Estèe Lauder Blockbuster 2017 Limited Edition Collection

It’s not a secret that I am a big Estée Lauder fan, I’ve already given them the “Bonds of Beauty – Best Beauty Brand 2017” award in my: A chemist’s favourite beauty products – the Bonds of Beauty 2017 awards post.

When I saw their Blockbuster collection about 2 months ago, I was hooked. I just had to have it. Funnily enough though, what did it for me wasn’t the Estée Lauder makeup. Their makeup is very high quality and I use a lot of those products on a daily basis, but the hook for me was the bag! If it didn’t contain the bag, I would most likely not have purchased this. Or to be exact, I would most likely not have strongly expressed my interest in this collection to my partner. Yes, yes it was one of those Christmas gifts that I chose for myself, but my partner got me, give me a break it’s gorgeous! It even comes with a little booklet that gives you make up look ideas….

Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2017 55_20180107201404223

According to the brand this collection is worth £298 but you were able to buy it for £65 if you bought a certain size (50mL or above) Estèe Lauder perfume. Now you can buy the collection for just £65, without purchasing anything else, but only until stocks last!

Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2017_20180107201318221

Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2017 2_20180107201514413

Let’s have a detailed look at what was inside and how each product performed.


Advanced Night Repair Serum, 30mL

This product needs no introduction. I’ve given it the Best Serum of 2017 award in my Bonds of Beauty awards post for a reason.

This serum has given me the biggest and most consistent skin results out of everything I’ve ever tried in my life. It has visibly decreased the size of my pores, even though it doesn’t claim to do that, smoothed out my skin and given it visible youthfulness. This is the only product that when I stop using, I can tell. It shows on my skin almost immediately.

Advanced Night Repair Serum_20180107201616711

It looks a little bit clinical, in its brown bottle with a dropper, but for good reason. This serum has almost become a skin medicine for me. It helps heal up cooking burns and even small rashes and irritations. Obviously if you are concerned about something more serious see a medical doctor first.

There have been some that criticised Estèe Lauder for having this around for years and not changing its formulation. I say, why fix something that works, and it clearly does for more people than just me, as it is one of Estèe Lauder’s top 5 sellers. I think it’s actually number one, even higher than the double wear foundation which if I remember correctly was number 3.

It contains some lovely ingredients like hyaluronic acid (check out the post “Hyaluronic acid – the fountain of youth?“) and a lot of others. To keep this post shorter, I will bring you a full ingredient analysis of this product in another post.

It is a pale brown/yellow liquid that smells like…a serum. It has a pleasant smell, almost cosmetic but not quite. It’s a faintly sweet pleasant smell that is not over powering at all, exactly what is needed for such product. It spreads smoothly and gets absorbed, even by my oily skin, very quickly. It doesn’t leave any residues behind and it is not sticky. The consistency of the liquid is like water with a dash of oil, just enough to be easily and softly spreadable but not enough to make your skin oily. Exactly what I would expect from a serum.

I’ve been using this for ages and it is truly one of my highly recommended products that I myself use on a daily basis. I use it after I cleansed my face in the night and before I apply my moisturiser.

As you probably guessed, it is expensive but honestly, it is worth it. Could it be cheaper? Probably so, but at the same time other serums of cheaper or even similar price, don’t compete in terms of ingredients contained and actual functionality. It retails somewhere between £53-88 depending on size. You might be able to get a free 7mL sample somewhere but honestly you won’t see the full results until you use this consistently. Skin care takes weeks to months to take effect and you have to be consistent! Every day!

Try it and let me know if it worked for you!


Estèe Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel Creme, 5mL

This is the eye cream/serum of the same range as the above. It comes in a cute but simple brown tub. It smells almost exactly the same as the above serum and it also feels almost the same. It looks more like a thin cream than a liquid but it is very similar in feeling, results and function to the above serum.

Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel Creme_20180107201643666

As a result, while this is also a very good product, if you can only afford one, I would recommend you go for the above serum.

Don’t get me wrong though, I still use this and another Estèe Lauder cream on a daily basis and although I cannot say they’ve given me as dramatic effects as the serum has, I know that the good ingredients inside them are keeping my eyes wrinkle free.


Estèe Lauder Pure Color Envy EyeShadow Palettes (7 shades in each, 14 in total), 0.4g each

Estèe Lauder is not really known for their eye shadows at all. I actually think that’s probably the one area they lack on. They have amazing foundation, primers, mascaras, lipsticks and glosses, amazing skin care but eye shadows not so much. As a result, it was very interesting to try these out.

Although, who doesn’t love a full size eye shadow palette, I was ok with the fact that they are little travel size ones. They are fairly light, but not so light that they feel cheap, and they look very simple but yet very cohesive with the brand. I must admit the outer look is a little dated and although I understand that Estèe Lauder is not exactly a youth brand, I feel like they could still be professional and pitch to the mature woman without looking so dated.

Pure Color Envy EyeShadow Palettes

Anyhow, both palettes come with a big mirror inside, as big as the lid which is a major plus! The colours are very soft and very every day and professionally wearable which I guess suits the type of woman the brand is pitching for. The shadows last all day and do not crease (bear in mind I always wear an eye shadow primer). I don’t have anything negative to say about them except the fact that the thin eye shadow tins make it difficult to dip your finger in them, for swatching or for packing the shadow on the lid with your finger. I also can’t say they are the best quality shadows I’ve ever used. They are great but very softly pigmented and not very creamy. They blend easily though and they work absolutely fine.

The colours are named at the back of each palette which is great. Is it just me or does it almost feel like palettes, no matter how small, are unfinished when they don’t have eye shadow names?

Here’s the swatches of the pinky based palette:

Pure Color Envy EyeShadow Palettes swatches 2_20180107201017050

And the swatches from the more natural based one:

Pure Color Envy EyeShadow Palettes swatches 1_20180107200959875


Estèe Lauder Pure Color Envy Blush Palette with Bronzer and Luminizer, 3.7g each

This looks identical to the eye shadow palettes, so it is great that it also has the colour names at its back, so you can quickly separate it from the eye shadow palettes without having to open it up. I’m not sure whether this palette is limited edition or the colours are but it is great either way. It’s always nice to have a special, limited edition product.

Both bronzer and luminizer feel nice on the skin. They apply evenly and suit a lighter skin tone as well. They are very natural looking, unless you build up the bronzer too much.

Estèe Lauder Pure Color Envy Blush Palette with Bronzer and Luminizer_20180107201201384

The luminizer is exactly what the word says, a luminizer, more than a highlighter. It gives a nice soft, natural glow but it won’t beat your highlighter. It’s so natural and light you can’t even see it in the swatch picture.

Estèe Lauder Pure Color Envy Blush Palette with Bronzer and Luminizer swatches_20180107201231041

This is a nice palette for natural looks and I love that it also comes with a mirror as big as the top lid and a little brush! Personally, I would use the brush for the luminizer but not the bronzer as I’d need a bigger and fluffier one for that, but that’s all personal preference. I’d say the brush is a medium on my softness scale but it is of good quality.


Estèe Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara, 8mL

This is definitely a good mascara and it lasts all day. It is not water proof but it doesn’t smudge and it keeps your lashes black, long and up all day.

Estèe Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara_20180107201138462

It’s not in my top 2 mascaras but it is nevertheless an excellent mascara that I would use on more natural type looks. It won’t give you “oh my god my lashes look fake” looks but it will tone the eye nicely and almost naturally.

It smells like a typical mascara, which is not a negative in my opinion, it actually gives you the feminine feeling of using makeup. The wand is humongous and amazingly good. I just wish it also made the lashes thicker!


Estèe Lauder 3 Pure Color Envy Lipsticks in shades Dynamic, Intense Nude, Vengeful Red, 3.5g each

I love the Estèe Lauder lipsticks so much. The formulation feels amazing on the lips. So soft and velvety, I think I could identify an Estèe Lauder lipstick if I closed my eyes and someone put it on my lips. It’s a unique and lovely formulation, at least in the way it feels on the lip’s skin.

Estèe Lauder 3 Pure Color Envy Lipsticks in shades Dynamic, Intense Nude, Vengeful Red_20180107201558011

They smell nicely cosmetic, last for hours and survive eating and drinking, although they do of course fade. They are not as hydrating as the Laura Mercier lipsticks but they are definitely not drying. I’d say they are mildly hydrating.

They retail for £26, which is a steep price for a lipstick, but it is definitely value for money. The ones included in this collection have a very thin and simple packaging but if you buy them individually they come in a very, very luxurious, super heavy and gorgeous packaging which is still very Estèe Lauder but makes you feel so expensive and feminine.

Estèe Lauder 3 Pure Color Envy Lipsticks in shades Dynamic, Intense Nude, Vengeful Red 2_20180107201534928

I guess the only thing I could criticise the brand for is the lack of colour range. There are some shades of pinks, nudes and reds to choose from but that is it. It goes back again to the demographic of the type of woman this brand is targeting, the professional woman during work hours, but not the fun woman in the night! It’s very elegant, serious and feminine but it does miss some fun and broader range.

I still love the choice of colours here though, I will definitely use them all.


Estèe Lauder Pure Color Envy Gloss in shade Reckless Bloom, 5.8mL

This gloss is gorgeous as any of the brand’s glosses. It looks amazing on the lips but does feel a little sticky like any gloss does. It comes off when drinking or eating but again that’s natural for this type of product.

Pure Color Envy Gloss in shade Reckless Bloom

The gloss packaging looks and feels expensive but the wand is pretty standard. Still, they are very good quality glosses, definitely one of the best. Unfortunately though, their colour range is also limited.


Estèe Lauder Eye Makeup Remover, 100mL

This gentle eye makeup remover doesn’t smell of anything but looks really gorgeous and expensive in its dark blue/purple with gold bottle.

Estèe Lauder Eye Makeup Remover_20180107201250700

It is oil and fragrance free and has been ophthalmologist tested. It is suitable for all skin types, although to me it feels more like the sensitive skin type products. It is, as it says, gentle and won’t immediately take off all your layers of makeup, but it is good for your eyes and will eventually, after a couple of clean cycles, will remove all the dirt.

I will definitely use this up completely but personally, it’s not my favourite. I like a cleanser that smells, not too strongly, feminine and clean. I find it very strange that it doesn’t smell of anything, I just want that little sweet cosmetic clean smell! I don’t have sensitive skin though so I can understand why some might find this amazing.


Estèe Lauder Limited Edition EyeShadow Brush

This brush is very simple looking but somehow, it still looks and feels expensive while keeping the brand’s typical appearance.

Limited Edition EyeShadow Brush_20180107201113948

The bristles are medium soft and it is shaped like a more flat version of a fluffy blending brush. It’s not your typical blending brush shape but it does blend well. I actually think it’s a very good idea to include a blending brush if you are only going to include one brush because that’s the only part really where you actually need a brush for. The main lid colour you can easily, and sometimes even better, pack on with your lid, especially if it’s a shimmer colour, and you can also do some shadows at the edges of the eye with the tip of the blending brush.

All you need is a blending brush and this one is good. It’s not the best in my opinion because it is a little flat on 2 of its sides, and not as round fluffy as I would want it to be, but it still works well, it is more accurate actually and it washes well.


Estèe Lauder Deluxe Travel Case

IN LOVE. As I said at the beginning, if it wasn’t for this bag I wouldn’t have gotten this set. I’d probably go for the items I wanted the most individually. It just makes this whole set come alive. It is sexy and elegant and finally, it is a bit of fun. I love the red colour and I love how expensive it feels and looks.

Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2017 case_20180107201334762

I’ve seen one woman on the street casually using it as a handbag and I felt like I needed to go high five her! She had another handbag with her too, so she probably used this to carry paperwork in it.

Personally, I use this as my makeup travel bag only because of the way it opens. It opens up like a suitcase, you have to put it down and unzip the top lid open which makes it a little awkward for a handbag, otherwise I’d probably use it for a handbag too!

Absolutely love it though. It looks quality, feels quality and it gives off that feminine but strong vibe.


Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2017 4_20180107201430458


What a great set of high quality makeup and skincare. If you love the look of this and still want to get it you have to move quick. You can still purchase it but only until stock lasts. They are not making any more of these! It is a very good set and I do recommend it. Treat yourself, you deserve it!


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.



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