Glossybox Beauty Box November 2017 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

This month’s Glossybox was the traditional pink Glossybox design. However, that’s fine. We’ve had an absolutely gorgeous Unicorn vs Mermaid box last month and some really nice summer boxes for July and August, and I can only assume there will be some design for the Christmas festivities next month. So, a more grounded, back to the basics design and products were almost needed.

Glossybox November 2017 8_20171119143110015

As a result, this box felt like it was all about replenishing your beauty basics. A quick read of the editorial intro sort of confirmed that, as the theme they went for this month was “Hugge”, the Danish word for a cosy feeling with a box full of “cosy, little luxuries”. Well, beauty products are little luxuries whether they are fancy brands or mainstream products and so this month’s theme and products contained were nicely in sync.


The box contained 5 products as always which were, from left to right, as seen in the picture: an eyebrow powder, a brush, a shower gel, a face mask and a lip balm.

Glossybox November 2017 5_20171119143237566

Let’s go in a little more detail as to how each product performed. Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and that beauty can be a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa, please leave your comments below!

Glossybox November 2017 9_20171119143043893


Collection Cosmetics Define and Perfect Eyebrow Powder Brunette

Even though I am not big on doing my eyebrows (because they are naturally thick anyways), I have to admit this product was much better than I expected. I don’t know why I didn’t expect much out of it but it really worked.

Collection Cosmetics Define and Perfect Eyebrow Powder Brunette_20171119143414363

It fills the eyebrows nicely and easily and it stays on all day. It doesn’t smudge and believe me I’ve touched my eyebrows 100 times since I’m not used to my eyebrows being done. I don’t know how it didn’t smudge but it really didn’t!

The colour I got was Brunette which worked for my eyebrows. It’s a brown colour, neither light or dark. Just a standard brown. I initially thought it would be too light because even though I am a brunette, my eyebrows are a little darker than my hair (naturally). I actually think that the slightly lighter colour is what made the eye brows look natural even though they were filled in because if they were too dark and too solid looking they would look too obviously fake.

Collection Cosmetics Define and Perfect Eyebrow Powder Brunette 2_20171119143433874

What can I say, I am pleasantly surprised with this product. The packaging is very standard and it looks standard too but that’s what we can expect from an eye brow product really. The tip of the brush is also fairly standard, like an eye liner, not too hard or too soft.

The only negative I’ve found while using this product is that it has 1-2 metallic balls inside and they constantly shake and make a noise. However, I initially liked that because it gave me the impression that I can shake and mix the product well. Interestingly though, the balls are not inside the powder, they are inside the top lid, at the top of the brush…which doesn’t make much sense really. So, when you shake the product and you think you are shaking it well because of those balls…you’re not. How strange.

This is a full size product that retails for £4.19 which is an absolutely excellent price for what this is. SCORE = 8/10


Beauty UK Cosmetics Contour Powder Brush

Might not be as beautiful of a brush like let’s say the Spectrum Collections brushes, but while it looks fairly standard it is also sleek and very soft.

Beauty UK Cosmetics Contour Powder Brush_20171119143532132

It is labelled as a contour powder brush but let’s be honest, if you are into makeup you know that different people use brushes differently. Whatever suits your face features or makes you feel more comfortable using right? With that being said, I actually think it is perfect for contouring so that is spot on. That’s what I would use it for because I like my contour to be “precise”, so I like the smaller size of this brush. But as I said, the sky is the limit you can use it for whatever you want.

Beauty UK Cosmetics Contour Powder Brush 2_20171119143552533

It cleans well, feels soft on the skin and looks nice and sleek. What more can you want from a brush? I guess the only thing missing is a fancy themed design.

This is a full size product that retails for £6.99, a pretty standard price to be honest. SCORE = 9/10


Greenfrog Botanic Natural Bodywash Relaxing Geranium and Peppermint

This plant based shower gel is apparently great for eczema, dry or sensitive skin. I have neither of those but if you do it’s worth a try.

Greenfrog Botanic Natural Bodywash Relaxing Geranium and Peppermint_20171119142958643

It smells very floral, a combination of geranium and peppermint with a cosmetic twist. It is definitely pleasant to use and calming to smell. The tube is obviously plastic of standard quality. The product might not look too feminine or cosmetic but I think it suits the calming, natural shower gel image.

It contains Aloe Vera and is made using plant based organic soapberries sourced from the Himalayas. Although it is apparently good for sensitive skin, it contains some fragrance compounds that are known to cause irritation to some, like for example linalool. That of course doesn’t mean they will, just strange they would contain something that could, in a product that is marketed for sensitive skin too.

It is free from parabens, SLS, ALS, is vegan and is not tested on animals.

It has been shortlisted in the Beauty awards 2017 as the Editor’s choice. This was not a full size product but rather a travel size, airplane safe, but the full size one retails for £8.95. Not sure I’d pay the price. I am not beyond paying stupid amounts for a shower gel but if I do, I’d want the full luxury then and unfortunately this product is sort of somewhere between main stream and luxury. SCORE = 8/10


Boots Charcoal and Willow Bark Sheet Mask

For my non-UK readers out there, Boots is a British drugstore brand, that sells drugstore type products, but also makes good cosmetic products that are priced somewhere in the middle of the cosmetic food chain. Neither super cheap nor expensive.

Boots Charcoal and Willow Bark Sheet Mask_20171119143451100

I am a little surprised, in a positive way, that Glossybox included a Boots product. Especially since it is a face mask. Who doesn’t like face masks? I was super excited to try this out, put my bath rope on, made some hot chocolate, put a nice trashy tv show on and then I realised that this is a “cleansing mask”. What?!

I mean, I get it. It is meant to cleanse and purify. But I have a few drawers full of products of different functions that can do that. Is it just me? When I’m using a mask, I’m using it to moisturise and nourish my skin. I don’t want a mask to cleanse. How will a mask do that? Where does the dirt go if according to the instructions I don’t even need to wash my face after. Ok, strictly and scientifically speaking, ingredients on the sheet mask could chelate, complex or absorb some of the dirt but surely nothing beats a good proper clean.

Anyhow, I did it. In the name of trying things out, I did the cleansing mask. It felt nice and cold on the skin, like most sheet face masks do. It fitted my entire face and more, so no worries if you have a large face. It felt tingling through the entire 15 minutes and I am inclined to say that’s how the mask is. I’ve had all those ingredients on my skin before and I’ve never in my life had any allergies or skin reactions. Plus, my face was not red and there were no signs of irritation. I think the tingling is just part of the mask but if you try it let me know! Anyhow, it wasn’t unbearable or anything like that, you just kept being reminded that you have something on your face.

All and all though, my face did look a little brighter after so brownie points for that. I thoroughly enjoyed it for sure but next time I will be using a nourishing mask. At least though, this product was good, it agrees with my impression of Boots products and I personally think that Boots products are underrated. Especially, the No7 brand (a cosmetic line owned by Boots). SCORE = 8/10


SportFx Candy Floss Moisturising Lip Balm Candy Floss

As a fitness junkie I love what SportFx stands for. Making a cosmetic line that works when you are in the gym, on the go or simply wear make up for long definitely appeals to me. I personally exercise on my own, it is my me-time, but I can totally understand why you would want to pretty yourself up for the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about a full face of makeup, but little things that boost your natural beauty and give you a little confidence when you are physically beating your body up in the gym, can go a long way.


This lip balm is definitely one of those products. It’s very discreet and even though it looks strongly coloured, it doesn’t actually colour the lips. It looks very simple, the packaging is plastic and not too feminine or too cosmetic, so you don’t look like Barbie doll if you use this in the gym.

It hydrates the lips nicely but at the same time it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. It smells sweet with a hint of bubble gum smell but not quite. It is meant to have a candy floss scent which if I’m honest I didn’t get, but it’s still fairly pleasant.

SportFx Candy Floss Moisturising Lip Balm Candy Floss 3_20171119142933791

It has an SPF of 15 so it is great for day wear as well, or even under/over a lipstick. It also contains vitamins and anti-oxidants to help keep your lip skin nourished, hydrated and soft. I love that this product has a cosmeceutical function and even SPF. Love, love, love.

This is a full size product which retails for £4.99. Might sound like a lot for a lip balm but the fact that it contains SPF, vitamins and anti-oxidants makes this cheap as chips. SCORE = 10/10

 Glossybox November 2017 7_20171119143136174

Overall, I liked the back to basics type of theme this month. It was definitely needed for restocking some beauty basics before going into the party season next month. The box didn’t immediately feel exciting by just looking at “standard products” but it definitely became interesting while trying them out. This was very evident by my initial feelings score vs score after product testing. I definitely loved that almost all products were full size and only one travel size. No samples which was great!

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 7/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 8.6/10

Star product = SportFx Candy Floss Moisturising Lip Balm Candy Floss


Did you get this month’s Glossybox? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

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I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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