Wellthos Health and Fitness Box March 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

One more month and one more Wellthos box. Even though health and fitness boxes might not appear as exciting on first glance, as for example the beauty boxes, they can be highly beneficial in the long term. Getting the chance to try out 10 random health and fitness products that you either never knew existed or wouldn’t necessarily pick up yourself, can introduce products in your life that would help you keep your health and fitness goals on track. Finding out healthy ways of making sweet treats or guilt free snacks can be crucial to sticking to your goals. As a result, even though a box like Wellthos might not be the most exciting moment of your month, you will eventually thank it at the end of it!

Wellthos March 2018 6_20180321221013757

The Wellthos box was as always the typical branded cardboard box with no special design. It is a very good quality box despite the fact that it is not collectable. Like every month, the box came with its monthly little booklet that explains a little bit about each product contained but also has some recipe ideas, using products from the box, and some light workouts.


March’s Wellthos box was supposed to contain 10 health and fitness products but mine only contained 9 of which not all were consumable food type items. The products contained were from left to right: granola, popcorn, pancake mix, a chocolate orange snack, seasoning, liquid snacks, a microfibre towel, an energy bar and protein water. It seems that Wellthos missed out the protein powder item 10 from my box this month!

Wellthos March 2018 5_20180321220951919

PS. You can click on the smaller images to see them larger if you want to read out ingredients, nutritional information etc.

Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and health, fitness and taste can be very personal things as we all have different taste and biological builds. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. If you tried any of these products please leave your comments below!


Primrose’s Kitchen Organic Granola Courgette & Cacao Granola

This handmade granola is organic, gluten free, raw, vegan and paleo.

Even though the flavour, courgette and cacao, might sound strange and not be exactly what one would expect from granola, it was might nicer than I expected.

A 40g serving would cost you 218kcals, 15.2g of fat of which 3.9 are saturates, 14.36g of carbohydrates of which 7.9g are sugars, 3.68g of fibre and 0g of salt. The stats are definitely not bad at all.

The outer box looks nicely designed and definitely stands out. Like with the previous muesli box from this brand, found in the Wellthos January 2018, this one also contained a small bag that is about half the size of the box. It is unfortunate, because this box gives you the impression of getting a fair amount of product where actually all you get is two servings.

A 300g box of this granola retails for £6.95 from the brand’s website. That’s more expensive and 100g less than their muesli boxes. Nevertheless, they both taste nice and they are worth a try if you are into this type of breakfast. SCORE = 7/10


Nom Foods Popcorn Cinnamon Maple Flavour

Who doesn’t love popcorn? No really, do you know anyone who doesn’t like popcorn?

Popcorn is a relatively healthy snack that you can literally put any flavour spin you like on it. Personally, I love the traditional sweet and salty combination but every now and again I feel adventurous enough to give something like this one a try.

This popcorn is organic, wholegrain, gluten free, dairy free, high in fibre and contains no refined sugars. It is hand popped in the UK and is suitable for vegeterians, vegans and coeliacs.

A 25g bag contains 123kcals, 6.5g of fat of which 5.3g are saturates, 12.5g of carbohydrates of which 2.1g are sugars, 2.7g of fibre, 2g of protein and 0g of salt. It’s a nice snack that won’t break out the belly fat.

The bag also looks quite cute and is of good quality. The popcorn itself looks like normal popcorn with the exception of some brown colouring around the edges which I can only guess is due to the cinnamon and maple syrup. It’s definitely not burned.

Nom Foods Popcorn Cinnamon Maple Flavour 3_20180321221518046

The popcorn smells nicely of cinnamon and mostly tastes like cinnamon. I didn’t really get the maple at all but I guess the popcorn is more on the sweet than the salty side. Weirdly, although cinnamon popcorn sounds very strange, it is very light and actually really pleasant to eat. It also fulfils the sweet cravings too!

This popcorn bag retails for £1.49 from Ocado. It is definitely not a bad price, especially if you are looking for a novel but healthy popcorn snack. SCORE = 9/10


Wyldsson Buckwheat Pancake mix

This is a nice and quick pancake mix to use for breakfast or even for a nice sweet dessert. All you need to do is mix this powder with 1 banana, 1egg and 140mL of milk. All ingredients that you likely have around the house anyways.

It contains wholegrain buckwheat flour (72.5%), coconut flour, organic milled flax seeds, chia seeds and sodium bicarbonate. Very simple and very healthy ingredients.

This mix makes around 10 pancakes which is approximately 2 servings.

Per 100g of this mixture, including the egg, banana and mik, you will consume approximately 184kcals, 7.1g of fat of which 3.8g are saturates, 21.1g of carbohydrates of which 6.9g are sugars, 4.1g of fibre, 6.7g of protein and 0.2g of salt. Very good stats indeed.

This is a guilt free breakfast or dessert, super fast and easy too. The pancakes tasted lovely and you would never know how healthy they actually are.

This mixture retails for £2.99 from the brand’s website which is a great price for the convenience of it all. SCORE = 8/10


Peakz Chocolate Orange Squares

Well, this was the first item to disappear from this month’s box. Small, tasty and healthy treats are exactly what you need to keep your fitness goals from falling off track.

These cute little orange chocolate squares were nicely crisp, balanced and easy to eat. The chocolate-orange combination was well balanced, with the orange not being more dominant than the chocolate. They were high in fibre, contain no palm oil, release slow energy and contain vitamin B12. They are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

A 32g bag of these contains 151kcals, 6.9of fat of which 4.1g of saturates, 18.2g of carbohydrates of which 9.5g are sugars, 2.5g of protein and 0.05g of salt. It’s definitely a chocolate snack that won’t destroy all your health and fitness goals but at the same time will give you the chocolate treat satisfaction.

Peakz Chocolate Orange Squares 3_20180321221654345

This little bag retails for £1.60 from the brand’s website, which admittedly feels a little expensive. It is within the ball mark of this type of snacks but somehow, this felt like an expensive price tag for this. Nevertheless, there was a fair amount of snacks in the bag and it was satisfying to have. SCORE = 9/10


Nudespice Heady & Herby Seasoning

Seasoning can make or break a dish. If you think that healthy food is not tasty then you clearly need to up your seasoning game and little packs like this can be great for experiments.

This spice bag is in the flavour Heady & Herby and 5g of this contains 10kcals, 0.1g of fat of which less than 0.1g are saturates, 2.1g of carbohydrates of which 0.1g are sugars, 0.5g of fibre, 0.4g of protein and 0.8g of salt.

Nudespice Heady & Herby Seasoning_20180321221600344

It is low calorie, gluten free, contains no added fillers or refined sugar. You can use it on both vegetables and meat and season to taste.

It contains guar gum, ground herbs and spices (black pepper, white pepper, garlic), starch, garlic, rubbed parsley, dill tips and rape oil.

This 30g satchel retails for £1.49 from the brand’s website. It might sound like a lot for a small bag of seasoning but it will literally transform your dish! This brand has a lot of other flavours too if this one doesn’t tickle your fancy. SCORE = 9/10


Mindful Bites Nut Butter Sachets

These small snack bags are a little unusual. They remind me of space food or marathon food on the go. They have a little straw that you can use to get into the liquid snacks.

The snacks are gluten and dairy free, contain no palm oil or refined sugar. They are rich in fibre and are a natural source of plant based protein.

They come in different flavours to suit your taste buds. Their nutritional information obviously varies with the flavours but generally they contain about 119kcals, 10g of fat of which 0.9g are saturates, 3.5g of carbohydrates of which 0.6g are sugars, 2.4g of fibre, 3.4g of protein and around 0.02g of salt.

They are very easy to use. All you need to do is rip open the top and expose the straw.

The hazelnut and berry flavoured one almost tasted like a diluted Nutella but the almond and maca was very tasty too. They both felt like a guilty pleasure and they were very tasty.

You can get these in these little snack satchels or in jars. You can even get a satchel taster box to try a few of them out. The prices vary with what you are buying obviously but they are a little on the expensive side. However, their prices are in line with higher end products that are not necessities and are of high quality. SCORE = 9/10


Mirafit Microfibre Towel

This towel is a must have companion when working out. It is made from a microfibre material which means that it is super absorbent, exactly what you need while sweating it out.

Mirafit Microfibre Towel_20180321221432112

It is soft and feels kind to the skin. It folds up easily into a little roll and even comes with a nice waterproof bag to put it in. The bag also has little straps on the side so you can even mount it on a backpack if you are hiking or doing anything outdoors. It’s not a huge towel but it is big enough to make a difference to your sweat game and lie around your neck.

This towel retails for £5.95 from the brand’s website which is an affordable price. If you are a gym goer, get one of these for your gym bag. SCORE = 9/10


Hala Bar Energy Bar in Flavour Peanut Hemp & Himalayan Pink Salt

This energy bar is gluten, dairy and soya free, contains no refined sugars and is high in fibre. It is Halal and non GMO.

It contains peanuts (25%), sesame seeds (6%), hulled hemp seeds (6%), peanut butter (5%), peanuts, chicory fibre, gluten free oats and Himalayan pink salt (0.5%). It tastes really nice and it’s stats are also great.

This 40g bar contains 174kcals, 8.2g of fat of which 1.3g are saturates, 18g of carbohydrates of which 14g are sugars, 3.8g of fibre, 5g of protein and 0.22g of salt.

If this wasn’t enough, a part of the proceeds from this bar go to various charities. However, it is not clear which ones, how much or how often is donated. Nevertheless, it is an added bonus.

This bar’s outer packaging looks a little plain and I’ve first thought, due to it’s yellow-white colour scheme, that it was white chocolate. Anyhow, it was healthier than that and even though it didn’t taste as nice as white chocolate, it was a nice energy bar.

One of these bars retails for £0.88 if you buy 24 of them for £20.99. They are definitely very affordable and on the cheaper side of energy bars for sure. SCORE = 8/10


Vieve Protein Water

If you are into fitness you are probably trying to find all ways possible to include more protein in your diet. Protein water is definitely an option although I must admit, it is an unusual one.

This protein water drink has a citrus, mint and apple. It smelled really bad to me, almost put me off, but it actually tastes quite nice. It is very thin, it is water after all and it tastes better when chilled.

It is sugar free, low calorie, high in protein and fat free. This 500mL bottle contains 85kcals, 0g fat, 0g carbohydrates, 0.125g of salt and a whopping 20g of protein.

It’s a super easy way of getting more protein into your diet, doesn’t taste synthetic and it makes a nice summer time drink.

One bottle of this protein water retails for £2.50 if you buy a six pack for £14.99. It’s definitely an expensive bottle of water but for the amount of protein contained it is totally worth it. SCORE = 9/10


Wellthos March 2018 7_20180321221039906


Overall, this month’s Wellthos box didn’t feel as exciting as other month’s. The products were useful and interesting as always but there was no wow factor or any products that stood out prior to trying them out. Nevertheless, I still got to try out some new products and find new favourites.

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 6/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 8.5/10

Star product = Vieve Protein Water


Did you get this month’s Wellthos? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences! For a general  review on Health and Fitness Boxes click here otherwise for a general review on Wellthos click here.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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