A chemist’s favourite health and fitness products – the Bonds of Beauty 2017 Health and Fitness awards!

Some of us feel sad when a year passes and others see this as an exciting opportunity for new experiences. At the moment, I am somewhere between the two and so I though it would only be fitting opportunity, to learn from what the previous year has brought, and list the best health and fitness products of 2017.

Other than being a fitness and beauty blogger, I am also a chemist by profession which sometimes means that I am a little more picky than others. I look for formulation, taste, consistency, branding and other criteria when I try a product out. So, without further ado, here’s my 2017 favourites, the official: A chemist’s favourite health and fitness products – the Bonds of Beauty 2017 awards! Not all products were released in 2017 but they are so good that they are still holding their title!

I thought about giving an award for each category but I decided not to, for two reasons:

  • This would be a never ending post
  • Not all categories have clear winners

As a result, I am only awarding the categories that have clear winners, the products that really stand out for me. These products are top notch and there aren’t many of similar quality that come near them. They are the top of the top and they deserve that you, at the very least, give them a try!


Best Taste Protein Company 2017 – Fuel 10k

This is a very general award and a huge one but I honestly don’t remember ever tasting a Fuel 10k product and thinking it tastes bad. Some are nicer than others but none actually taste bad or heavily synthetic. They offer mostly snacks and breakfast items but they are great.

The brand also looks crisp and nicely presented. I always get a little extra excited when I get to try their products. I hope they expand their range to other, non-breakfast items too.


Best Fitness Tool 2017 – T-Grip T-Barbell

Gosh, I love my T-bar. I could seriously write an entire post on this but I am going to keep it short. It is an amazingly versatile weight tool, not only for lifting weight but also for balancing and using it for other exercises too like doing push ups on it!

T-Grip T-Barbell_20171220215624472

It comes with a set of 2.5kg, 5kg and 10kg weights and the bar weighs 5kg on it’s own. The weights have flat sides to them too, so you can put the T-bar down and do a push up on it if you wish. It’s so much more comfortable than a normal bar and you can grab it in so many ways (narrow or wider grip), using different muscle groups.

You can also use the weights on their own, as they have grabbable handles on the sides and if you outgrow them, there are heavier ones you can buy as well. It’s the perfect partner in my HIIT circuits and I absolutely love it.

The T-bar has been specifically designed to have the appearance and feeling of an Olympic barbell. It’s a little expensive at £130, but you only ever need one and once you go T-bar you won’t go back!


Best Training Support item – LA Workout Recovery Gel

I’ve tried a couple of muscle soothing gels and creams this year. Not on purpose, I just kept bumping on to them. But no matter how many I try there is only one I go to when I can’t walk anymore, usually after leg day, and that’s the LA Workout Recovery Gel.

LA Workout Recovery Active Gel_20171222021032840

It smells nicely sweet like cinnamon but not just and it looks calming and refreshing as it is a blue gel-like cream. It spreads easily, gets absorbed very quickly, doesn’t leave any oily residues behind and it truly halves the muscle soreness. It works so much better than a lot of others out there.

It contains a cocktail of amazing ingredients too, a lot of amino acids as well. Not sure if these actually directly help the muscles by absorption but they definitely don’t hurt. It is meant to increase blood and nutrient flow as well, which I guess is a way of reducing muscle soreness. You can also use it pre-workout to increase blood and oxygen for quicker warmups. I personally like to keep this as an emergency, I need some muscle function back kind of help and it never disappoints. It’s also a great opportunity to massage the muscle and help it relax and recover.

One tube retails for £4.8 which is an amazingly cheap price.

The brand also does other creams in this series like the abs toner and the cellulite reduction creams but I haven’t noticed as miraculous results with those as in the recovery gel. They are all definitely worth a try though!


Best Protein Snack 2017 – My Protein Barbeque Flavour Protein Crisps

Ever since I tried these, I am in love. Craving crisps? Check. A little hungry? Check. Want to pack some protein but low in calorie snack? Check. These protein crisps have it all.


They taste really nice, almost as good as normal crisps. You can only get a hint of synthetic protein if you chew them in your mouth for too long. Otherwise, they taste like nice, normal crisps. They are nicely airy and crisp but not dry. The stats are great too.

My Protein Protein Crisps Barbeque Flavour 3_20171023191654110

The 25g bag provides you with 11g of protein which although it might not sound a lot, it is almost 50% of the weight (44% to be exact). This comes at the expense of 100kcal, 3.3g of fat and 4.4g of carbs of which 1.4g are sugars.

You can buy a box containing 6 bags of 30g each, from My Protein, for £6.99. Super affordable.


Best Health and Fitness Supplement 2017 – Bassetts Adult Multivitamins Pastilles

I used to take normal multivitamins until I realised that they actually used to make me feel sick. Some of the stabilisers in the pill just didn’t sit well with me and on top of that I wanted to find a way to take in vitamins without having to take a lot of pills. It’s an unnecessary digestive strain on the body.

The Bassetts are an excellent supplement. They look like a red pastille and they taste sweet and pleasant like raspberry and pomegranate. If I gave you one and told you it’s a pastille you wouldn’t know it actually contains multivitamins. It’s so great!


Each pastille contains 800µm of vitamin A, 1.4mg of Riboflavin vitamin B2, 1.4mg of vitamin B6, 2.5 µm of vitamin B12, 80mg of vitamin C, 5µm of vitamin D and 12mg of vitamin E. All of which are 100% of your daily allowance so you only need 1 a day.

I usually have one at the time of the day, between meals, when I am craving something sweet. Not only does it satisfy my craving but it also brings in some vitamins.

If you train hard and put your body under a lot of strain, invest in some good multivitamins like these ones. I only wish they also contained metals and minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium etc. Then they would be the absolute supplement god!


Best Taste Protein Powder 2017 – The Fruit Whey Protein Strawberry Flavour

As far as protein powders are concerned, more often than not, they taste synthetic even for a chemist like me. This protein powder however, tastes like an absolute treat!

It’s made of whey protein from cow’s milk (49.4%) but also contains strawberries (49.4%), powder I assume, and natural stevia (1.2%).

The Fruit Whey Protein_20171130013851836

One serving contains 200kcals, 25.6g of protein, 3.4g of fat, 16g carbohydrates of which 15.8 are sugars and 4.6g of fibre. Not bad stats at all, a little high on the sugar and carbs but it is expected as it is almost 50% strawberries.

It tastes absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to try the rest of the flavours. One kg of this powder retails for £25.99 which is slightly expensive but still on the acceptable side.

You can buy it from the brands website in banana, strawberry and cherry flavours.


Honourable mentions

These are top notch products that do not really belong in a special category but they at least deserve a shout out.


Fage Greek Yogurt 0% Fat

This is such a nice tasting yogurt, reach and creamy and yet still at 0% fat. You can have it both on its own or with something else.

Fage Greek Yogurt Total 0_20171222020619240


Husk & Honey Oat and Nut Granola

I don’t even like granola but I still salivate when I think of this one. It’s so nicely honey sweet and crisp but still healthy. It’s truly miles away in taste from other granolas.

Husk & Honey Oat and Nut Granola



Cocoa+ High Protein Chocolate Bar

If you told me this is a normal chocolate I would have told you no. It’s actually a really nice tasting normal chocolate. But actually its not normal at all because it contains 27.1g of protein per 100g of chocolate! What else can you want?

Cocoa+ High Protein Chocolate Bar


That’s it for the health and fitness favourites of 2017. There’s a lot of categories I haven’t touched at all, not because I don’t have favourites in them, but because those products are not THAT much better than others to deserve the category award of the year. It’s been an amazing year of fitness and I am really looking forward to all the workouts, fitness tools and nutritious foods that are there to discover in 2018. Will the same products hold their place this time next year?

Listen to your body, keep exercising and eating healthy.

Lots of love,

Bonds of Beauty



I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.



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