Marc Jacobs Beauty Matte Highliner Influenster VoxBox – Unboxing, Review and Ingredient Analysis

Time for another Influenster Vox Box review! This time it is the Marc Jacobs Beauty Matte Highliner VoxBox and even though, it is another Marc Jacobs box, I’ve been quite excited about it! All Marc Jacobs products I’ve used so far have been of top quality and so I was looking forward to discover more Marc Jacob goodies. I must admit, I’ve never tried these highlighters before, so this was perfect!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 13_20180120204357359

The Influenster box was very simple, black with Marc Jacobs Beauty writing at the top and Influenster on the side. Nevertheless, it still looked fairly nice.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners_20180120204211471

Inside the box there were two different colours of the highliners in their original packaging and a little booklet with more information on the highlingers and the Marc Jacobs-John Lewis-Influenster collaboration, as well as some examples of different looks and ways to use the highliners.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 2_20180120204713489

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 5_20180120204603961


Appearance and user experience

The highliners’ outer box looks fairly simple but yet elegant and typical of the Marc Jacobs branding.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 9_20180120204500237

The highliner pencils themselves are so gorgeous looking. They have a shiny silver body and a grip stripe of the appropriate colour. The grip stripe is on the same level as the pencil and although it doesn’t feel as a particularly different material, the fact that it is less shiny helps the grip slightly. They are overall very easy to use.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 222_20180120204252590

I love that the grip stripe is the colour of the pencil, it makes it easy to know which pencil is which without having to read which colour they are or open the pencil cap to see. The pencil cap is really sturdy too and in general the pencils look and feel of very high quality. They actually look a little nicer in real life, they way that silver colour photographs makes them look slightly “cheaper” than they are.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 111_20180120204316532

What I love even more though is the fact that you don’t have to sharpen these pencils. I hate sharpening pencils because often, the good quality creamy ones, are also the ones that break the most and you end up making a mess as well as loosing a lot of product. These pencils come out by twisting them at the back. There is quite a bit in them as well and they should last you a while. I tried to twist them out all the way to see how much there is in them, see picture below.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 1_20180120204152857

What is shown in the picture is not the entire content, I had to stop after that because the pen was getting unstable and I didn’t want it to break, but you can see already that there is a fair amount in them. They contain 0.5g to be exact.


Pigmentation and colour evenness

The colours I received are the “57 Deja Blue” a baby blue and the “59 Pink of Me” a baby pink. The colour names are cute and appropriate. There are 12 colours in this highliner line, a hot pink, a dark blue, a purple, a brown, a black, a red, a light brown, a purple/blue, a green, a light purple, a baby blue and a baby pink.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners6_20180120204129678

If I’m honest, the colours I received would not have been my first or even second choice, I would have loved the browns or black, dark blue or red, but nevertheless they were much nicer than I expected.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners swatches_20180120204233954

The colours are nicely pigmented however, they look a little bit chalky. I don’t think that is because of the formulation or quality of the liners, I truly think it is because of the nature of the colours, baby blue and baby pink are not exactly easy to do. The baby blue was a little chalkier looking than the baby pink but you might not even notice it. You have to look at the swatch from very close up to notice. It’s really not that bad, just an observation.

They feel very buttery and write smoothly. The colour is even, it doesn’t change if you hit a pore or a hair. They are so kind to the sensitive eye skin and the buttery writing feeling is almost addictive. I just want to draw with them…


Function and durability

Even though they are called highliners, meaning you can draw high lines way above the eyelash line, all over the eye or even on the brow bone if you wish, I actually used them mostly as normal eyeliners. I loved the baby pink on the waterline, especially since they are waterproof and last a long time and I mostly used the baby blue as an eyeliner to give light to the eye. The baby pink lasted about half a day in my waterline then slowly started to fade. The baby blue lasted all day on the eye but it wasn’t as bright at the end of the day as at the beginning. It seems that these pencils don’t just rub of or disappear they just slowly fade out of wear. That’s totally acceptable though and at least it gives you a chance to write over them again and increase the colour intensity if you wish. After a sleep with them test, the lines were still visible on the eye but the colours faded a lot.

These highliners are smudge proof and water proof and even smudge proof under water! Check out the video demo below.

The colours fade slightly after rubbing them under water for a while but that’s it. They don’t erase and they don’t smudge. A little colour fading is completely acceptable if you ask me, you can’t beat friction!


Cost and lifetime

These highligners retail for £20 each. The price is actually really good considering of the high quality and the fact that these are items from a known brand, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were more expensive. They last 12M which is perfectly acceptable.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 3_20180120204654196



In terms of ingredients, these highliners are very simple. Both colours contain the same ingredients just at slightly different amounts and of course, they contain different pigments as well as the same ones in different amounts.


57 Deja Blue

Cyclopentasiloxane – Solvent, enhances fluidity, making the formulation more spreadable. It leaves a silky, slippery feeling to the touch and also “locks in” water by forming a “protective barrier” on the skin so the water cannot escape.

Can temporarily fill in the “wrinkle” or crease lines and give a more plump look.Gives a silky feeling without feeling heavy or leaving a greasy residue behind.

Low boiling point, can quickly evaporate from the skin and disappear into the air after it has delivered the bigger silicon compounds it was meant to dissolve. Doesn’t leave a “cold feeling” behind. Fairly cheap to manufacture so doesn’t add a huge cost on the product.



Trimethylsiloxysilicate – Can be small molecule or can refer to a polymer.

Mild adhesive, sticks to skin softly helping pigments stay on the skin. Anti-foaming and conditioning agent. Because of the silicon and physical thickness of this compound, it also forms a protective barrier that minimises moisture from escaping the skin.

Feels weightless on the skin, enhances spreadability of the product and is often used as a replacement instead of oil in emulsions. Can give off some shine to the skin.



Isododecane – Solvent and humectant (=locks moisture in).

Makes products more easily spreadable, while giving a weightless feeling.


Synthetic wax – Often derived from plants.

Non-ionic surfactant, emulsifying agent, moisturiser and a humectant. Can also thicken and stabilise cosmetic formulations.



Polyethylene – Polymer of ethylene monomers.

Emulsion stabilizer, thickener (=viscosity controlling agent), binding agent, film forming agent, abrasive and adhesive.

Toxicity: Safe. Can be an irritant to some especially when found in products that are used around the eyes.


Ceresin – Primarily a texture enhancer.

A white yellow waxy mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by purification of naturally occurring mineral wax, ozocerite.

Can also act as a binder, anti-static, emulsion stabilizer and opacifying agent.

Reduces brittleness and adds strength and stability to stick cosmetics.

Safe. Reported by some to be an irritant even though the CIR classes it as a non-irritant.


Polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate – Primarily an emollient (=softens and soothes the skin).

Very good at dispersing inorganic pigments. Skin conditioner, surfactant and emollient.



Polyisobutene – Polymer of isobutylene.

Film-forming agent, binder, viscosity increasing agent (=thickener).

Does not penetrate skin due to its large molecular size.



Titanium Oxide CI 77891 – Pigment, small, inorganic molecule that gives colour.

Can also be used as a sunscreen agent absorbing ultraviolet light and as an opacifying agent.

Safe. Only possesses a risk if it is breathed in as a powder in large quantities.


Ultramarines CI 77007 Pigment, blue colour.

Mineral-derived but may also be produced synthetically.



Yellow 5 CI 19140 – Pigment, yellow-lemon colour.

A coal tar derivative. One of the most used colour additives in the world.



Manganese Violet CI 77742 – Pigment, incredibly beautiful, violet colour.

Usually derived from animals like insects.



Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 4_20180120204631676

59 Pink of Me

Cyclopentasiloxane – See above.

Trimethylsiloxysilicate – See above.

Isododecane – See above.

Polyethylene – See above.

Synthetic wax – See above.

Ceresin – See above.

Polyglyceryl-2 triisostearate – See above.

Polyisobutene – See above.

Titanium Oxide CI 77891 – See above.

Manganese Violet CI 77742 – See above.

Yellow 5 CI 19140 – See above.

Carmine CI 75470 – Pigment, bright red colour.

One of the oldest dyes with some reports that it was used during ancient times.

Can be derived from insects or made synthetically.



Marc Jacobs Beauty Influenster Vox Box Highliners 11_20180120204424803


They are definitely very impressive and of very good quality and I recommend them. Once again, I am impressed with a Marc Jacobs item and I don’t say this easily. I still absolutely love the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara, it’s actually my number one mascara still and I’m getting a feeling that more and more Marc Jacobs products will enter my favourites list. I’d really like to try the browns and blacks first before I say that these are one of the best eye/high liners, but so far so good.


Have you tried these? What did you think?

I’d like to disclose that I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.
Beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. Have you ever tried these products? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences below!


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