Coffee Chat: The new year is here, resolutions are set. Now what? 5 Tips to keep yourself on track.

Hello my lovelies,

It’s almost tradition for most of us to set new year resolutions around this time. Some might think it’s silly, many might argue “why do you need a new year to change something in your life or make some serious decisions”, which admittedly I’m sure everyone would agree, you don’t. However, we are humans and sometimes we just need that extra little push, or excuse, to make a move or a change.

Truly, it doesn’t matter when you stick your heels into the ground and decide to change something, all that matters is that for whatever reason, whether it’s new year-new beginning inspiration, you had some time to think about something or you simply reached the fed up point, the important thing is that you made that decision. You acknowledged no matter what this is, whether stupid or serious, it’s something that it’s not doing it for you and you want to change it.

And that’s truly amazing. The first and arguably one of the biggest steps and hurdles is the acknowledgement.

And then what? Then you’ll probably get extremely excited, motivated, determined, inspired and do something and everything about it. But then, a lot of us, will fail! A lot of the time, that extreme will to move forward and change something is also our pitfall. We are humans and we strive to be the best we can be. We make decisions, take on challenges and go in all speed ahead…and quickly burn out.

Unless your new year resolution(s) is something simple and relatively straight forward, I’d like to nudge you to sit down when you next have time, maybe this weekend, and make a plan. Think about it logically this time, not with the heart that made that decision, but with your logical brain and write down an action plan or two or even three!

I’ll focus on beauty and fitness examples here but really this could apply to anything and anytime.

Many of us will try to loose weight, gain muscle or loose fat this year and whether you realise it or not, that decision is huge. It’s not a simple or even a complicated task. It is not a task at all. It is a lifestyle change and therefore, it is a long and complicated process. A process that will take you out of your comfort zone and push you hard every day and even some more, on those tough, leave me alone days. So, if you’ve made a resolution of this magnitude, sit down and think of the following:


How far am I willing to experiment?

This is super important and honestly something that I don’t see many people talk about. Beauty and fitness are very personal things. Just because it works for me to do HIIT for example, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Maybe it doesn’t suit your body, your time scale, your environment, your financial situation, your character etc. There is no one solution fits all. Just because your friend likes spin classes it doesn’t mean you should too. If you are truly serious about changing your body (whether it’s weigh loss or muscle gain etc) or any resolution, you have to be serious about experimenting.

You hate working out in the morning? Me too. Find something during lunch or in the afternoon.

You hate or can’t afford the gym? I’ve gained the largest amount of muscle at home.

You don’t have equipment? You hate machines? Body weight exercises can be equally as effective.

You are vegetarian? Invest in some protein supplements.

You can’t find a partner to go running? Get some nice music and enjoy some me time on your own.

There are no excuses and there are multiple alternatives for everything!

None of this is working for you? What’s next? Make a list of all the diets, all the times, the foods, the gyms, the bloggers, the inspirations. Make a list of backups and go nuts because experimenting is truly the key to sticking with a beauty, fitness or diet routine because whatever it is you are trying to do, it’s a major life style change and therefore, IT HAS TO WORK FOR YOU. Otherwise, you won’t stick to it.


What are my back up plans when I fail?

This is not about being negative, it is about being realistic. Sometimes, some days, you will fail. Some days you will not feel it. THAT’S NORMAL AND OK!

Eat that cake and eat a piece for me too. Skip a workout. It’s all absolutely fine and sometimes actually beneficial for your body. Just don’t do it every week. And don’t do it out of a need for excuse or laziness. Listen to your body and ask do I really need a break?

Make a list on Pinterest with fit, beauty, nutrition or whatever inspiration you need to keep you going. Here’s mine here. When the going get’s tough, take a personal time out, grab a coffee and browse your inspiration board. Collect pictures and article cut outs and make a real life one if you like!

Have a “I need motivation” buddy. Like a friend on call to help when you are derailing. Or maybe even someone who is going through the same resolution as you.

Have a list of plans of what you are going to try next so you never feel lost or done. Just. Keep. Trying. Ask yourself. What’s next?


Remember that you are human

Our incredible drive and excitement for change can often give us super human powers for a few days, weeks or months and then suddenly, we just run out of fuel. Go easy. I know you want to get in there but don’t over do it. Start with a 20 minute or even 10 minute workout today. Keep it up for a week or two and then increase. Maybe even start with just wearing your gym wear at a certain time of the day so you get into the habit slowly.

Large, out of the blue, cold turkey changes don’t work for all of us. Some of us need that kind of thing, but most of us burn out or feel forced. Make it gradual, make it natural, make it part of you, make it part of your life.


Learn how to bargain with yourself

This is a funny one but it works for me so it might work for you too. Those days when you really, really don’t want to exercise or do whatever your resolution is, negotiate with yourself. Tell yourself “ok I hear you you’ve had a really bad day at work so instead of a 30 minute workout you can do 10 today and you’re done”. The most important thing really is creating and keeping the habit. So even if you exercise, read, walk, do something beauty or other stuff, the most important thing is to keep doing it and keeping the habit going.

Don’t skip it unless you really, really, and I mean really must. Do a much shorter, 5 minute even, version of it. Or maybe ever wear your gym clothes, walk to the gym and come back.

You really don’t fancy eating that salad? Tell yourself you will have half of it and mix it with something else.

Find a way to allow yourself to not be “punished” or “pushed” into something you don’t want to do but at the same time to keep the habit going.


Don’t ever force yourself into anything

That’s almost immediate failure. As soon as you feel that your resolution is a choir, you’re done. That’s it. You will sabotage it unconsciously and maybe even consciously. You will feel horrible doing it. Your tolerance for the difficult process will lower. Your willingness to experiment will lower. It. Just. Won’t. Work.

DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF. Bargain if you must. But do not force yourself into anything. Find something else that works better for you.


Whatever your resolution is, I am sure you will achieve it if you stick true to yourself and your physical and emotional needs. EXPERIMENT. HAVE FUN. And remember, YOU DO YOU.

Let me know what your resolutions are and what aspects do you struggle with. Let’s get through them together!


Keep going! You’ve got this!


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.



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4 responses to Coffee Chat: The new year is here, resolutions are set. Now what? 5 Tips to keep yourself on track.

  1. morningfrost says:

    Yep I agree with so much of this. I’m a morning workout person now but I never used to be. I had to suck it up and realise if I didn’t go in the morning I probably wouldn’t go. Work your health and fitness around your schedule and try new things! Great post!

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