Let’s Talk Beauty Advent Calendars 2017. Look Fantastic vs Estée Lauder And others.

Advent calendars have become a bit of a tradition in the past years, no matter where you are from or what culture you were brought up in. Most of us know and use advent calendars and why shouldn’t we? It’s a cute way of counting down to the holidays, even if you do not believe in Christmas, it is a fun way to look forward to your time off work!

I personally love them and I love how now days you can get all sort of different ones. They may have started as chocolate advent calendars, which suit the holiday theme quite well, but who says you should limit yourself to that. I am so glad that the market has moved forward to create pretty much any advent calendar you can imagine: chocolate, alcohol, beauty and even sex toy advent calendars! Yeap, you read right. There are so many ones out there these days that you can even find multiple ones of the same category, let’s say beauty, that are in a different cost ball mark, to suit all budgets.

As a result, there is no excuse, treat yourself and your loved ones in one, and count down to your time off with a little treat every day!

Beaty advent calendars 2017_20171203175231386

I of course went for the beauty ones because:

(a) there aren’t many fitness advent calendars

(b) I’d rather not have a piece of chocolate every day as it will just awake cravings that I do not have at the moment

(c) I love beauty products!

(d) it is another great way of discovering and trying different beauty products

I chose to go for 2 advent calendars for a couple of reasons but also, well why not. I went for the Look Fantastic advent calendar and the Estée Lauder one.


Estée Lauder Beauty Advent Calendar

It’s not a secret that I love Estée Lauder. I think that their products are of high quality throughout, even if they are not all “world’s best in their category”, they are still very good. Additionally, this year the Estée Lauder advent calendar includes products from some of the other brands they own, including Clinique, Michale Kors, MAC, Origins, Bobbi Brown, Aveda, Bumble and bumble, Smashbox, Darphin and GlamGlow. This is the very first, Estée Lauder multi-brand calendar and it was supposed to be limited edition too, about only 1000 made. I’m not sure if that was true in the end but it definitely disappeared from the Estée Lauder website. It cost £125 which is definitely worth it considering the quality and value of the items contained.

Estee Lauder beauty advent calendar 2017_20171203175126165

We already know what the items inside are, but I won’t spoil them here in case some of you, including myself, want to keep the surprise element going every day. I will write another post at the end of the month revealing all the products and most importantly giving you my honest reviews on them. If you really want to know now, zoom in on the picture below to be able to read the products contained.

Estee Lauder beauty advent calendar 2017 3_20171203175148639

The calendar has 25 gifts and so it runs up to and including Christmas day. That’s really lovely as it is not true for all advent calendars, there are some that only have 24 gifts. This is probably due to culture differences between some countries celebrating Christmas on the 24th etc or perhaps they know that you are getting lots of gifts on the 25th anyways. Whatever the reasoning, I appreciate that the Estée Lauder one runs until the 25th and if you are buying an advent calendar check to see until what day they run to, if you want to have a 25th one.

The actual calendar makes up a big, white and gold star which is very fitting for the holidays. It is made of strong, polished cardboard and it looks and feels expensive. Each day is a small draw labelled with the number in gold and the item is contained within, sitting on a bed of golden straw-like filling.

Estee Lauder beauty advent calendar 2017 2_20171203175209891

It is truly a lovely beauty advent calendar and I hope that Estée Lauder keeps the multi-brand theme for next year too and also make a limited number of them as well. There aren’t that many people that would spend that much money on an advent calendar anyways (yes, I am a special cookie) and it also gives the advent calendar a little extra value.

I definitely highly recommend this one. I think there might be some places were you can buy it still but most importantly, look out for it next year, it is definitely worth it.


Look Fantastic Beauty in Wonderland Beauty Advent Calendar

The other advent calendar I went for was the Look Fantastic one because:

  • It looks absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. I mean, just look at it!
  • You can reuse it no matter what time in the year, it doesn’t look specifically Christmassy like for example the Estée Lauder one.
  • It has 25 gifts which is what I wanted, to take me from the 1st of December all the way to Christmas.
  • It is a multi-brand calendar which is a lot of fun for product discovery and the surprise element is high.

Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar 2017_20171203174917570

The box is made of high quality, glossy cardboard and it is essentially made of 4 drawers. In order to get to the drawers you have to open the outer doors which are held closed magnetically.

Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar 2017 2_20171203175104313

Each day you have to open the drawers to find the box with the right day number on it. The products inside the boxes are wrapped in a lovely gift paper that says, “Love me, smell me, apply me, use me, lather me, spritz me, swatch me”. It’s a cute touch for sure.

Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar 2017 6_20171203174934839

After you remove all the boxes, the entire thing can act as a beauty case and you can use the drawers in any way you wish.

Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar 2017 3_20171203175043286

Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar 2017 4_20171203175026145

Look Fantastic beauty advent calendar 2017 5_20171203175006848

We also know what is inside this advent calendar but again I won’t spoil the surprise. I will also write another post at the end of the month revealing all the products and most importantly giving you my honest reviews on the items contained.

It is also a gorgeous calendar and I do highly recommend it too. It retails for £79, although if you are a Look Fantastic Beauty Box subscriber you can get a small discount on it, £10 if I remember correctly. It might not be as expensive as the Estée Lauder one but it is actually more beautiful and more reusable and the brands and products contained are equally exciting.


Other Beauty Advent Calendars

There are of course, many, many other ones that you can get. Some of the most famous ones include the Glossybox, Clarins, House of Fraser, L’Occitane etc. A lot of them however, include even less than 24 gifts, some of them even do only 14 days of Christmas, which sort of beats the full experience of the advent calendar. It is tradition for an advent calendar to be starting on the 1st of December so a lot of them feel a little…incomplete.

Additionally, I didn’t feel strongly enough about a certain brand, so much so as to want to have so many products from them (other than the Estée Lauder one of course), I’d only go for another brand specific one if Too Faced did one. I’d pay lots for that one!

There’s also brand and product specific ones, like for example the Ciaté all nail varnish one or the Nyx Professional lipstick one, but I wanted to keep the calendar a full surprise, to not even know what brand or type of product I’m getting every day. I think that’s a big part of the advent excitement and experience.

As a result, if I was to get another one it would be a multi-brand one, to get a bit more of a surprise each day and to broaden the products and brands I try out. The only option left really would have been the Glossybox one (called the Glossybox Beauty Case) but I have to be honest I was greatly disappointed with that one for a couple of reasons:

  • Strictly speaking its not an advent calendar, it’s a beauty case with products inside but you could use it as an advent calendar and pick a product every day.
  • In their adverts of the beauty case they always had pictures with the products being clearly visible which gave me major spoilers and kind of killed the fun and excitement of opening one every day.
  • From having seen the products, I have most of them, as they have included a lot of them in their monthly Glossybox boxes this year. As a result, if you are a Glossybox subscriber and therefore the person who might be mostly interested in a Glossybox case, what you end up getting is doubles of products you got already and tried before. Sure, some you might have liked and not mind if you get again but it’s not much of a surprise or experience to just give out products that they gave us already. I thought that was highly disappointing if I’m honest and it is the reason why I didn’t go for the Glossybox case. Otherwise, I think the case is lovely for storage and it is one of the boxes that you could keep using for makeup storage afterwards.
  • It also only contains 21 products, doesn’t even make it to the 24th unless you don’t start opening them until a few days after the 1st of December.

Anyhow, both the Glossybox case (retails for £59.99 which is excellent) and other similar products or advent calendars make excellent beauty gifts for any beauty lover out there, whether beginner or expert. I highly recommend you treat yourself and/or your loved ones in one and make this winter season a little bit more beautiful! It’s not too late, you can still get one. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Beaty advent calendars 2017 2_20171203175315635


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.



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4 responses to Let’s Talk Beauty Advent Calendars 2017. Look Fantastic vs Estée Lauder And others.

  1. Siyana says:

    I couldn’t decide between all the beauty calendars on the market, so I never got one 😦 But I’ll be excited to see what was inside! x

    Liked by 2 people

    • I got it in October from the Estee Lauder website. I only saw it there for a few days, I’m assuming it then sold out. I saw it on another website a few days ago but I can’t find it there either anymore. If it is true that only 1000 were made perhaps they are gone 😦 However, the Look Fantastic one is still available on their website!


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