Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2017 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Christmas done, advent calendars done, time to have a look at what was inside the Look Fantastic advent calendar! I’ve previously done a general review on beauty advent calendars, going through my reasoning on why I chose certain ones and why I rejected others. If you missed that post check out: Let’s Talk Beauty Advent Calendars. Look Fantastic vs Estée Lauder And others.

I’ve also already posted what was inside the Estée Lauder limited edition beauty advent calendar 2017 and the product reviews, check out:

Now that the advent calendars are done and dusted, I can reveal to you without spoilers what was inside and how each product performed.

So, without further ado, here’s what was inside day by day and some short, to the point reviews.

 Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2017 2_20171222021058444


1st December 2017 – Illamasqua Lava Lips

First day and there’s a lipstick. This advent calendar was set for greatness!

This is a very strange lipstick though. The bullet looks as if the colours have not been mixed properly but it is like that on purpose. It is meant to change colour every time you use it and give a lava lips appearance.

Illamasqua Lava Lips_20171222020907131

The lipstick feels nice and smells like typical Illamasqua products but I really hated the lava effect. There was a time when there were whiter colours at the edge of the bullet which meant that I couldn’t shape the outer lines of the lips and it almost looked like I was deleting my outer lip lines. Other times my upper lip was half pink half red and the lower one had white lines and then I couldn’t even reproduce that because the colours changed as I used the lipstick.

I see what they tried to do there and it sounds like a cool idea on paper but for me it’s one of those things that didn’t work out in practice.


2nd of December 2017 – Ciate Fierce Flicks

This is a nice black eyeliner and I love the name! Fierce Flicks!

It’s a nice proper black colour and it doesn’t smudge. It’s not water proof but it lasts all day. I personally prefer brush type eyeliners instead of the felt tip type like this one but it works well and it does the job.

Ciate Fierce Flicks_20171222015912440


3rd of December 2017 – Scalp Pre-wash Exfoliating treatment

A scalp exfoliating treatment product…definitely have my attention now.  How interesting! We often forget that our scalp is skin too that we should take care of, maybe not in the same way as our other skin, but still we should take care of it.

You are meant to use this 1-2 times a week as a pre-wash treatment on wet hair. You can then massage it in for a few minutes or let it stand and then rinse it out.

It smells really nice and it feels nice too. I will definitely keep using this.

Scalp Pre-wash Exfoliating treatment_20171222021753489


 4th of December 2017 – First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

This is an intense hydration cream for dry parched skin. Although I have an oily face, the rest of my body is dry (go figure) so I used this mainly on hands and legs.

It feels nice, gets absorbed quickly and it leaves the skin soft and hydrated. It has some interesting ingredients too!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream_20171222020649463


5th of December 2017 – Balanceme Flash Cleanse Micellar Water

This cleanser works really well. It takes off all makeup in 2-3 attempts and it doesn’t leave any residues behind. The skin is left cleansed but yet still nicely moisturised and not dry.

It is 99% natural, free of nasties but like all Balanceme products, it doesn’t smell nicely cosmetic. It has that natural, fragrance free scent which is not bad but its not exactly feminine and fresh either.

Balanceme Flash Cleanse Micellar Water_20171222015600549


6th of December 2017 – This Works In Transit Camera Close-up Primer, Mask, Moisturiser

Go to the shops now and buy this. It is the best makeup primer out there. It has amazingly excellent ingredients and no other makeup primer even comes close.

It moisturises and enriches the skin too as well as prepare it for the makeup to sit on smoothly. It keeps makeup flawless all day long, smells really nice and it

I’ve been using this product for ages and it is one of my ride-or-die products that I never allow myself to run out of.

This Works In Transit Camera Close-up Primer, Mask, Moisturiser_20171222021836744


7th of December 2017 – James Reed Gradual Tan

This rose water tanning spray gives a shimmery glow. You have to shake it first to mix the colourless liquid with the golden glitter like layer and then spray on to clean, exfoliated skin.

It’s really gorgeous and it works much better than I expected. James Reed doesn’t disappoint!

James Reed Gradual Tan_20171222020942989


8th of December 2017 – Redken No Blow Dry NBD

Redken is also a brand that rarely disappoints. This cream is meant to be used instead of blow dry to avoid using heat and give your hair a little break.

It is a white styling hair cream that smells nicely cosmetic and refreshing. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky and it doesn’t make the hair look dirty.

Redken No Blow Dry NBD_20171222021726984


 9th of December 2017 – Bellapierre Banana Setting Spray

I’ve used this before and I really liked it. It is a good setting spray, it doesn’t add too much colour and so it doesn’t alter your concealer or foundation too much and it is cruelty free.

It has absolutely minimum, almost not visible, flash back but unfortunately even though it is called banana and it has a yellow tint to it, it doesn’t smell like it.

Bellapierre Banana Setting Spray_20171222015659471


10th of December 2017 – Oskia Renaissance Mask

This is a mask that should be massaged on dry clean skin. You are then supposed to wait 10-20 minutes and then splash some water on it to rinse it off. I’m not sure as to what this mask is meant to do, is it a moisturising mask, a repair mask etc, it doesn’t say on it.

However it felt nice to use and it smells like roses.

The only downside is that the formulation has separated the mask into two parts. A pink one and a colourless gel. I’m assuming that happened because the mask was standing still for too long and you should mix the two before using it. It’s just not nice when products arrive separated like that.

Oskia Renaissance Mask_20171222021625698


 11th of December 2017 – Molton Brown Gingerlily Body Wash

Such a lovely shower gel! The bottle looks gorgeous and expensive and the gel is of very high quality. It feels amazing on the skin and it smells very subtle but yet still very nicely like what I can only assume must be gingerlily. I’m pretty sure this is too expensive for a shower gel but sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a little luxury.

Molton Brown Gingerlily Body Wash_20171222021429858


12th of December 2017 – Caudalíe Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet

I like what Caudalíe stands for and I love that is created by a couple! So sweet!

The sorbet felt very nice on the skin and my skin was left feeling soft and deeply moisturised…just not smelling very nice.

I’m pretty sure their products are of very good quality but they are not for me. I really don’t like the natural, no fragrance type smell and all Caudalíe products seem to smell very similar and scent can be a huge turn off for me. However, if you don’t mind that type of scent, give them a go.

Caudalíe Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet_20171222015851782

13th of December 2017 – Morrocan Oil Hair Treatment

This oil treatment is suitable for all hair types. It is of course oily and it contains, amongst other things, Argan oil and Linseed extract. You can use it for hair conditioning and even for styling. It gives hair a nice soft feeling and some needed nourishment. It is especially good for dry damaged hair but it’s benefits are for all!

Morrocan Oil Hair Treatment_20171222021456937


14th of December 2017 – Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial

All I read was sleeping and facial and I’m in. This is a mask that corrects and retecturises the skin overnight and it smells lovely like roses. It’s suitable for all skin types and you can use it daily if you wish.

It has some nice ingredients in it and it definitely helped smooth out my skin. It is 95% natural and it is made in Athens. What more can you want?

Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial_20171222021010885


15th of December 2017 – Look Fantastic Brush

This brush is so simple and yet so beautiful, I absolutely love it! It is super soft, washes well and it feels of very high quality.

I used it to apply makeup and it worked perfectly but you can literally use it in any way you want.

Look Fantastic Brush_20171222021146206


 16th of December 2017 – ModelCo Instant Brows

This is a good eye brow filler but only if you already have a fair amount of hairs to begin with. It will fill up the gaps but it won’t create real-looking hair type lines for you.

I love that it also comes with a brush at the other end and I actually really like the pen’s triangular shape, it really helps getting in the eye brow shape.

ModelCo Instant Brows_20171222021333165


17th of December 2017 – Omorovicza Queen of Hyngary Mist

I don’t know how to best describe this scent, it’s sweet with a floral hint but I actually don’t like it. It smells a little strange but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyhow, fragrances are very personal choices and you might like it but I would advice you try this out in a shop first and make sure it is within your taste.


Omorovicza Queen of Hyngary Mist_20171222021532583


18th of December 2017 – Dr Lipp Original Nipple Cream

At least this made me laugh. It’s a tiny cute little tube of nipple cream but you can also use it on your lips. It is meant to be for dry skin and is 100% natural. It’s a yellow wax-like solid that truly hydrates the skin but also leaves a sticky residue behind. This is definitely for very, very, very dry skin. I don’t know about you but a waxy type of product on my nipples doesn’t really appeal to me.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Cream_20171222020359986


19th of December 2017 – Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy

This hand cream spreads very easily, feels super moisturising and gets absorbed very quickly. It has a faint perfume type of scent but it is pleasant. There are no oily residues left behind and the skin is left feeling soft. There are definitely some interesting ingredients in this cream, including hyaluronic acid, which will give your hands a deep nutritional boost and lasting moisturisation.

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy_20171222020121092


20th of December 2017 – Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

It is never too early to use anti-wrinkle creams as skin care is all about prevention. This is a day anti-wrinkle cream that works well under makeup too. It contains some really nice ingredients and it smells faintly, but nicely, floral. It gets absorbed by the skin quickly but I wish it contained some SPF!


21st of December 2017 – Wipe out Magnitone

Makeup removing cloths have been quite popular this year. They are greener, as you can wash and reuse them, and a lot of them actually work well. This one also removed makeup with the aid of simply water and it feels very soft to the skin, almost like a kid’s blanket. It’s made form 100% polyester and it is machine washable at low temperatures though.

It might be a good item to take with when travelling, so you don’t need to have a pack full of wipes to clean your face before going to bed. Just take this little cloth in the shower with you!

Wipe out Magnitone_20171222021857962


22nd of December 2017 – High Definition Eye Shadow Palette

I though that the 25th would contain a palette but aw well! A palette is a palette no matter when you get it and it is an exciting item to receive!

This palette has a velvet matte finish and it feels and looks elegant and expensive. It has a mirror and a brush inside. The brush has a blending side and a “liner/precision” side. It feels a little stiff but it works well. The shadows are very beautiful and very every day wearable. They blend easily and do not crease if you use an eyeshadow primer. They last all day and you could easily create a full look by using only this palette. There isn’t any fallout of much kick-off either!


23rd of December 2017 – Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara

This mascara works very well, it truly does give volume and keeps the lashes up all day. The wand is absolutely gorgeously huge which sort of helps for creating volume and depth in the lashes. It doesn’t smudge or run off but it of course isn’t waterproof.

Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara_20171222020308872


24th of December 2017 – Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil

I love that this oil comes in a bottle with a dropper and it looks pink! It smells really nice, like roses, and it gets absorbed by the skin quickly. It doesn’t leave any residues behind and even though it is an oil it doesn’t feel oily or sticky. Dr Botanicals actually sent me a full size of this so I will be dedicating a full review, including detailed ingredient analysis, in another post.

Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil_20171222020332371


25th of December 2017 – Pixi Hello Glow Kit

What a lovely Christmas gift! Yes Look Fantastic, you’ve done well!

This Pixi set contains a Glow booster which is essentially a mild liquid highlighter that you can put all over your face. It is absolutely lovely and it even contains vitamin E!

Pixi Hello Glow Kit_20171222021702909

The next item in this set is the Beauty Blush Duo. This is meant to be a check blusher with a formula that reflects light. Exactly because it truly does reflect a lot of light, I’d personally use this as a highlighter. I just don’t see this as a blush at all but it is a lovely highlighter.

Last but not least, this set also contains a LipLift Max which is a volumizing lip treatment that hydrates, firms and plumps the lips. It has a strong mint scent and it feels very hydrating on the lips without being sticky at all. You can wear this alone or over other lipsticks too! It gives lips a tingling, sometimes cooling, sometimes burning sensation.

It’s a lovely little set and an appropriate item for Christmas!

Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2017_20171222021120115


That’s all the products for the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar of 2017. I though it was totally worth the cash, absolutely beautiful, kept me on my toes everyday and the products were all lovely and top quality. I love that the products were not duplicates of what they included in this year’s Look Fantastic beauty boxes so that all subscribers like me could enjoy something new!

I especially loved the design of it, it is amazingly gorgeous and you can use it for makeup storage all year long. I absolutely loved it and I will be getting one next year too! I highly recommend it.


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