Real Techniques Makeup Sponges – Are the different colours and shapes just gimmicks?

In a previous post titled “Battle of the makeup sponges – Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques vs B.“, I compared three makeup sponges, and it turned out that the middle and cheap options were better than the expensive Beauty Blender.

Since then I’ve been loving the middle-priced Real Techniques Complexion Miracle Sponge (the orange one – although they are all called complexion miracle sponges) and so I became curious to try the rest of the Real Techniques sponges.

Real Techniques Sponges 11_20180718135546565

The Real Techniques sponges more often come colour coded, each colour has a different shape and use for it. Although they look nice and the colours make it easy to quickly figure out which one to pick up, the multiple cuts and strange shapes made me wonder if they are just gimmicks.

Real Techniques Sponges 1_20180718124701041

Are all Real Techniques sponges useful? Do they all work well? Are they worth the money and should you try them out? Is this just a box of pretty gimmicks?

Here’s my verdict: 



The Real Techniques Complexion Miracle Sponge (the orange one) is meant to be used more for foundation application, the Sculpting sponge (the pink one) is more for buffing type of applications and the Mini Eraser sponge (the purple ones) are for the under eye area.

However, how you use them is really up to you, they have many edges, shapes and curves which will suit some people better than others and for different applications.

I personally used them as follows: the orange for foundation, the pink for buffing in cream contouring and the purple for under eye concealer.

I will be referring to the different sponges as their colours, instead of their names, throughout the post to keep it more simple.

Real Techniques Sponges 14_20180718133753095


All sponges are from the same brand so the packaging is not really an important category here.

However, for completion, this multi-pack package is made of thin, bendable plastic that is very typical of drugstore-type products. It’s not something you will use many times but it keeps the overall product cost cheaper so we can accept it.

Real Techniques Sponges 3_20180718135803447



All sponges worked well and covered the skin with product nicely. However, unless a sponge absorbs too much product, which these ones don’t, then the coverage is more down to the actual makeup product you are using than the sponge.

The only difference between the three sponges here was perhaps in the purple sponge. I felt that this one absorbed a tiny bit more product that the other two, but nothing too significant. For this reason, the purple one took the “longest” to clean.

As I said in the “Battle of the makeup sponges – Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques vs B.” post, I didn’t think that the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge gave a miracle complexion, but it was much easier to use for applying foundation, especially for going under eyes and around the nose corners, and for that I think it’s worth it.

Real Techniques Sponges 15_20180718133850928

Sponge texture and shape:

All sponges have a very similar texture with the most major difference between them being in the colour and size-shape.

The orange sponge is meant to be a 3-in-1 makeup blender due to it’s three distinct surfaces. The rounded, egg-shape, sides blend large areas of the face with a ‘stippling’ action, whilst the precision tip can help conceal blemishes and target smaller, specific areas. The flat edge can be used to blend foundation and concealer in the corners around the eyes and nose.

The pink sponge feels a little more bouncy than the others but that might be mostly due to the shape which makes sense as this is meant to be a Sculpting sponge. It is designed to help create shadows or highlight facial features. The small side can be used for precision highlighting whereas the large side for controlled contouring.

The purple sponge is designed to buff and blend out makeup and also to be used as a precision tip on targeted areas. They can sweep away eyeshadow that falls under the eye, erase eyeliner gone wrong, wipe away mascara smudges and blend away over applied blush or highlighter. Alternatively, you can also use them to apply your concealer.


User experience:

Although they look really pretty and feel nice on the face, it can be a little confusing and daunting to use these sponges at first. They have so many “what looks like” random cuts and curves that it’s hard to imagine all at once what you could do with them.

You might catch youself using them in a very simple way at first, and hence wonder “why do I need such a complicated sponge?” but after you use them for a while and experiment with the cuts and curves you will find uses for them.

I personally don’t think that all cuts and curves are all needed but some of them are quite helpful and therefore, I do think that these sponges are better than the typical egg-shape ones.

How you use them might also depends on your face shape and characteristics. Feel free to experiment!

Real Techniques Sponges 16_20180718133953214

Colour availability:

Each sponge type usually comes in its specific colour. This makes it easy to know which type of sponge you are using without having to closely look at the shape and/or size, although of course it’s obvious if you are using the tiny under eye ones.

I personally like that they are colour coded as it would be a little confusing if they often came in lot’s of different colours. The colours used are actually nice anyways!

I have seen the Miracle Complexion sponge (the orange one) in other colours but not very often. I personally have come to like the orange colour, it’s very “Real Techniques” and almost iconic by now.



These sponges last for ever if you wash them often and treat them well. I’d say they last longer than you should have them around for, as sponges are excellent bacterial substrates. They are the type of item you should replace often, even if it’s not gone bad, and even if you wash them daily.

I’d recommend changing them once every 1-3 months, depending on your cash situation, but no longer than that. And yes I know what you are thinking, we are all guilty of having them around for ages…Change your sponge today!

Real Techniques Sponges 10_20180718135453266


All sponges wash well, but the purple one stained a little more and took a tiny bit more effort to clean. No major differences though.

These sponges don’t loose a lot of colour when washed but that will also be dependant on the type of washing liquid you are using.


Real Techniques Sponges 13_20180718133700580


This box containing 2 orange sponges, 1 pink sponge and 3 purple ones retails for £19.99 which is a good price.

If you were to buy these alone, 1 orange sponge retails for £5.99, 1 pink for £4.93 and 2 purple for £5.99.

These sponges are much cheaper than the higher-end ones, like the Beauty Blender, but also a little bit more expensive than the drugstore ones. Nevertheless, I think the price is good and affordable and that the multi-packs, obviously, are better value for money.



These sponges don’t smell of anything.



The sponges are potentially made of a very similar material, they feel like it anyways. However, the materials are not stated so we don’t know what they are. I believe that the most major difference is in the colouring and obviously the size/shape.

Real Techniques Sponges 20_20180718134616842


Even though I don’t think that all cuts and curves are needed, I believe that these sponges are better and more practically useful than the simple egg-shape ones. The prices are also good and affordable and the quality is high.

I highly recommend these sponges.

Real Techniques Sponges 19_20180718140323720

Beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. Have you ever tried these products? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences below!

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.

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