FreshFit Fitness Box April 2018, Premium Gym Apparel and Accessories for Women – Unboxing and Product Reviews

The FreshFit fitness box (now called My FitFix) is a new subscription box for women that is delivered monthly to your doorstep for £54.99 a month, with the option to cancel any time. Of course, if you subscribe longer the price is lower, with the cheapest option being £48.17 a month for 6 months upfront which equals £289.

Unlike other fitness subscription boxes, this one contains gym apparel and accessories which is very exciting for gym junkies like me. April 2018 was actually the first FreshFit box ever which made things even more exciting.

FreshFit Fitness Box April 2018 10_20180507150055417

The box arrived at the beginning of May, even though it was ordered in April. Like many subscription boxes out there, FreshFit is a pre-order box so bear in mind that if you order it at the beginning of the month, you will have to wait until next month to receive it. However, you will have to fill in a personal profile, prior to setting up your subscription, telling them what size clothes you are etc so that they can send you the appropriate clothing items.

FreshFit Fitness Box April 2018_20180507131703318

FreshFit comes in a white cardboard glossy box with some splashes of blue colour at the top. Strangely, it says “You are enough” instead of having the actual brand of the box on the lid. I found that strange and also a little off putting, not everyone feels like “they are not enough”. It should just have the FreshFit logo at the front.

Nevertheless, the box was prettier and more well put together than I expected but also much thinner. It still wouldn’t fit through your letter box but it’s not a chunky box either.

The contents inside were wrapped in blue tissue paper which not only fits the brand colour scheme but it also adds a nice elegance and expensive feel to the box. The box also came with a handwritten thank you card for being one of the first subscribers. A very sweet touch indeed. It also contained a 20% FreshFit Store Discount Card and a Gift-to-a-friend Subscription Discount Card. The box also comes with a little leaflet that tells you a little bit more about the products contained.

Inside the beautiful wrapping paper, which was held together with a “just for you” sticker, there were three items. An exercise top and leggings and a skin protector armor. I must admit my first feeling was disappointment as for the amount of money payed, having 3 items to open up doesn’t seem like much and also the quality of some of them wasn’t as high as I expected (see item reviews below). However, I love that they included another item too and not just clothes.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the items in detail. Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and health, fitness and taste can be very personal things as we all have different taste and biological builds. What I liked or worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. If you tried any of these products please leave your comments below!


FreshFit Fitness Box April 2018 7_20180507150950556

GymVersus London Seamless Leggings

I really like the legging design. It’s simple but still interesting. I love the mesh/openings on the sides and I also love the fact that they are high waist leggings which sit quite high up, further than the belly button. They are very comfortable and do not hold much heat which is good when you are exercising.

I also love that they are super long. I am considered tall with long legs and yet there was still a lot of legging still to go! However, this is not a problem, they just wrinkle up and tuck themselves naturally. I prefer this so much better to having shorter leggings, especially since there is no risk of them becoming too short after washing.

GymVersus London Seamless Leggings_20180507145825736

The biggest drawback of these is the material. It is made of Micro Nylon/Spandex Super Stretch Material which is very comfortably stretchy however, it is also very thin. These leggings are not going to keep your warm in winter (although you shouldn’t have a problem while exercising). Additionally, because the material is so thin, the leggings feel cheap to the touch. I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that they retail for £39.99.

Overall, I like them but I feel a little cheated on quality even though they are meant to be thin and breathable. SCORE = 8/10


GymVersus London Seamless Bra

This is the top that matches the above trousers. It is made of the same material and has a mesh design at the back. The front has a more feminine cut that normal sport tops which is actually nice. Unfortunately, it was a tiny bit not perfectly fitted under the arms but it might be just right after a few washes. The sizing or style fitting issue is a huge risk that comes with this box as you are probably not the same size/fit in all brands and cloth cuts. There is a reason why trying something on before buying is the best idea!

Nevertheless, because the bra was a little “big”, it didn’t sit as nicely and therefore I didn’t like it as much. However, I do like the simple mesh design at the back.

This bra retails for £24.99 which is a more acceptable price than the trousers above. SCORE = 7/10 


Clean Freek Bio-Armour 24

This is a liquid that you can spread on yourself to act as a shield against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It comes out as a foam and turns into a liquid, slowly on its own, or while you rub it on your skin. It supposedly also makes your skin waterproof. It dries quickly and it doesn’t leave any residues behind.

The only negative was the smell. The first thing that came to my mind was tires or something elastic/plastic. It’s definitely not a cosmetic or disinfectant smell. However, while you are in the gym sweating and all, you probably won’t be caring about that.

This was an interesting product to see and try but I won’t be using it. It is true, the gyms are packed with germs but that is true with every place where there are many people using it like cafes, restaurants or even supermarkets. The amount of germs might vary and it might even be that the gym is a lot less sanitary, but for me this product feels a little germophobic. I’m going to let my immune system fight my battles for now but if you have a compromised immune system (which you do, partly, if you exercise) or you really can’t stand the idea of a gym being full of germs, then this might be a product worth trying.

This 50mL bottle retails for £5.99. SCORE = 7/10

FreshFit Fitness Box April 2018 9_20180507150005535

Overall, I really like the concept of this subscription box but it is a huge risk, financially and personal taste wise. Not all clothing items will fit you well every month and you might not like them all either. If you have a lot of cash to spare then surprise yourself with this box. Alternatively, save up those £55 and go buy a sports outfit you actually tried on and liked. I’m also not sure how long one could be subscribed to this box as there is only so much gym/sport wear even gym junkies like me can have. Finally, I didn’t feel satisfied that my £54.99 was well spent even though the value of the box was £70.97 (reported as £87.99 by FreshFit), but I somehow still like the concept.

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 7/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 7.3/10

Star product = GymVersus London Seamless Leggings


FreshFit Fitness Box April 2018 8_20180507145917159


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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