Tarte Make Your Own Beauty Kit – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Tarte recently had an offer on for creating your own beauty kit by choosing 7 full size beauty products, from a given list, and paying £56. Considering that the foundation alone is worth £33, you can immediately tell that getting 7 full size Tarte products for £56 was a steal.

Of course, this offer is an amazing promotion for Tarte, so rest assured they are not loosing money at all. However, it is also an amazing offer for all us beauty lovers out there, as we get to try out some products that were either out of our budget or we haven’t considered picking up.

Tarte Make Your Own Beauty Kit_20180606140820251

As a very recent Tarte fan, because it until not long ago Tarte was not easily accessible for UK customers, I took advantage of the offer and choose products that I would use the most.

I chose a purple beauty bag as I loved the colour and shape the most, the Tarte Shape Tape foundation which I’ve been wanting to try for a while now (comparative review to the Estée Lauder Double Wear found here), the Tarte Maracuja Creasless concealer as unfortunately my favourite Shape Tape wasn’t in the options, the Tarte gifted mascara, the Tarte sculptor contour, the Tarte Sexy Kitten eye liner and the Tarte Lip Architech in colour Romantic.

Tarte Make Your Own Beauty Kit 5_20180606141041022

With the exception of the foundation Shape Tape, I’ve never seen or read any reviews for the other products, so it was actually quite a nice exploratory experience. Exactly what Tarte was aiming for with this offer, which is also probably why they limited this offer on items that are not the most popular (the Tarte Shape Tape concealer for example wasn’t an option). Nevertheless, it’s a win win for both parties. If this offer ever comes up again I urge you to take advantage of it! The delivery was also free.

Let’s dive in a little more deeply into how each product performed after a week’s use. Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and as beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, beauty requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. If you tried any of these please leave your comments below!


Tarte Beauty Bag in Colour Purple

I really love this bag. It’s simple but yet elegant and beautiful. The purple colour is absolutely gorgeous and lively and the shape of it is very practical. It is really big and you can easily fit both skincare and makeup in it and it is also waterproof.

Quite often when brands give out beauty addons like a beauty bag, they tend to be on the cheaper looking and feeling side, but this one is actually very good. Points for Tarte there for not giving out low quality items.

The bag inside is a similar colour as outside without the matte finish. It doesn’t smell of anything and it’s been one of my favourite beauty bags to use. SCORE = 9/10


Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation in Colour Fair-Light Neutral

This foundation is of very high quality. It looks so similar to the Estée Lauder Double Wear that I had to wear them both on each side of the face in order to find any tiny detailed differences.

Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation in Colour Fair-Light Neutral_20180606140520849

It is easily blendable, controls oils well and it lasts for hours. It doesn’t emphasise pores or lines but doesn’t hide them either. It doesn’t smell of much and it comes with a wand which makes it very easy to use, but perhaps not too sanitary.

Overall, it looked like an Estée Lauder Double Wear dupe to the extend where people didn’t realise that I was wearing two different foundations on each half of my face. Yes they look so similar, that I dared to leave the house with two half face foundations!

Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation in Colour Fair-Light Neutral 2_20180606140438010

The only downside is the limited shade and undertone range and the fact that it becomes a little patchy after hours of wear, sweating or a lot of oil production.

All and all though it is a very good foundation that retails for £33 for 30mL. This foundation lasts 6M. SCORE =9/10

For a full review, all the details and a comparison to the Estée Lauder Double Wear coming soon.


Tarte Maracuja Creasless Concealer

To be honest, I am completely happy with the Tarte Shape Tape but that wasn’t an option to choose form. As a result I thought the best choice was to try their creasless concealer, not that the Shape Tape creases, but just in case that’s something that might come in useful as I age and form deeper under eye lines.

This concealer works well and the shade Fair worked nicely for my light skin tone (for comparison I use the shades 1N2 Ecru in Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation and I mix Fair Neutral and Light Neutral in the Tarte Shape Tape concealer).

Tarte Maracuja Creasless Concealer_20180606140852626

It stayed on all day (but faded considerably) without creasing however, it never dried out completely which means that if you touch your under eye area, purposely or accidentally, you will get some of it on your hand. Setting it with a powder is not really an option as it will make the eye heavier and it could potentially make the concealer crease.

This concealer though fades with time, almost as if it’s absorbed more and more into the skin or perhaps because I unconsciously touch my face throughout the day, and since it doesn’t dry out I may have wiped it out slowly. Nevertheless, it looks quite natural and even though I still think that the Tarte Shape Tape is better, this will likely be my “no concealer” concealer. It looks so natural that even without wearing foundation, it doesn’t look out of place. It just sort of blends into the skin and provides medium to full coverage depending on the amount used.

It fills in the under eye lines nicely, almost camouflaging them away rather than emphasising them. However, so does the Tarte Shape Tape concealer and at least the latter dries and doesn’t come off when touched. On the other hand, the Maracuja Creasless concealer handles water a little bit better than the Tarte Shape Tape but despite the fact that it is labelled as waterproof it isn’t what you think. It doesn’t come off if you put it under water but it fully disappears if you rub it while wet. Don’t even need a makeup remover, it just goes away.

The Maracuja Creasless concealer comes in a elegant looking, blue tube with a wood on plastic cap. It definitely looks unique and has some character. This 8g squeezy tube (no wand, although there is new packaging for this now which comes in a traditional concealer tube with a wand) retails for £23 and lasts for 12M.

This is definitely a good concealer that doesn’t crease and looks a little bit more natural than the Tarte Shape Tape. However, personally, I will still predominantly use the Tarte Shape Tape as it dries out completely and doesn’t crease for me either but this would be my no concealer concealer. If you have problems with the Shape Tape creasing perhaps give this one a go. SCORE = 8/10


Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Limited Edition Smart Mascara

This mascara was much better than I thought. I don’t know why I didn’t expect much, perhaps because of the overwhelming amount of mediocre mascaras out there.

Nevertheless, this mascara creates nice long and black eye lashes but they stay pretty thin. It doesn’t add thickness to them and so it compares directly to the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara which also doesn’t add a lot of thickness. It looks impressive at first and lasts for hours. I’m really not sure which one is better actually, this or the Too Faced!

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Limited Edition Smart Mascara_20180606141537657

I will definitely use this mascara up but I’m not sure if I would purchase since it is a limited edition and I’d rather stick to products that I can routinely buy. That is the only reason though.

This mascara is very comparable to the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara but the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir is still better than them all.

The wand is good but the bristles are not very long. It works well though.

Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Limited Edition Smart Mascara 2_20180606141434470

At least it looks quite unique, with the outer packaging of it being made of wood (plastic with wood outside). It definitely looks different and has a character.

This 7mL mascara retails for £21 and lasts 6M. SCORE = 9/10


Tarte Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer in Colour Park Ave Princess

Contour sticks are great especially if you have large pores. They are super easy and practical to use and you can slide them over the skin and buff them with a sponge, avoiding uncovering any of your pores.

Tarte Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer in Colour Park Ave Princess_20180606140706633

This stick reminded me of the Nyx Wonder Highlighter and Contour Stick. It works well, lasts all day and the colour is buildable. The colour, Park Ave Princess, works well for light skin tones and is also buildable if you want to create a slightly more tanned look.

Tarte Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer in Colour Park Ave Princess 2_20180606140626367

It’s a great contour stick with a brown colour (there’s a lot of them in the market that are orange brown). Like the Nyx stick, it has a unscrewable part at the end that lets the stick come out and so you don’t even need to sharpen it. I’m not sure if I would replace my Nyx Wonder Stick as it is cheaper but this is definitely a great, higher end option.

This 3g contour stick retails for £23 and lasts for 12M. SCORE = 9/10


Tarte Make Your Own Beauty Kit 4_20180606141349238


Tarte Sexy Kitten Eye Liner

This is possibly the cutest, prettiest eye liner out there. The thin black but plastic packaging with the gold writing and kitten on the lid is just brilliant. I love having this eye liner in my makeup bag even if it’s just to look at it.

Tarte Sexy Kitten Eye Liner_20180606140349714

This eye liner has two sides, a thin eye liner and a thicker one and both work really well. It is a proper black colour, which is not often found in pencils, and it slides on the eye easily.

Tarte Sexy Kitten Eye Liner 2_20180606140739792

If you have oily lids like me, the eye liner starts fading after a few hours but that wouldn’t really matter if you created a smokey look. It doesn’t smudge but fades with wiping and it is not waterproof. It comes out with a twisting mechanism so no need for messy sharpening!

Tarte Sexy Kitten Eye Liner 3_20180606140244735

The line, although black, is not “black solid”, but again that’s because it is a pencil type eye liner. If you want a solid, super thin and long lasting black line then you should refer to a liquid liner.

For a pencil type eye liner this is very good. I loved it, I will use it up and I will repurchase. Meow!

This 0.2g double sided eye liner retails for £19 and lasts for 6M. SCORE =9/10


Tarte Lip Architech in Colour Romantic

Perhaps not as cute as the above eye liner but this lipstick/lipliner duo is not short on cuteness either. It is gold with pink kiss marks on the caps. It looks and feels elegant, feminine and expensive.

Tarte Lip Architech in Colour Romantic_20180606140317862

One side of the pen is a lipliner and the other is the lipstick. The two are not the same colour but both are within the light pink range (pen colour Romantic). Both sides come out by twisting the pen and are very easy to use. I love how practical it is to always have the lipliner with the lipstick together without having to carry an extra item.

Tarte Lip Architech in Colour Romantic 3_20180606140125810

Bear in mind though that the lipliner is a lighter colour than the lipstick which for some, like me, might be strange, as I personally like to line with a slightly darker colour than the lipstick. It works well though and it matches the lipstick so it’s not a real drawback. The only real downside is that the lipstick never really dries out which means that it comes off really easily and needs to be reapplied more often than normal lipsticks. However, it also means that it feels lightweight and not drying on the lips which is great.

Tarte Lip Architech in Colour Romantic 2_20180606140043934

This 0.5g combined lipstick/liner retails for £21 and lasts 6M.

I would definitely purchase this, especially since there are another 5 colours, other than this one, to choose from! SCORE = 9/10


Tarte Make Your Own Beauty Kit 3_20180606141302507



Overall, this deal is amazing for both parties. Tarte gets people to try out their non popular or new products and you get a good value out of your money.

The total value of this beauty kit without the beauty bag (as there is no price tag for this on Tarte’s website) and the shipping (as it was free) is £140+ which is not too shabby considering I’ve paid £56!

None of the products were disappointing and I would repurchase them all.

The average score for this deal turned out to be 62/70. That’s an 89% score which is incredibly good for items I haven’t seen, read, or tried anywhere before! And they are all full size!

If Tarte does this deal again, give yourself a treat by saving some money and building yourself a nice Tarte beauty kit. Totally worth it!


Tarte Make Your Own Beauty Kit 6_20180606141119699


Beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. Have you ever tried these products? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences below!


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.



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