!

Matrix High Protein Flapjack Cookies and Cream Flavour.jpg

I really love how the packaging looks. I love the blue, black and grey combo but admittedly it doesn’t immediately look like a protein bar/snack/flapjack so I would have been a little confused if I saw this in a shop. On the other hand, the design and colour combo would stand out because it is beautiful and different so hm….still don’t think it looks like what the product is though.

Anyhow, if I did end up picking this up in a shop, I would have been super pleased because it tastes amazing. The flavour is meant to be cookies and cream and while it definitely has a strong cookie flavour (you even get that buttery/oily flavour that you get from those big, thick cookies) the cream flavour was nowhere to be found. Instead, the second most intense flavour for me was coconut which I hate. Strangely though, in this specific product I didn’t mind at all. I ate the whole thing and looked for more! Such a nice protein snack!

Matrix High Protein Flapjack Cookies and Cream Flavour 2.jpg

This snack contains only 17g of protein, 283kcals, 8.6g of fat and 37g of carbs of which 4.4g are sugars. Again, this is a carb with protein bar so if you are bulking, it is an excellent choice. It retails for £0.75 if you buy 24 of them from the brand. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I am definitely intrigued to try out their protein snacks now!

It annoys me though that it says “high protein flapjack” at the front. Personally, I think that is a little misleading. It’s not low protein but I wouldn’t say it’s high either. It’s 17g, so I’d say its “medium”.  I also think they should have stated the coconut flavour because it is the kind of flavour that not everyone likes. If I bought this while not liking coconut and it didn’t state that it has a coconut flavour, I would have been really annoyed. Luckily though, for some strange, very rare reason, this must be the only coconut product I actually like. Nevertheless, I think the cookies and cream flavour is not accurate. These are the reasons why it’s not a 10/10 even though the taste and smell are very good.

Definitely buying lots of these, only on bulking times though. SCORE = 8/10


Nutramino Heat Functional Energy Strawberry Watermelon

This is an energy drink with a strawberry watermelon flavour. It tastes spot on what is supposed to be and its kind off strangely nice. I never thought that an energy drink would suit this flavour but I really liked this one! Tastes even nicer cold.

Nutramino Heat Functional Energy Strawberry Watermelon.jpg

The tin is matt and very nicely coloured. The branding, design and colour scheme screams energy drink. I almost feel energised just by looking at it. I love that there is a little green in there too, gives that little watermelon association.

This drink is a pale pink liquid which definitely suits the flavour. As it is an energy drink, it is high in caffeine but has 0 sugars. It contains green tea, ginger and 8 vitamins. It only has 2.5g of protein but that’s expected. The 330mL will only set you back 13 kcal which is amazing. It also contains BCCAs.

This is a lovely drink, especially in the summer. I will definitely be purchasing this. I can’t believe that the strawberry watermelon flavour works… This retails for £1.99 from Holland & Barrett. Definitely going there tomorrow. SCORE =10/10


Adding the individual items together totalled to £12.99. It’s worth as much as I payed for, if you add a couple of pounds for delivery. Fitness boxes in general tend to contain almost as much as you payed for and they are meant to get you to try different things rather than save money.

Overall, I really liked this month’s box and I specifically loved that two items were non-food consumables. I also noticed that the Fit-box included a black wrapping paper this time, that separated the items from the box. This box is still low on looks and unboxing experience but it looks like they are improving and moving forwards which is great!

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 9/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 7.9/10

Star product = UFIT Protein Coffee Iced Latte and Nutramino Heat Functional Energy Strawberry Watermelon. The protein coffee deserves the first place though, as it is a much more difficult product to achieve a good taste of.


Fit-Box September 3.jpg


Did you get this month’s Fit-Box? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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