Prima Lash In Depth Review – Synthetic vs Mink vs Human Hair. Which is Best?

They say that the eyes are the door to the soul and while we might not all agree, it is undeniable that the eye appearance can make or break an entire look.

We spend hours blending that eye shadow, creating the perfect colour combinations, make them look effortless, contouring and shaping the eye and eye brows, creating the fiercest eyeliner flick and finding the perfect mascara, because the eyes are such a powerful characteristic. But what about false eye lashes? Or falsies as many like to call them.

Do they truly make that much difference? Don’t they just make you look fake? Are they really a must have?

I didn’t always use false eye lashes. In fact, I made it to my thirties without ever even trying out false lashes once, simply because I’ve always had long eye lashes of my own and I never felt that wearing false eye lashes would make that much difference. I mean that’s what mascara is for right? Wrong!

Whether you have the perfect mascara or long lashes, there is great value in incorporating false eye lashes into your look. Prima Lash was kind enough to send me a few pairs of lashes to show you exactly what I mean!

Prima Lashes 2_20180311211554412

The lashes arrived in a white cardboard box with a Prima Lash sticker on top. Inside the box there were three boxes of different type of lashes sitting on a bed of black straw paper. The box also came with a little branded card that said “with love”. It’s the little details sometimes that make the packaging lovely!

Prima Lashes 5_20180311211755495

The three lash boxes contained eye lashes from their different style and make lines. One of them is made from synthetic hair, the other from mink hair and the last from human hair. I didn’t choose the types or designs but to be honest I am glad for two reasons:

  • I would have spent all day browsing their website as they have so many design options and they all look good!
  • I love the element of surprise and I love trying out things that I wouldn’t always choose for myself, that’s how I found a lot of my favourite cosmetics.

Prima Lashes 6_20180311211837719

But before I go into details and show you pictures of each, in case you are still not convinced, have a look at the picture below for an illustration of how much difference a nice pair of lashes can make:

No lashes vs Mink Sweet comparison 3_20180311213437136
Right: Prima Lash Mink Lashes in Sweet Left: Natural Lashes

I’m not wearing mascara on either the synthetic or my lashes, so the right eye would have been a little more pronounced with mascara, but you can easily see that the difference that the falsies bring is nowhere near what a mascara would offer.

As a side note, I often don’t wear mascara when I’m wearing falsies because they really don’t need it and they also last longer this way. If the design of the falsies doesn’t mesh well with your natural lashes or the colour is different, then you might want to use some mascara on your own lashes first but there is no need to use mascara on the falsies at all. Not only will they last you longer, but they will also look less fake.

So which falsies were best? The synthetic, mink or human hair? Let’s find out!

PS. In the pictures following, the eye brows are kept natural on purpose to draw the attention away from them and emphasise the lashes. The false lash line/adhesive mark was also not covered to illustrate how they would look without any touch up. You can always fill in and emphasise the eyebrows and cover the falsies’ line with some eyeliner if you wish. It’s truly amazing how natural they look without concealing them though.


Prima Lash Velvet in style #Lemon Drop

Colour: Black

Packaging: The packaging is simple but beautiful and it looks more luxurious than their other ranges which I’m assuming is the entire point. It is made of cardboard and the lashes sit on a plastic lash holder.

Prima Lash Velvet Synthetic_20180311211429303

Prima Lash Velvet Synthetic 2_20180311213009960

Prima Lash Velvet Synthetic 3_20180311211909042

Type and texture: These lashes belong to the Velvet range which are the Faux-Mink. They are designed to mimic mink fur but they are actually synthetic. They feel very soft and lightweight on the eyes. They are obviously thicker than human hair so you could tell by touching them with your fingers that they are synthetic, but at the same time they don’t feel plasticky or negatively synthetic, in fact they are really soft.

Prima Lash Velvet Synthetic 4_20180311211949107

Prima Lash Velvet Synthetic 6_20180311212032001

Smell: The lashes do not smell of anything.

Price: This pair of lashes retails for £10 which is an absolute steal considering you can use them anywhere between 20-25 times, depending on how well you take care of them.

Little side note here, if you don’t use mascara and wash them out with alcohol (to kill bacteria) every time after you use them, while treating them delicately throughout, they will last you for ages.

Range: There are 13 different styles in this range all of which are easily wearable designs.

Compatibility: I’d say I have medium to large eyes and they suited me just fine. They didn’t span all the way from the tear duct of the eye to the other end but that’s absolutely fine, I wouldn’t want that. If you have large eyes they will most likely fit you and if you have smaller ones, you’re in luck, you can cut them to fit.

Other perks: These lashes are vegan friendly. Their design has a 3D-effect on the eyes, as not all lash stripes are on the same plane. Some hairs are above others and it gives the eyes a fuller, more defined and sexy look.


The lashes fitted well and were comfortable to wear. I felt that they were a little too long for me, they could almost touch my eyebrows, but that’s also something you can customise yourself if you like. I personally didn’t want to cut them short as I felt that it would beat the purpose of the design. They were so long I could see them while wearing them but funnily enough there was something really satisfying about that!

Even though these were not my favourite style and didn’t compliment my eyes the best, I thought they were very high quality, lightweight, nicely soft and super fluffy!




Prima Lash Velvet Synthetic 11_20180311212149177


Prima Lash Express 100% Mink Hair in style Sweet

Colour: Black

Packaging: The packaging is not as nice as for the Velvet luxury range but it is nevertheless still practical and beautiful looking. The lashes slide in a plastic box which in turn slides into a cardboard sleeve. In fact, this packaging is actually more durable than the luxury one and I would feel more at ease travelling with these.

Prima Lash Express Mink Sweet_20180311212342698

Type and texture: These lashes belong to the Express range and they are made of 100% mink hair. They are slightly thinner than the synthetic ones but still nicely thick. They still feel soft and lightweight but at the same time a little more natural than the synthetic ones.

Prima Lash Express Mink Sweet 6_20180311213725576

Prima Lash Express Mink Sweet 7_20180311212303791

Smell: The lashes do not smell of anything.

Price: This pair of lashes retails for £7.49 which is even more of a steal. With the right care they will also last you anywhere between 20-25 uses.

Range: There are about 50 different designs of these and some more in the mink luxury range! There will definitely be some that will tickle your fancy and will fit any eye type and shape.

Compatibility: These lashes fitted my eyes easily and I didn’t need to cut or adjust them. As I mentioned above, if you have smaller eyes you can always adjust them.

Other perks: These lashes are carefully handmade from cruelty free mink fur. The hair is naturally tapered to resemble our eye lashes.


These were actually my favourite because of the style not because of the mink hair. I personally don’t mind whether they are mink or synthetic as long as it is all done in a cruelty free way. I absolutely loved this design and I thought it almost looked natural..ish on my eyes! What do you think?

No lashes vs Mink Sweet 10_20180311213322329


Prima Lash Professional 100% Human Hair in style DH Black

Colour: Black

Packaging: These lashes are the cheapest and that is also evident by their packaging. It is the least beautiful and reusable packaging but nevertheless it works. All that protects them is simply a thin plastic lid which actually makes me nervous thinking that these are actually the most fragile. I am a little surprised that the human hair is the cheapest and in the cheapest looking packaging but at the same time they are of course the most natural looking on the eyes.

Prima Lash Human Hair #DH Black_20180311212945007

Type and texture: These lashes belong to the professional human hair range and I must admit there is something about human hair that I dislike. It feels strange wearing someone else’s hair or is it just me?

Nevertheless, who ever had this hair it is pretty strong and thick but at the same time soft and weightless on the eyes. These lashes look and feel very natural.

Prima Lash Human Hair #DH Black 6_20180311212621934

Smell: The lashes do not smell of anything.

Price: This pair of lashes retails for £5.99 which is actually the cheapest of the bunch. I actually expected the human ones to be the most expensive but surprisingly they are not. They are definitely very affordable even though you will likely get less usage out of them than the synthetic or mink ones. They are the most fragile, especially on the lash line, but with the right care you can get a very good use out of them too.

Range: There are about 118 or so of different styles, so all you need is a cup of coffee while browsing the Prima Lash website for hours. Truly, there are so many different styles of lashes I didn’t even think it was possible. How much can you do with lashes? Well head over to Prima Lash to find out! This brand has an amazing variety.

Compatibility: These also fitted my medium-large eyes easily without any modification.

Other perks: These lashes are made of 100% sterilised human hair.


Even though I overall liked the Sweet design of the Mink lashes the best, I actually thought that this human #DH design suited my eye look the most. I created a small wing line with eye shadow and so these shorter at the begging and longer at the end lashes created a nice almond shape eye. The interesting thing about these is that you could, if you wanted to, also wear them the other way round, with the shortest lashes in the outer eye and the longest closer to the tear duck. I haven’t tried them this way round yet but depending on the look and your eye shape, it might work that way too! It’s two styles in one!

These lashes also felt and looked very natural and lightweight and they will be my go to design for a natural almond shape eye.

Prima Lash Human Hair #DH Black 12_20180311212847995



I was expecting to have a preference of a specific type of lashes between the synthetic, mink hair and human hair but I honestly do not. They are obviously different to the touch but when you wear them they all feel lightweight and look really nice. The difference really is down to personal preference and the real choice is which design you like best or suits the look you are creating.

I guess the price could also be a deciding factor but at the same time it’s not that much money and you get what you pay for. If you are short for cash you might be tempted to go for the human hair, which is almost half the price of the synthetics for example, but remember that you will likely get more use out of the synthetics or the mink hair so it’s almost the same value. Personally, I’d choose based on design.

If you haven’t checked them out yet grab a coffee and head over to their website: They are one of the biggest UK false lashes brands and their range and quality is amazing. They also don’t break the bank! I highly recommend them.

I’d like to thank Primal Lash for sending me these lashes to review.

Prima Lashes 7_20180311204746617

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.
Beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. Have you ever tried these products? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences below!


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