Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter – In-Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Skincare is absolutely everything. Without skin in a good and healthy condition it doesn’t matter how good your makeup products or skills are. However, while many of us try to keep our skincare up to speed a lot of us forget that the rest of our body is skin too.

This year my mission has been to find a good body cream but admittedly the task wasn’t very easy. Bodycare has not received as much attention as makeup or face skincare and it does puzzle me. How is it that we forget that our skin is the largest organ in our body? The rest of our body skin needs taking care of too!

I haven’t found a ride-or-die, must-have body moisturiser just yet, but I’m also hard to please as a Chemist. However, I definitely found some good options for the meantime, one of which is the Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter.

Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter 13_20180730110806825

So let’s have a detailed look. What are the pros and cons? Should you buy the Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter?

Here’s my chemist’s verdict:


Colour and Texture

This off-white body butter has a consistency somewhere between a body butter and a lotion cream. It is thin enough to spread easily but also thick enough to feel deeply moisturising on the skin. The texture is perfect!



The cream has a relatively strange smell that is neither unpleasant or specifically pleasant. It smells something like citrus mixed with other not so natural scents. It’s not a refreshing type of scent or a feminine feel good one either and unfortunately, although I personally didn’t mind it, I can imagine that some people might not like it.

It’s not a bad scent but if you can smell this product before you buy it, do so, just to make sure that the scent works for you.

If you used Mio products before the scent is very similar.

Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter 15_20180730110512587


A full size tub of 240g of the Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter retails for £35. It’s not the cheapest body butter but it is more worth it’s money than the cheaper, ingredient poor, body butters out there.

Could it be cheaper?I definitely think so, the ingredients are good but not as amazing as I’d like them to be (I am a Chemist so I am difficult to please). However, it’s better than a lot of body moisturisers out there and prices in the cosmetic industry tend to be comparative but also based on branding and this would fall under the “specialised” product category.



This body butter comes with a nice looking cardboard outer packaging. The design is not especially beautiful but there is something about it that looks nice and stands out to me. Perhaps it’s the colour combination of light blue with a neon-orange.

The branding in general looks clean and professional and the products stand out.

The actual body butter comes in a plastic jar that is of good quality and very durable. It opens by twisting the lid and it has a disposable, thin plastic lid guard inside which stops the body butter from getting all over the lid. It’s the little details sometimes! You can either keep the secondary disposable lid on or throw it away.

Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter 12_20180730105847458

Although we are all used to jar packaging for body butters, it is not the most sanitary way of packaging products. How many times will you dip your fingers in before you finish this jar? Even if your fingers are clean our skin naturally contains bacteria that could grow in the product. Additionally, as the product gets exposed to air and some  of it’s ingredients might be air-sensitive meaning that the product’s potency could decrease.

In general, jar packaging serves the psychological expectation that we’ve built over the years, that good creams come in jars, rather than protect the formulation. However, I won’t judge this body butter too hard for this as literally almost all body butters come in jars and there almost isn’t a choice in this product category.


Practicality of use – user experience

This body butter is very easy to use. It spreads easily on the skin but it also feels thick enough to give that deep moisturisation feeling. It takes a few minutes to get absorbed and it doesn’t leave any sticky residues behind. The skin feels deeply hydrated and soft and the effect lasts until next day.

I thought that this product was very easy to use, much easier than a lot of body butters that take some effort to spread around equally.

Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter 9_20180730105919894

Skin compatibility

The Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter doesn’t specify a skin type so I’d assume it is compatible for all. There are also no specific ingredients for skin types to avoid. However, avoid the eye areas and use only externally.

Do not use any cosmetic products on broken skin. If you have a condition consult with your medical doctor first prior to using this or any cosmetic product.



This body butter lasts for 6M which might not sound very long but you will definitely use it up much faster than that. One jar of 260g lasted me a few weeks of every other day usage, but bear in mind that I moisturised my entire body each time.

This product is “safety tested” although this is a very general term and it is unclear what this means exactly. The brand does not test on animals and the product is also vegan.

This product also comes with a little paper booklet that gives a lot of information about and around the product, some of which I agree with and some I disagree. To keep this article shorter I will only give a few examples and not go through them all.

  1. It says “Get ready for incredibly smooth, firm, strong skin that glows with health and hapiness…“. I agree with most of this my skin felt really good and healthy and I was happy that my skin didn’t feel dry but I didn’t notice any glow.
  2. The brand refers to this product or the effect of the product as “a moisturising miracle“. While I agree it hydrates nicely and leaves the skin feeling nice, I feel that the use of strong words like this might leave some people disappointed. No product out there will give you a miracle.
  3. This is the best all-in-one body oil you will ever use“. It’s pretty good but if it’s the best still remains to be confirmed.
  4. Smells amazing, sinks in super-fast and nourishes at a very deep level“. I agree with most except “smells amazing” is very relative, it depends if you like this scent or not!
  5. …a fitter firm body ALSO helps your skin’s fitness“. This is true, the healthier your body is the healthier your skin will be too. Also, the more muscle or definition you have, the nicer your skin will “sit” on your body. Remember that the most effective action against women’s number one body complaint, cellulite for example, is exercise and correct nutrition! For help and motivation check out: Health benefits of exercise – An article to boost your motivation and One simple secret and 9 steps to sticking with a fitness or diet regime
  6. Etc. There is A LOT of writing in the booklet and it would take a complete post itself to go through it all but you get the idea.

The phrase “future proof” in the name of the product refers to the ingredient goodies, such as anti-oxidants, that will keep your skin healthy for longer and not just during the application.

According to the outer packaging this is an award winning product which wouldn’t surprise me. However, the type of award or year are not stated.

Here’s what the brand states about this product on their website:

This over-achiever will mega-moisturise, provide key nutrients needed to increase resilience to keep your skin looking strong and supple with a healthy 24-hour glow.

  • Rapidly transforms dry looking skin to smooth, fit, glowing skin
  • Delivers more than just moisture with mega-antioxidants
  • Rich and gorgeously fragrant

How it works

We understand… you want intense deep moisture and you want it now. But you also want to know that you are investing in your skin, giving it everything it needs to cope with the challenges of life – now and in the future. Rest assured, this is probably the best treatment butter you could ever bank on because it gives you way more than hydration alone. Fabulously rich, gorgeously fragrant, delivering extreme Omega moisture and boosting vitamins to give you strong, smooth, fit looking skin with a healthy 24 hour gorgeous glow. Skin that can cope easily with life’s ups and downs. Skin that looks… well, how shall we say it… future proof.

What’s the difference between all of the Moisturising Miracles? Each of them will give you incredible moisture. Simply choose the texture you prefer:

  • The A-Cream – a light but rich cream, perfect for those who prefer a lighter texture
  • Future Proof – a thick, heavy duty treatment butter for super dry skin, perfect for those looking for an amazing body butter (heavier than a cream)
  • The Activist – a fast-absorbing oil. 100% moisture, sinks in super-quick and won’t stain your clothes, perfect for oil-lovers or those looking to try a new texture.

For even more intense moisturising, layer the Miracles – try The Activist first, followed by either Future Proof or The A Cream.

We’ve made all of our Mio formulas even cleaner with our evolved No Nasties policy.  Future Proof is free from parabens, petrolatum, colourants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, glycols and pthalates.

Amazing ingredients (with lots of organics) at maximum levels to give you super firming, mega-moisturising and future-proofing benefits

  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil and Organic Olive Fruit Oil Ideal for sensitive skin, protects, gives wonderful Omega-rich moisture.
  • Organic Argan Kernel Oil Rich in proteins and powerful antioxidants to help nourish and moisturise. High in Omega 9 and 6.
  • Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum) Seed Oil A true skin superfood, one of Nature’s a source of antioxidants and rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6).
  • Hyaluronic Acid Most powerful humectant (prevents drying out), provides deep moisture.
  • Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Seed Oil Its tiny molecular structure means it can penetrate deeply.
  • Organic Coconut Oil Mega-rich with Lauric Acid – powerful Omega.
  • Organic Shea Butter A potent butter providing nutrients needed to contribute towards your skin’s protective barrier to lock in moisture.
  • Oakmoss Lichen (Evernia Furfuracea) Extract Super moisturising.



This body butter truly hydrated my skin for hours and it really gave a deep moisturising feeling. It is much better than a lot of body butters or body lotions out there, that tend to give you a moisturisation feeling “for now” but don’t last very long.

It is also very easy to use and as long as you like the scent and can afford the cash then it is worth it.

Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter 14_20180730110840195


This product contains 32 ingredients of which 22 of them can actually offer you some level of skincare benefit (of course some more than others) and there are only 3 ingredient negatives. Additionally, 7 ingredients are potential irritants, sensitisers or allergens. The statistics are definitely good, especially if you compare them to other body butters that have a smaller ingredient positive list.

If you choose to avoid certain ingredients then this product is free from parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance (but it still contains fragrance) and colourants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, phthalates and glycols.

The brand refers to these ingredients are “nasties” which is something that many companies do for marketing purposes and in my opinion builds on public chemophobia (check out: The Chemical Misconception – Should we avoid chemicals?). There is still no solid scientific proof to conclude that these ingredients should be avoided, otherwise they would be illegal to use, but I totally understand if you wish to avoid them for peace of mind. However, to refer to them as nasties is an overstretch at this time.

Let’s have a look at the ingredients individually.

Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter 7_20180730110143456

To keep this post shorter, I am only listing the ingredients that have a skincare effect in the positives and negatives and ignoring the compounds that only play a formulation role. A full list of ingredients can be found further down.

Ingredient positives:

  1. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – Anti-flammatory, skin conditioning and can partially help against sun damage (it is not a sunscreen!). Some have reported that it can stimulate the production of collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  2. Cyclopentasiloxane –  A solvent that enhances fluidity and gives a silky feeling. It can also temporarily fill in wrinkles and creases. Can lock in water by forming a protective barrier on the skin.
  3. Aqua – This is water and is self-explanatory.
  4. Glycerin – Found naturally in the skin so can be seen as a skin replenishing ingredient. A skin conditioner that helps improve and smooth the appearance of skin. A good moisturiser that is almost always present in moisturising products.
  5. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride – A skin conditioner and replenisher. Can enhance the delivery of vitamins, pigments and other ingredients.
  6. Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil – Also known as sweet almond oil. A fragrance and skin conditioning agent that is absorbed quickly by the skin and can offer some moisturisation.
  7.  Butyrospermum Parkii Butter – Also known as Shea butter and is a good skin conditioner. Helps retain moisture by forming a barrier and reduces the appearance of rough patches and dry flakes. Anti-flammatory, soothes itchy, irritated or sunburnt skin. Absorbs UVB, anti-oxidant, emollient, skin replenishing.
  8. Cetyl Alcohol – Conditions and softens the skin. It is a fatty alcohol and so it is not perceived to be as damaging to the skin as others.
  9. Glyceryl Stearate Citrate – A skin conditioner that gives a soft and smooth skin appearance.
  10. Glyceryl Caprylate – Skin conditioner that can enhance the penetration of other ingredients.
  11. Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate – A skin conditioner.
  12. Olea Europaea Fruit Oil – Also known as olive oil. A skin conditioner, anti-oxidant, skin replenisher and mild fragrance.
  13. Punica Granatum Seed Oil – Rich in anti-oxidants (such as vitamin C) reducing sun damage and premature ageing. Can help skin heal faster.
  14. Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil – Also known as Argan oil and is a mixture of compounds including vitamin E and fatty acids. Essential for healthy skin. Skin conditioner.
  15. Isohexadecane – A skin conditioner that is too big to penetrate the skin.
  16. Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil – Skin conditioner and anti-oxidant.
  17. Vaccinium Corymbosum Seed Oil – Also known as Blueberry oil, an anti-oxidant.
  18. Cocos Nucifera Oil – Also known as coconut oil. A skin conditioner that is high in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial fatty acids. Provides deep hydration and conditioning to skin. Some research shows that it can improve skin’s elasticity and by extent perhaps slowing down wrinkle formation.
  19. Hyaluronic Acid –  A must have skincare ingredient, known in the science community as “the fountain of youth”. It can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, so it is a king moisturiser. Helps wounds heal faster and increases collagen production leading to younger looking skin. Check out: “Hyaluronic acid – the fountain of youth?”
  20. Beta Glucan – A skin conditioner, soother and anti-oxidant. Some studies suggest it has anti-ageing and anti-flammatory effects.
  21. Tocopherol – Refers to a class of compounds with similar activities to vitamin E. A skin conditioner, anti-oxidant and fragrance agent. Check out: Vitamins C & E – Do they work in skin care?
  22. Ganoderma Lucidum Extract – An anti-oxidant but more research is needed to prove whether this is beneficial when used topically on the skin.


Ingredient negatives:

  1. Polysorbate 80 – Can cause eye irritation but the product is not recommended for use around the eyes. Although this is listed as a low hazard ingridient, some studies express concerns over toxicity, cancer and fertility.
  2. Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Glucan and Tocopherol – Even though these are very good ingredients their position in the igredient list implies that this product only contains a very small amount of them which is dissapointing.
  3. Parfum – This ingredient represents an undisclosed mixture of compounds that give the product scent. There’s more than 3000 molecules that fall under this category and I personally do not like that there are some ingredients that are undisclosed and hidden under this general name.


Ingredients that can cause irritation to some:

This is actually really case specific, as different people have different sensitivities and allergies. Just because a compound has been reported by some to cause sensitivity, it doesn’t mean you will have an issue. “Sensitizer” compounds being present is not a negative in my opinion, as this is the case with pretty much everything out there and funnily enough I’ve seen products that are targeted specifically for sensitive skin, containing some compounds that have been reported by some, or are known to be, sensitizers.

If you have sensitive skin or you are prone to skin sensitisation and unwanted reactions, try a little bit of this at the back of your hand first and consult a medical doctor if you are concerned.

Also check out: What is sensitive skin? What are the causes and what can we do?

The following compounds present in this cream have been either proven or claimed by some to be sensitizers, irritants, allergens etc:  Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Shea butter), Parfum, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Citronellol, Evernia Furfuracea Extract.

There are also other ingredients that could potentially cause some people skin reactions such as the Vaccinium Corymbosum Seed Oil (blueberry oil) for example, which could give a skin reaction if you have a blueberry allergy. However, I didn’t list those ingredients in the irritants list as they are not generally known to cause a problem and are very specific cases.


Full list of ingredients: 

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Cyclopentasiloxane, Aqua, Glycerin, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Glyceryl Caprylate, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Punica Granatum Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sodium Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Isohexadecane, Polysorbate 80, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Vaccinium Corymbosum Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Parfum, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Citronellol, Evernia Furfuracea Extract, Beta Glucan, Tocopherol, Ganoderma Lucidum Extract.

Mio Future Proof Active Body Butter_20180730110650101


I’ll sum up my verdict by using a sentence that the brand states in the booklet of this product “We are all guilty of using expensive creams on our faces and own brand cheap stuff on the skin on our bodies. Change this thinking…“. I totally agree with this and while I still can’t say that this is a ride-or-die, must-have body butter for me, I think that it is a very good choice and is worth your time and money.

I recommend this product.


Beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. Have you ever tried these products? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences below!

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.

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