Glossybox Beauty Box March 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Glossybox March 2018 was all about slowly transitioning into spring. As the season’s change, our skincare and makeup can change too. Spring couldn’t have come sooner, it is now time to slowly start switching over to the more summery beauty products and colours. As usual, Glossybox got it spot on, the theme is on point and the products suit it well too.

Glossybox March 2018 4_20180320215244964

Glossybox March came in its usual pink box. Despite the fact that it is a very simple looking box and Glossybox lacks the fancy box designs that Look Fantastic pulls off, it is never a disappointment. The pink Glossybox has become iconic, it is simple but yet elegant, fairly sturdy and very reusable too.

Glossybox March 2018_20180320215757522

This month’s box contained 5 products as always, of which 4 were full size and 1 was travel size. The products were, as seen in the picture, from left to right: a face mask, a lipstick, a blush-lipstick duo, a pore minimizer and a face scrub mask.

Glossybox March 2018 2_20180320215150243

Let’s have a look at the products in more detail. Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and as beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa, please leave your comments below!


Mudmasky Sleep Repair Renewal Nourish Mask

This is my type of mask. You are meant to apply a layer of it on clean skin and leave it overnight. After you wake up you can clean any left overs with warm water and you’re done! So easy.

The mask comes in a plastic tube of standard quality which looks a little clinical. The mask itself is a clear gel that has a very faint smell of something which is not your typical cosmetic scent but it is not unpleasant either.

The mask is meant to repair, hydrate, rejuvenate, smooth and protect the skin but unfortunately, I didn’t notice any difference on my skin. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, skincare is very rarely immediately obvious.

It felt nice on the skin and it was very easy to use. It lasts 12M, is paraben free, made of natural ingredients and not tested on animals. SCORE = 8/10


Oryza Beauty Warm Nude Lipstick

This lipstick’s packaging looks gorgeous. It’s relatively simple and just plain white with silver writing but there is something about the fact that it is matte white that makes it look very elegant and expensive.

Oryza Beauty Warm Nude Lipstick_20180320215620699

The lipstick itself is a gorgeous nude colour that will, depending on your skin tone, almost delete out your lips without looking too strange. It’s very soft, hydrating and creamy and it feels lightweight on the lips. It has a semi-matt, semi-satin finish and it lasts for 12M.

Oryza Beauty Warm Nude Lipstick 2_20180320215532473

Like with any lipstick, it does come off when drinking or eating. Although the colour is gorgeous is slightly suffers from common light lipstick syndrome, as I like to call it, meaning it is a little patchy. Light colours are very difficult to formulate and avoid patchiness and while this is still very wearable, it is noticeable patchy sometimes and therefore needs a few layers of application and re-touching.

Oryza Beauty Warm Nude Lipstick 3_20180320215554551

It has a faint crayon type smell that you won’t notice unless you literally sniff it.

I am impressed with the rest of formula, it is very hydrating, non sticky and feels lovely on my dry lips. I love how it looks in my purse and I’m looking forwards to trying out more colours from this brand!

This is a full size lipstick and it retails for £15.95. That puts it in the same ballpark as the Urban Decay lipsticks. This lipstick definitely feels more hydrating and lighter than the Urban Decay lipsticks however, it doesn’t last as long as they do. SCORE = 8/10


Universal Beauty Secret Flush in Colour 04 Nectar

This cute little blush stick is so gorgeous. Firstly, the packaging is black and white, has dots on the lid and is tiny. How much more cute could it be?


However, the packaging is nowhere near as gorgeous as the blush actually is. It has a rose gold colour and the swatch pictures honestly don’t do it justice. Some beauty cannot be captured by pictures! It’s like liquid rose gold and while it’s not as intense on the lips as a lipstick, it gives an amazing metallic shine to them. It’s not sticky and it is very lightweight, almost as if there is nothing on the lips at all. It comes off when eating or drinking but because it is not as pigmented as a lipstick it also doesn’t leave as obvious prints on a glass for example.

Universal Beauty Secret Flush in Colour 04 Nectar 3_20180320214958668

It’s so beautiful that I was tempted to use it as a highlighter too. However, it is a little too pink pigmented to be a highlighter for me but I guess that truly depends on your skin tone. I am really light toned so it looks more like a blush on mine.

I love that it has multiple functionalities and a sweet, candy type scent. It lasts 12M and it is full size. To be honest, it feels more of a travel size product because of its size but it will nevertheless last you for a while. It retails for £14.50 which is totally worth it if you look at how beautifully it swatches. SCORE = 9/10


Figs & Rouge Soft Focus Pore Perfect HD+ Matte Veil

I like Figs & Rouge products and since they are not very easily accessible, I’m really happy when I receive them in beauty boxes.

I have oily skin which also comes with pores the size of craters. Concealing, fading out or minimising pores, whatever you want to call it, is part of my daily makeup procedure and so products like this one are on my yes please list.

I love the way this one looks, it almost emits elegance, beauty and expense! The baby pink with gold writing just make this pore minimizer look like the most expensive pore minimizer I’ve ever owned, even if it’s not.

The product itself has as light pink hue to it and a consistency somewhere between a cream and a gel. That consistency is perfect for oily skin! It gets absorbed very quickly  and it doesn’t leave any residues behind. However, it does feel a little sticky on the skin for a while, not to the touch but rather when the skin moves, but it eventually goes away.

It truly does blur out pores and works well under makeup but I have to admit it is not the best or most effective pore minimiser I have tried. It also has a slight off scent after it’s applied on the skin.

It is meant to have a duo action as it has an anti-blemish formulation which helps reduce skin impurities and combat breakouts. It also decreases shine and fades imperfections. Definitely everything an oily person wants.

It lasts for 12M, is full size and retails for £35. I have to be honest, I am still undecided on this one. I will have to use it for longer to make a stronger opinion and figure out exactly how to get the best out of it but on first impressions, it does blur out pores even if it does not visually eliminate them. SCORE = 7/10


La Theorie Des Volcans Noir Eternae Youth Potion Mask Scrub

This is a scrub that you are meant to but on clean face, leave for 2 minutes and then wash off. It turns from pale pink to grey over that time, almost like an indication of “you’re done”.

It cleans well and doesn’t leave the skin dry or squeaky free but neither oily. It almost gives a moisturised skin feeling without actually moisturising.

I haven’t tried it on a full face of make up but on a makeup free, but oily face, it works pretty well. I didn’t notice any before and after differences but it is a cleanser not a miracle worker.

It has a nice cosmetic and sweet scent and it’s packaging design definitely makes it stand out. It is full size and retails for £26.50 which in my opinion is a little expensive. SCORE = 7/10


Glossybox March 2018 5_20180320215309886


Overall, this month’s Glossybox was great. I loved all of the products contained even if they didn’t work perfectly for me, they were products I do not regret trying. That is exactly what a beauty box is meant to do and Glossybox definitely succeeds at that. However, the last few Glossyboxes have been skincare heavy so let’s hope for more makeup next time!

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 9/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 7.8/10

Star product = Universal Beauty Secret Flush in Colour 04 Nectar


Glossybox March 2018 3_20180320215219380


Did you get this month’s Glossybox? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

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I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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    • I would recommend the Glossybox (£13.25) as it is affordable, value for money and it rarely disappointing. If you like high end brands I would also recommend Cohorted but that is more expensive (£35). You can find all their monthly reviews for the past year on my blog and just see which one you like best. You can also find general reviews at the very top of the page where it says “subscription beauty boxes”. Whichever one you end up liking best, I recommend getting one as they are great for product discovery and a nice monthly gift to yourself 🙂


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