Triyit Discovery Club – Unboxing and Product Reviews

It is my absolute pleasure to be writing about one of the very first Triyit boxes!

Triyit unboxing 8_20180203174328773

Triyit is a product discovery club where you can try new products, at home, for free. It is a little bit like Influenster but Triyit is actually UK based.

All you need to do is go to and create a personal profile, where you let them know of your likes and dislikes, personal habits like exercising or what type of food you like etc. Then every now and again you will receive a free box with some goodies in it, that match some part of your profile.

Unlike Influenster, you don’t have to fill out a survey every time before qualifying for a box, your personal profile does that for you. Also, you won’t know what the box contains until you actually open it, which brings an element of excitement too.

The products contained in the box are usually full size. After trying out the products in your box you can share your reviews and pictures on social media and further qualify for more boxes.

Triyit unboxing 7_20180203174250787

I personally love this type of concept, you get to try out new things that you wouldn’t necessarily pick up or want to pay for without knowing if you like them or not. You will get some new product favourites, some new hates too, but more importantly you will have some fun and explore new things that you might not even have know that they existed. I highly recommend you sign up.

My Triyit box arrived in an orange postal bag with a sticker of my address. As Triyit’s colour is orange you will immediately know that you just received a Triyit box but also you would have already gotten a text message letting you know that there is a box on it’s way to you. Inside the postal bag, you will find the actual Triyit box which is obviously also orange. It has the Triyit logo at the top and some social media icons and the Triyit website and moto on the sides. It is a very sturdy box of good quality that you can reuse for storage or further crafts if you wish.

Inside the box there was a specific campaign booklet that contains more information about the products in this box and a reminder leaflet to share pictures and reviews.


Here’s what the booklet contained, page by page:

Triyit leaflet 2-1_20180203211621804

Triyit leaflet 2-2_20180203211725534

Triyit leaflet 2-3_20180203174534792

Triyit leaflet 2-4_20180203174604436

Triyit leaflet 2-5_20180203174635203

Triyit leaflet 2-6_20180203174658013

Triyit leaflet 2-7_20180203211456158

Triyit leaflet 2-8_20180203211516286

Triyit leaflet 2-9_20180203211538800

Triyit leaflet 2-10_20180203211557424

Triyit leaflet 2-11_20180203211642290

Once I removed some of the bed of black shredded paper, I found an envelope that contained discount offers on some of the products in the box. The products lied under the envelope, nicely organised inside some further shredded paper. The box actually looked nicely put together and organised.

Triyit unboxing 3_20180203174113664

Triyit envelope 2_20180203211849918

The products contained were, from left to right, as seen in the picture: protein coffee, a corn snack, lentil chips, a berry juice drink and a porridge pot.

Triyit unboxing 4_20180203174137328

PS. You can click on the smaller images to see them larger if you want to read out ingredients, nutritional information etc.

Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and health, fitness and taste can be very personal things as we all have different taste and biological builds. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. If you tried any of these products please leave your comments below!


Get Nourished Protein Iced Coffee Hazelnut and Cacao Mocha Flavour

Protein, protein, protein. If you are a fitness junkie like me, you probably try to find products and ways to add more protein into pretty much everything. As a result, combining my two favourite things, protein and coffee, is just genius in my opinion. I mean…what more can you want?

Get Nourished Protein Iced Coffee Hazelnut and Cacao Mocha Flavour_20180203173743823

This protein coffee drink is best served chilled and it contains 25.1g or protein, 2.9g of fat (of which 1.9g are saturated), 14.2g of carbs (of which 13.9g are sugars), 1.9g of fibre and 0.3g of salt. All for 188kcal for this 310mL drink. Not bad!

This slow roosted, rich Arabica coffee truly does taste like cacao and hazelnut. It has a hazelnut smell and an almost watery consistency. It is not thick or sickly sweet at all, in fact it is slightly on the bitter side, like a true coffee. It tastes really pleasant, the coffee, cacao and hazelnut flavours are perfectly balanced. It does not taste like a chocolate drink at all but rather like a chocolate spiced coffee.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would definitely have it again. There is no synthetic protein taste or after taste whatsoever. If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have guessed that there is protein in this just by tasting it.

The bottle is plastic and of standard quality. It looks nicely branded and to the point. Although I must admit, it doesn’t immediately look like a protein or coffee drink either but I actually liked that. It almost looks like a new type of product, the hybrid of protein-coffee drinks.

This drink is suitable for vegetarians, but not milk allergy sufferers, and is lactose and gluten free.

You can buy this drink from the brand’s website or Muscle Food for £2.99. Admittedly, it is expensive but at the same time, it is the perfect quick morning solution when you are on the go. Time is money and if you don’t have the time to make yourself a coffee or a protein shake, you pay for it! SCORE = 10/10


Love Corn Smoked Barbeque Flavour

This is a very cute corn snack. Who would have ever thought that I would be saying that about a corn snack or that I would be having a corn snack all together.

The snack bag is plastic of standard quality and the branding is cute. It looks a little nicer than what a corn snack would look like (in my mind) and it actually makes me want to try it. The bag is resealable too so you don’t have to finish it in one go.

This corn snack is barbecue flavoured and surprisingly it actually works well. The corn is appropriately dry but not rock solid and is very rich (in a good way) of flavour. The barbecue taste really comes across nicely and it’s not spicy, sweet or salty. It is very nicely balanced and I can easily imagine these, mixed in a nut snack pot. I’m not sure I will ever crave a corn snack on its own but if I do, I will definitely go for this one.

Love Corn Smoked Barbeque Flavour 3_20180203173848503

This 45g corn bag contains 190kcal, 5.8g of fat (of which 0.6g are saturates), 28.5g of carbs (of which 0.3g are sugars), 5.5g of fibre, 3.3g of protein and 1.0g of salt. It is essentially a carbohydrate snack, to give you that little energy boost between meals. This snack contains only corn, paprika, onion, garlic, sea salt and sunflower oil and I must admit the simplicity is great.

You can buy a 115g bag from Sainsburys for £2.00. It is a good price and a nice crunchy snack. SCORE = 10/10


Eat Real Lentil Chips Sea Salt Flavour

I’ve actually tried these crisps in my Wellthos September box and I loved them.

If I’m honest, when I first saw this product I thought “not again”. There are so many “healthy chips” products out there these days and most of them don’t taste that great and they don’t even save you that many kcals, carbs or fat. As a result, I had very low expectations from this product.

However, these chips were great. They taste like “lentils meet crackers” which is actually a lot more of a pleasant taste than you’d think. The taste is almost an after taste, as they don’t taste of much to begin with. They are nicely crisp but not too dry and strangely addictive. This is the first time I can ever say that I wanted more of these “healthy chips”!

They were apparently sea salt flavour, which I guess explains the bluntness, but as I mentioned above I still liked them. I’m not sure I would want a strong taste with the lentil-cracker after taste…


This 22g bag will cost you 102.52kcals, 4.29g of fat, 14.52g of carbs (of which only 0.48g are sugars), 2.05g of protein and 0.7g of fibre. It is a low impact snack for sure, just to fill you up for a bit. There is no added sugar, is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

The packaging is a standard chip bag packaging and the branding is spot on. They look like chips but it is obvious that they are not normal chips. This bag would cost you £0.68 from Morrisons which is a pretty good price. SCORE = 10/10.


Triyit unboxing 6_20180203174222467


The Berry Company Superberries Purple Juice Drink

This is juice drink made of superberries and contains no artificial colours or sweeteners. It is made of natural fruit juices, including blueberry, blackberry and other fruits. It is dairy, gluten, wheat, fat and lactose free, has no GMOs and is vegan. It is best served chilled.

The juice is contained in a carton type packaging of standard quality. The branding is nice and to the point, the product really does look like a berry juice.

This drink is 330mL and contains 138.6kcals, 0g fat, 33.99g carbohydrates (of which all are sugars), 0g protein and 0g salt. The high sugar content might be unattractive, however, bear in mind this is most likely natural sugar from fruit. That doesn’t mean that you should have many of these every day though!

The juice smells very fruity, like berries. It tastes really nice, again like berries. There is nothing artificial tasting about it and it is a very pleasant juice. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it can be nicely refreshing too. It was really nice at room temperature but even better when it was cold.

You can buy this juice from Ocado or Holland & Barrette for £2.10 for a big 1L carton. This brand has won one of the Best New Brand/Business and Beverage Innovation Awards 2007. SCORE = 10/10


Moma Porridge Plain Flavour

This is supposed to be a healthier porridge option with no added sugar and made of oats. It is gluten free and wholegrain.

A 70g pot contains 250kcals, 3.2g of fat (of which 0.8g are saturates), 40.8g of carbs (of which 10.9g are sugars), 12.8g of protein and 0.3g of salt. On first glance, the 12.8g of protein make this porridge pot look high in protein indeed, especially when compared to a standard Quacker porridge which contains 7-8g of protein depending on which flavour you get.

However, the Quacker pots are smaller at 57g only. As a result, if you compare the macros on a 100g scale the difference is not that high. A Quacker pot would contain somewhere between 13-14g of protein whereas a Moma pot contains 18.3g. It is definitely more but not as much more as you might initially have thought. On the other hand, if we compare this to a 100g FUEL Protein Porridge Golden Syrup pot, the difference is only 0.8g of protein! Points for Moma there.

This porridge pot however, doesn’t taste of much. As much as I love the protein content and the fact that it is almost as much protein as a Fuel pot, it just doesn’t taste as nice. It is incredibly blunt and I just couldn’t finish it. I get it, it is meant to be plain, it even says plain on the pot, but still, I thought it was a bit too plain.

However, it did give me a good idea. As I previously mentioned, being a fitness junkie and trying to get protein into everything, this type of blunt porridge would work amazingly well with a scoop of nicely flavoured fruit whey. You will end up with some carbs to fuel your morning, more protein and a fruit flavour. Win-win. Perhaps Moma should collaborate with the Fruit Whey. Just an idea.

The porridge pot itself is of standard quality but I have to admit I don’t like the green colour. I know what they are trying to achieve, green is associated with healthy food, but personally, I think it is a little bit too much green for a porridge pot. It doesn’t look as tasty or inviting as other porridge pots.

Although having a blank taste canvas can be an advantage, if you want to add fresh fruit or protein to it for example, I cannot really give this product a very high score. I will always remember how blunt it was and the fact that I couldn’t have it on its own. The macros are good but for me, the taste is not there.

You can buy 12 of these pots from the brand’s website for £14.99. That equals £1.25 per pot. That’s more expensive than a Quacker pot (£1) but it also contains more product.

It was about time that I found a product that is not a 10. I was getting a little worried that this Triyit box was a little too good!  SCORE = 7/10


Triyit unboxing 5_20180203174158616


Overall, I think that Triyit is something that the UK definitely needs. I absolutely love Influenster but it is nice to have a UK based box too. I think the concept is great and everyone benefits out of it. You get to try and find some new loves and hates and the companies get to promote their products. I love that all products were full size and I am looking forward, very impatiently, to the next box! Probably a coincidence, but I don’t think I’ve given so many 10/10s in a single box before…

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 9/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 9.4/10

Star product = So many 10s…however, I know all too well how hard it is to find nice tasting protein products so I will give this to the Get Nourished Protein Iced Coffee Hazelnut and Cacao Mocha Flavour


Triyit unboxing 9_20180203174401979


Did you get a Triyit box? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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