Beauty Product Discovery – My Little Beauty Box May 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

I was in two minds as to whether to continue reviewing this beauty box for a couple of reasons, hence why I left this post so late. Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead and review it this month too, to bring this beauty box up to three months of reviews and be able to write a general review of it. However, I am really interested to know if you want to keep reading about this box or not, please let me know by email, on Instagram (@bondsofbeauty) or in the comments below!

MLB Box May 2018 4_20180604143652571

One of the reasons why this box is loosing excitement for me, is the fact that they included only 6 beauty products this month whereas the MLB April 2018 contained 7 beauty products and their first MLB March 2018 contained 9. I know, it’s a huge stretch to make a conclusion after 3 boxes but it looks like a trend is forming. There are 1-2 items less with each box and I bet they are settling into a beauty box with 5 monthly beauty products (+1-2 extras like candles, scents or sweets), which is exactly what the more established beauty boxes offer.

If that is true, then quite frankly it leaves us with less reasons to subscribe to this box, as the best thing about the MLB box, that ranked it higher the bigger more popular ones, was the huge amount of goodies you got for your money. That feeling of being overwhelmed with how many beauty products are contained needs to come back! Anyhow, let’s hope for the best.

The MLB Box came in it’s standard branded black box. This beauty box doesn’t follow a monthly theme like other beauty boxes do but that’s absolutely fine as it would be impossible to follow a theme while containing so many products and it would be pointless if some products didn’t match the theme.

MLB Box May 2018_20180604143522131

The box also comes with a beauty card which contains a little bit about each product and a little extra card that has a little more information on the extra products.

This month’s MLB Box contained 7 products of which 6 were beauty products, 1 was a sweet treat.

MLB Box May 2018 2_20180604143555474

Let’s have a look at the products in more detail. Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and that beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa, please leave your comments below!

To subscribe to the MLB Box and get 10% off your first box click here and use the code: bondsofbeauty10


Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Colour 2 Antigua

Not gonna lie, I love finding branded makeup items in subscription beauty boxes. Not that they are any better than unknown or cheaper brands, but they just add so much more excitement because you instantly know you are getting something expensive and hence value for your money.

This full size Bobbi Brown illuminating bronzer got my excitement through the roof until I opened it up and looked inside.

The outer packaging is made of plastic, is very simple and yet elegant and the bronzer opens up by pressing a rubber button on the side. No pulling, no ruining your nails, just press that button and whoa la. Love that. It even contains a large mirror inside.

However, the colour of the illuminating bronzer, 2 Antigua, got me very confused. If I had seen this item without knowing what it is, I would have thought it is a darker, natural looking blush. At first glance it looks like it is more brown than pinky-red in the pan, but it’s still not exactly brown either, and then it’s more red than brown when applied on the skin. It’s literally what you would get if you mixed a blush and a bronzer and for me it doesn’t work. I am confused. It’s too dark for my light skin tone to be a blush and it’s too red to be a bronzer. The disappointment!

With that being said though, I did find the perfect use for this. Imagine you created a nice tanned, sun kissed look and you don’t want to contrast too much with a blush, but you still want a little lively red in there, then you can use this as the blush. It looks very natural because of this mixed colour and I could have even fooled myself as to whether I’m wearing blush or not. It blends easily but it is fairly powdery and you will get some loose powder when you use it.

The natural blush colour is growing on me though and I might end up using this as my “no blush” blush look. Definitely not a bronzer though and not illuminating either.

This full size, 8g blush (it has 9 red pigments in it!) retails for £30 and it doesn’t say on the item how long it lasts for. Confused, love-hate situation. SCORE = 7/10


Dior Rouge Dior Liquid Metal Finish Liquid Lipstick in Colour 979 Poison Metal

Yet another super excitement that ended in disappointment. Who doesn’t want a Dior lipstick?! After the Bobbi brown disappointment I was so pumped up for this one. Especially the colour which looks like a nice deep, wine red.

The outer packaging is plastic and very simple but somehow, perhaps because of the silver detail under the lid, it still looks elegant and expensive. It has a window opening on the side which allows you to see the lipstick colour only to get confused after you try it on or swatch it.

Dior Rouge Dior Liquid Metal Finish Liquid Lipstick in Colour 979 Poison Metal 2_20180604144106467

Even though the colour looks like a nice wine red, it comes off as dark brown on a swatch and on the lips. It’s a nice metallic brown with a hint of red, but a quite dark one as well. The lipstick also doesn’t dry out and so it comes off easily when eating or drinking. It comes with a standard type wand that is very easy to use.

Dior Rouge Dior Liquid Metal Finish Liquid Lipstick in Colour 979 Poison Metal_20180604144035658

What can I say other than I though I got a red Dior lipstick that ended up being a dark, difficult to wear, brown /cry. Swatch these lipsticks before you buy them!

This full size, 6mL lipstick retails for £29. SCORE = 7/10


MLB Box May 2018 6_20180604143423877


Korres Eye Shadow in Colour 75 Purple

Korres is more known for their skincare so it was nice to see that they have makeup items too. However, if you’ve read any of my previous posts you know that I hate single eye shadows. They go in a draw and get forgotten. They definitely don’t get as much usage as a palette.


Nevertheless, this single eye shadow is a gorgeous, light purple colour with a bit of a shimmer in it. It blends easily and builds up to a stronger colour too. It has a half powdery half creamy texture which is great and it comes in a plastic but durable packaging. It lasts all day and doesn’t crease if you use an eye shadow primer.

Korres Eye Shadow in Colour 75 Purple 3_20180604143911021

It might not be the most show stopper shadow that will have you looking into your draws to find, but it can be easily removed from it’s packaging and placed in a bigger, self-made palette.

This 1.8g shadow retails for £12 which is expensive considering that if you buy 3 of them you would have payed as much as you would for a full high end palette, but then again you do get 1.8g of the stuff. It also amazingly lasts for 30M which is the highest I’ve seen an eye shadow last for. It also contains Shea Butter and Sunflower Oil! SCORE = 9/10


Elethea Deep Nourishing Cream

This is meant to be a luxury night and day cream and the packaging definitely fits the image. The outer packaging is big, bold, elegant (and also limited edition) and it stands out as very unique looking.

The glass bottle can be found standing inside it, which also looks expensive and elegant. This cream definitely looks the part but does it work the part?

Elethea Deep Nourishing Cream_20180604143807264

It contains Rift Valley Algae Complex, ethically sourced from Kenya’s Rift Valley, which is good then that it comes in a bottle as this and possibly other ingredients can easily oxidise in a jar.

Despite the big and bold, very spacious packaging the ingredients cannot be found on neither the bottle or the outer pack but rather on a packaging sleeve. It contains some nice ingredients including hyaluronic acid and some oils, but I can’t say that it is special or a must have cream. It also contains benzyl benzoate which is toxic to cats and therefore, as a cat owner I’d rather not use it.

It is also strange that the brand doesn’t sell this product on their website.

It has a runny yellow/white/brown appearance and looks as if it’s not mixed well, even though I shook it, a lot! To me as a chemist, it looks like the formulation has gone wrong. At least it has a faint floral scent which is pleasant (but after a while I started to dislike it) and it feels hydrating on the skin. It takes a few minutes for it to be fully absorbed but it doesn’t leave any sticky residues behind. The skin feels moisturised and smells floral.

This 50mL cream retails for £19.99 and lasts for 12M. SCORE = 6/10


Real Techniques Strobing Fan Brush

This cute looking, pink brush works really well with highlighters but as I say for all brushes, use them as it suits you.

Real Techniques Strobing Fan Brush_20180604143331084

It works well, feels very soft and washes well. I love the design of it and I love that it has a rubber, grippy end. I only wish it was a little more dense (more bristles) but that’s a personal preference type of thing.

You can buy this brush as part of a limited edition set called “Ready Set Glow” (£19.95) with another 2 brushes and a sponge. It almost feels like the MLB got the sets, opened them up and distributed one brush in each box. Could we not have gotten the set MLB Box? That would have made this box amazing. SCORE = 9/10


MLB Box May 2018 3_20180604143619857


Beautiful Bathing Treats Bath Bomb in Lime

One thing that I do love the MLB box, is that it supports small and upcoming businesses. I love getting these “home made” candles, waxes or this both, bath bomb.

This cute little bath bomb was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered after a hard day’s of work. It’s meant to be lime but it smells like marshmallows with lime and something else to me. Nevertheless, it’s very pleasant. I also love the cute little bow that it comes with, especially since it is reusable.

Beautiful Bathing Treats Bath Bomb in Lime_20180604144623581

This bath bomb contains Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Almond Oil, Corn Starch, Coconut Oil, Coco Butter, Witch Hazel, Citric Acid, Water, Sodium Bicarbonate and Parfum. The ingredients are great and their business card is very memorable and cute!

This is meant to be a natural organic bathing treat. SCORE = 9/10


Magnum Signature Chocolate

As much as I love Magnum, so much, I’d rather receive beauty products, an extra bath bomb, a candle etc instead. I don’t need a temptation from beauty boxes too!

Anyhow, I’ts a nice treat but since it’s not a beauty item I will not rate it here.


MLB Box May 2018 5_20180604143730685


Overall, I’m starting to think that the MLB Box might not be that “full of stuff”, overwhelming type of box that I thought it might be, but I guess let’s see what it is like next month. What they do seem to do well though is include full size products from reputable brands. This month’s box was worth £90.99+ which is good value for money considering it costs £35.

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 7/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 7.8/10

Star product = Korres Eye Shadow in Colour 75 Purple

MLB Box May 2018 7_20180604143452261


To subscribe to the MLB Box and get 10% off your first box click here and use the code: bondsofbeauty10

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For general Subscription Box reviews see my: BirchboxGlossyboxLook Fantastic and Cohorted general review posts. For help on how to choose the right subscription box for you check out “Which Subscription Beauty Box is right for you?”.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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