Battle of the Peaches – Too Faced Sweet Peach vs Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes

Too Faced launched a Peaches and Cream Collection which is meant to be an “all matt” type of collection. It’s an almost self-contained collection, meaning that it almost has any make up product you might need.

Peaches and Cream Collection

In a previous post I compared in detail the Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation vs the Estée Lauder Double Wear and for completion also compared it against the Too Faced Born this Way. After a long ingredient and behaviour analysis I concluded that the Too Faced Peach Perfect is the closet Estée Lauder Double Wear dupe (about 20% better match than the Revlon Colour Stay – Peach Perfect 80%, Colour Stay 60%) but was saddened by the small number of shades available.

If you missed the reviews you can check them out here:

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An entire post on reviews, swatches, ingredient analysis etc of the Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection is found here, but I also wanted to dedicate entire, more detailed posts on some items from this collection that have special interest, like for example this time, the eye shadow palette. I thought that this is an especially interesting topic for a couple of reasons:

(a) Too Faced now has 2 peach coloured palettes so, which one should you get?

(b) Too Faced has/had a reputation on inconsistent and not top quality eye shadows, so is this new palette any good?

 Let the Sweet Peach vs Just Peachy Mattes battle begin!

Too Faced battle of the peaches eye shadow palettes_20171008171351087.jpg



Both palettes are very pretty but admittedly the winner in this category is clear.

The Sweet Peach palette is made of tin/metallic material which has a certain coldness to it. Not only is it colder to the touch but the sounds the palette makes when you pick it up or put it down, open it or close it, are more “cheap”. The top lid also moves slightly, left and right, if you push it which makes even more tin noises.

Too Faced Sweet Peach palette 3.jpg

On the other hand, the tin material makes this palette very durable and transport proof without fearing that it will break. However, if put under a lot of pressure, it will dent whereas the Just Peachy palette won’t.

Overall, the Just Peachy palette is more carefully put together. It looks more expensive and feels more expensive. From the materials it is made of to the actual properly fitting design (like for example the lid doesn’t move left and right) and even the actual inside palette design is prettier.

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes_20171008171316320.jpg

On the plus side, the Sweet Peach has some cute, elevated peaches on it which are only possible because of the easy to mould, tin material.

Both palettes are designed with a similar outer palette colour scheme with the Just Peachy mattes one being a little more on the pink side with gold edges whereas the Sweet Peach is more on the orange side. Perhaps this is also what makes the Just Peachy a little more expensive and nice looking.

Too Faced battle of the peaches eye shadow palettes 2_20171008180008608

Both palettes have a mirror inside but the Just Peachy mirror is much larger and easier to use, as the Sweet Peach mirror is party covered by the Sweet Peach logo.

Both palettes open and close magnetically. However, where the Sweet Peach just has a grove for your fingers to pull the palette open from, the Just Peachy one has two lovely, golden peaches to push from. Little details but it all adds up to the more elegant and expensive look.

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes 2_20171008171244786.jpg

Fun fact, because of the way you would hold and open the Just Peachy mattes palette (because of the Golden Peaches) means that there is less chance you will accidentally put your fingers or nails into the eye shadow pans. Because the Sweet Peach palette has a grove that points further inside the pallete and because of the slippery material it is made off, as soon as you put a little force to open it, it is very easy to slip and nail the eye shadow pans. Which is exactly what happened to me! Look at that poor Caramelised colour! No matter how many times I opened the Just Peachy palette, it never happened there. Not saying it can’t, but the chances are less because of the packaging design.

Winner: The Just Peachy mattes wins this category.

Sweet Peach 0 vs Just Peachy mattes 1.



The Sweet Peach palette retails for £39.00 whereas the Just Peachy mattes is expected to retail somewhere between £34-36, judging from the American price at the moment. As a result, the Just Peachy mattes palette is cheaper however, it is also smaller. If we divide the price by the number of colours the price for the palletes would be: Sweet Peach £2.17 per colour as it has 18 of them and for the Just Peachy mattes it would be £2.92 per colour as it has 12 of them.

However, the Just Peachy mattes pans hold 1.25g of product vs 0.95g for the Sweet Peach. If we adjust the price to per 1g of product the Sweet Peach palette costs £2.28 vs £2.34 for the Just Peachy mattes.

Tiny difference but the just Peachy mattes might be slightly more expensive than the Sweet Peach. Bear in mind that I took the average of expected price, £35, for this calculation. The result might change slightly when the actual price is taken into consideration. Either way, since the packaging of the Just Peachy mattes is much more well together and expensive looking, I think the slightly higher price is expected.

Winner: You get what you pay for really. Even if the Just Peachy mattes is slightly more expensive it is acceptable for the more expensive packaging and larger pans so it is difficult to choose a winner here. Also, the difference isn’t really that significant. Draw.

Sweet Peach 1 vs Just Peachy mattes 2.


Eye shadow quality:

I didn’t notice any quality difference when using them on the eyes. Both palettes are very good quality and personally, I never got a Too Faced eye shadow palette that was of bad quality.

Make sure to buy your make up from the beauty brands directly or from big beauty stores, as there are a lot of fake dupes in the market. If you do buy a palette from the brands of beauty stores and it wasn’t as good as you expected you can always return it or get it replaced. I personally never experiences the rumoured Too Faced quality inconsistency. For me, all beauty products including eye shadow palettes I ever got from Too Faced were of very good quality.

I only noticed a difference when I was swatching the two palettes. The Sweet Peach palette colours felt slightly more creamy and buttery than the Just Peachy mattes and they were also slightly more pigmented.

I noticed other little things like for example that the colour Peach Tea in the Just Peachy matts (a transition brownish colour) is more powdery than the rest and has some kick off.

Both palettes had a darker colour that was a little patchy which is within normal acceptable behaviour. If we are super strict the Sweet Peach colours Tempting and Summer Yum were a little patchy. On the other hand, from the Just Peachy mattes, the colours Peach Tart and Chocolate Dipped were also a little patchy. Nothing major though, just being super strict here.

Too Faced Just Peachy mattes swatches_20171008171529866

Too Faced Sweet Peach Swatches_20171008171557664

However, overall I think the reason for most differences is the actual differences in the product function. It is normal for the matt colours to be more powdery and have more kick off and it is more noticeable in the Just Peachy palette because it has more matte colours! All of the colours are matte!

As a result, I don’t think that these details are a difference of quality as much as a difference in what the product is. The formulation for a matt colour vs a shimmer or metallic will be different and so it is inaccurate to compare two different things here.

Winner: Draw.

Sweet Peach 2 vs Just Peachy mattes 3.


Blendability and pigmentation:

Both palettes are easily blendable and nicely pigmented. Neither of them are as pigmented as let’s say the Urban Decay eye shadows, but at the same time if you get carried away with packing on the colour, you can easily create very strong and intense looks, especially with the Just Peachy mattes palette.

I did need to swatch the Just Peachy mattes one extra time to get it on par with the Sweet Peach though (see swatch pictures) but again this is something I only noticed during swatching, not when I was creating looks. I did have to pack on 2-3 layers of the colour to get my main lid colour going but that was the same for both palettes.

It can be annoying if you are used to super pigmented shadows like as I mentioned, the Urban Decay ones, but on the other hand, the reason why I use Too Faced shadows a lot more often than the Urban Decay ones is exactly that, because they are more wearable. You can control the intensity of the colour and you don’t end up with a super intense look unless you want it to be. The Too Faced eye shadows offer your that control and personally, I like it.

Winner: Draw.

Sweet Peach 3 vs Just Peachy mattes 4.


Colour selection:

The Sweet Peach palette is a lot more versatile than the Just Peachy mattes. It has 4 bone colour options, 6-7 transition colour options, 5+ shimmers for the main lid colour and quite a few smoking out options. It has whites, peach colours, pinks, a green, browns, some purples and an almost black colour.

The Just Peachy mattes on the other hand, has 3 bone colour options, 5-6 transition colour options, no shimmers and 4 smoking out options. It has whites, peachy colours, pinks a purple and browns.

Too Faced battle of the peaches eye shadow palettes 3_20171008180040960.jpg

It is a smaller palette though and for the number of colours vs what is offers it is on par with the Sweet Peach. Both palettes will give you complete looks but the Sweet Peach is a more complete palette as it has shimmer colours too.

Too Faced Sweet Peach vs Just Peachy mattes swatches_20171008171636392
Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes on the left – Sweet Peach on the right

With the exception of one colour that I thought was very similar, if not the same, the rest of the colours are not doubles. The only negative I ever felt about the Sweet Peach is the lack of mattes so in my opinion if you were to mix the two palettes you would get the perfect full palette of mattes vs shimmers. They complement each other nicely and if you have the cash, get them both as they work well together.

However, there is something about the colours or the way they are arranged that attracts me to the Just Peachy mattes a lot more.

Too Faced battle of the peaches eye shadow palettes 2_20171008180008608.jpg

If the Sweet Peach had 1-2 more mattes it would win this category. But if you want to create a matte look or you want your main lid colour to be matt you will struggle with the Sweet Peach. On the other hand, if you want a shimmer main lid colour you will not only struggle but it is impossible with the Just Peachy palette.

Winner: The two palettes offer different looks and it really depends if you would rather sacrifice mattes or shimmers. Neither palette is truly fully complete but both can stand alone if needed. Draw.

Sweet Peach 4 vs Just Peachy mattes 5.



As already mentioned, the Just Peachy mattes offers 12 matte colours.

The Sweet Peach offers 7 matte colours but 6 of them are either bone, transition or smoking out colours, not typically main lid colours.

The Just Peachy matts has 0 shimmers whereas the Sweet Peach has 11. With the exception of one that is a matte with glitter dots in it (colour Caramelized), the rest 10 are true shimmers.

Winner: Because of the variety of finishes the Sweet Peach takes this category.

Sweet Peach 5 vs Just Peachy mattes 5.



None of the palettes had any colours that changed or oxidised while wearing them or mixing them with others.

Winner: Draw.

Sweet Peach 6 vs Just Peachy mattes 6.



The Sweet Peach palette smells like peaches. Intensely and I love it. On the other hand, the Just Peachy mattes smells like Peaches and Cream. The smell is a lot less intense than the Sweet Peach one, even though my Sweet Peach palette is much older!

Both scents are really lovely and they get me excited to use these palettes (it’s the little things that can inspire you to create) but I personally like the Sweet Peach smell a lot more. Maybe because it is more intense?

Winner: It’s a picky category, both smell amazing but I’m giving this to the one that smells best to me, Sweet Peach.

Sweet Peach 7 vs Just Peachy mattes 6.


Practicality of use – user experience:

Both palettes are very durable but the bigger mirror in the Just Peachy mattes and the sturdier material, combined with the opening mechanism which makes it less likely for me to dip my nails into the palette (we’ve all been there right?) makes the Just Peachy easier and nicer to use. It is also smaller, so easier to travel with and weighs slightly less (182g vs 212g).

Sure, it doesn’t have any shimmers in it but on the other hand the Sweet Peach doesn’t truly have any mattes in it so they both loose the “full, complete palette” game.

Winner: The Just Peachy mattes is easier to use especially because of the large mirror!

Sweet Peach 7 vs Just Peachy mattes 7.



You know by now that I am a chemist by profession and tend to analyse the ingredients of cosmetics to give you a better idea of what you are using or which product to choose. I was going to do this for the two palettes but ended up deciding against it for two reasons:

(a) There are a lot of ingredients and each colour has different ingredients and formulation, so this section would become an essay and I’m sure all you want to hear is that they are all safe and good. They are.

Too Faced Sweet Peach vs Just Peachy mattes ingredients.jpg
Ingredient lists for the two Too Faced eye shadow palettes

(b) Eye shadows are not exactly products where their ingredients matter that much, as long as they work well. Eye shadows are not really designed to condition, love your skin or even do anything fancy so there isn’t really that much interest in the ingredients as all they do is make up the formulation.

Winner: Both palettes contain similar ingredients and formulations. Draw.

Sweet Peach 8 vs Just Peachy mattes 8.



Which of the two palettes is worth your money?

As I already mentioned, I personally think that neither palette is truly complete and they have what the other is missing. The Sweet Peach has a variety of colours and nice shimmers but it is missing important mattes whereas the Just Peachy mattes has 0 shimmers and a lot of mattes. Both can be complete palettes in terms of you can create several looks without needing another palette but at the same time neither is truly complete in an overall general sense, as a palette as each of them has features that the other doesn’t.

I have both and recommend getting and combining both but if you could only afford one…I would go for the Just Peachy mattes. You can create more versatile looks with the Sweet Peach but personally I never use those random greens or purples in palettes. I prefer palettes with cohesive colours. Colours that relate to each other, so that I will end up using all colours almost equally, as opposed to finishing a palette and having 2-3 colours almost untouched.

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes and Spectrum Collections 2_20171008171212889.jpg

So, for me, by a tiny hair, the Just Peachy mattes wins. Which is funny actually because before I started writing this post I had in my mind that the Sweet Peach wins, especially since it swatches so beautifully. Goes to show you that they compliment each other and in my mind, are both part of one big, complete palette.

 Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes and Spectrum Collections_20171008171133994.jpg


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.
Beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. Have you ever tried these products? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences below!



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  1. loved reading this! I just got the just peachy matte palette and LOVE It! OMG the shadows are extremely pigmented, like a little goes a long way! I have a question, what app or editing program do you use to watermark your pics like that? I love how it goes across the whole pic so nobody can steal it. I would love to know so I can do the same!

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    • Glad you enjoyed the post. I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but you can use any software that allows you to change the transparency of text x

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  2. allaboutglamz says:

    Loved this post! Very informative and am blown away by the gorgeous pictures! Thanks for a great read ☺

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