Coffee Chat: Should you celebrate Valentine’s day?

Hello my lovelies,

I wanted to take today’s opportunity to addrees the love or hate Valentine’s day situation as it is an interesting subject that comes up every year. Some believe that Valentine’s day is just a ploy to make money and other’s get very upset when their other half does not come home with a gift or even worse, if they are single on the day.

Me, I lie between the two. I think that Valentine’s day is definetely heavily commercialised and a lot of businesses make a huge profit out of it. However, I still choose to celebrate Valentines day because I want to take every opportunity to show my self and my loved ones some love. Yes of course, you can do that any time and day of the year but why not do it one extra time too? There is no limit to how many times you can show love and I’m sure you’d agree, the more the merier.

For me, Valentine’s day is an excuse for celebrating and showing my loved ones some appreciation, it’s definetely not about lavish gifts or crazy buys. I do that other times of the year anyways…

But what about those who are single on the day? Well, as cheesy as it might sound, take this opportunity to love yourself. First and foremost, you will not find love until you love yourself first and secondly, enjoy this time with yourself because you will soon not have it anymore! If you are single today, I encourage you to take hot chocolate bubble bath, a face mask, a yoga class, a massage or whatever self love means to you. Maybe it is as simple as cooking yourself a nice meal, if you don’t do it often or perhaps it is actually a buy that you wanted for a while. Whatever self-love means to you and however, you want to express it, take this excuse or opportunity and do something about it.

If you are in a relationship, it doesn’t need to be something money consuming, like going out for dinner or buying each other crazy gifts unless that’s actually what you want to do. Then go for it, of course. Valentine’s day for me is more about connecting and showing some love, it’s an excuse and I choose to take it because you can never really show too much love.

As sad as it might sound, you never know how much time you have with your loved ones. Someone might pass away, the relationship might break, people might move away for a new job, whatever happens the true value lies in what happens today. Take this excuse, whether commercial or not, and use it to spend some quality time with the ones you love. Whether that’s your partner or your family or even best friend, you define what that means to you.

I am spending some time with my partner today. I am making a home cooked meal, like every day and I am not spending big money on a gift, as we both agreed to save money for our flat. However, we are sitting down together to have this meal with no phones, TVs or other distractions and no work talk. Just us two and a nice interactive dinner. Sometimes, that’s all you need and if you are trully against the commercialised aspect of Valentine’s day it doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the celebration anyway.

Valentines for me might not be heavily commercial and I somehow managed to not spend much money on it this year, but it is still an excuse to show some love and for that you don’t really have an acceptable excuse!

So go ahead, call your loved ones or have a nice home cooked meal with your partner. Show some love and enjoy the moment. Life is too short, take advantage of the day.

In turn, I would also like to send some love to you. I am greatful for all my readers and I’d like to thank you all for reading this and my other posts as well as being part of my blogging journey.

Have a lovely Valentine’s day.

Lots of love,

Bonds of Beauty


Do you celebrate Valentines day or are you against it? What are you doing this year? Share your experiences below!


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