Wellthos Health and Fitness Box August 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

This month’s Wellthos post is a little more sad than it should be but I want to keep you up to date. This is my 15th Wellthos box and unfortunately, my last. I will not be covering this box anymore for financial reasons. If you want to sponsor these posts then contact me or please use the donate button at the bottom of this page.

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This month’s Wellthos box was the typical branded cardboard box with no special design. Wellthos also comes with a monthly little booklet that explains a little bit about each product contained but also has some recipe ideas, using products from the box, and some light workouts.

The August 2018 Wellthos box contained 10 health and fitness products which were, from left to right: a bag of chips, a green tea drink, quinoa, an energy snack, a speed skipping rope, granola, a lotus seed snack, a brownie mixture, a bag of almonds and three samples of a sunscreen.

Wellthos August 2018 10_20180820115623708

PS. You can click on the smaller images to see them larger if you want to read out ingredients, nutritional information etc.

Also, for the second time, I made the Wellthos Unboxing Wall of Fame! Thanks Wellthos, I’m blushing.

Wellthos August 2018 8_20180820115515570

Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and health, fitness and taste can be very personal things as we all have different taste and biological builds. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. If you tried any of these products please leave your comments below!


Purely Plantain Chips

This is a chip snack which is kettle cooked, using sustainably farmed sun-baked plantains. It is gluten free, vegan friendly, non-GMO and doesn’t contain preservatives or additives.

It is essentially a little carbohydrate snack which will provide you with 147kcals, 8g of fat of which 1g is saturates, 18g of carbohydrates of which 0g are sugars, 2g of fibre, less than 1g of protein and 0.1g of salt. If you are craving crisps then these are definitely a much healthier option although, also a much more expensive one.

The chips were nicely crispy but not too dry and they tasted nice. This particular flavour, wild garlic, is not my favourite for sure (or very social friendly) but the brand has another 2 flavours, naturally salted and nice and spicy. Considering that not everyone likes spicy then the only flavour left for the mass market is naturally salty. I hope the brand expands their flavour palette soon.

On the plus side, I really love the packaging, design and colour even though blue is not exactly a colour I would associate with crisps or a healthy snack. One 28g bag retails for £2 if you buy 12 of them from the brand’s website, which for me at least, is way too expensive for a crisp snack. SCORE = 7/10


Matchanow Lightly Sweet Green Tea

This is apparently the only on-the-go drink that offers fresh, organic matcha (is it true?) thanks to it’s patented cap. I love that this product has a new patented cap more than I liked the product itself. However, bear in mind that this is a personal taste type of thing as I don’t like Matcha to begin with.

This drink contains 355mL of water, 2.5g of organic ceremonial Matcha and 1.6g of organic pure cane sugar. It will provide you with 11.79kcals and 0g of everything else!

It is meant to rehydrate, refresh and revitalise and it definitely looks the part. One 335mL bottle retails for £2.50 if you buy 12 of them from the brands website. It’s definitely too expensive for what is essentially water with anti-oxidants. SCORE = 7/10


Quinola Mothergrain Express Quinoa & Indian Style Chickpeas

I’ve tried this brand before from the Wellthos December 2017 box and I liked it. However, unfortunately this flavour wasn’t my favourite.

This is meant to be an organic and gluten free, express quinoa which you can reheat in 90 seconds using a microwave or a couple of minutes in a pan. It is meant to be a convenience but healthy quinoa option and it comes in different flavours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the Indian Style Chickpeas but that’s just personal preference. The brand has more flavours to choose from.

Half a pack (a serving) would provide you with 189kcals, 6.6g of fat of which3.9g are saturates, 23.9g of carbohydrates of which 1.3g are sugars, 4.9g of fibre, 5.8g of protein and 0.6g of salt. I love the stats, I love the branding and packaging but I don’t love the price.

One 250g bag retails for £2.59 from Ocado which is definitely way too expensive for a 2 meal quinoa satchel! SCORE = 8/10


Mindful Bites Crunchy Bites in Flavour Almond & Maca

I love the Mindful Bites products, just reading the brand name made me salivate a little. This product wasn’t an exception.

It’s meant to be an energy snack that you can have on the go and it is crunchy sticks filled with nut butter. Yum!

Mindful Bites Crunchy Bites in Flavour Almond & Maca_20180820112207575

It is vegan, gluten free, contains no refined sugar and no palm oil. One pack will provide you with 114kcals, 6.5g of fat of which 0.6g are saturates, 11.8g of carbohydrates of which 0.9g are sugars, 3.5g of fibre, 3.2g of protein and 0.07g of salt.

I like the simple branding design and I even like the orange colour. The packaging feels of high quality too.

One 25g snack costs £1.6 if you buy 5 of them from the brand’s website. It’s not the cheapest snack but it’s not too bad either. If it saves you from eating that tub of ice-cream then it might be worth it. SCORE = 8/10


Wellthos August 2018 14_20180820115920211


Wired Skipping Speed Rope

Everyone needs a skip rope no matter what your fitness level is. It’s a simple, fun and almost brings you back to younger times. This type of exercise will not only train your cardio levels but also your coordination. However, if you ever subscribe to a fitness or health box you will almost definitely be guaranteed to receive one…or 10. I have so many of them now that it’s almost become a cheesy, easy and cheap item to include.

Wired Skipping Speed Rope_20180820114914157

Nevertheless, I did like this skipping rope. It looks sleek and of good quality. How well it works highly depends on your skipping skill but at least it doesn’t take a lot of space to tidy away. This month’s Wellthos booklet also included a workout plan to use this rope, or any rope really, which is a great little addition that might give you that extra little motivation. In fact, if you are reading this, take this challenge on today! You’ve got this!

Wired Skipping Speed Rope 2_20180820114743724

This is not a branded item but it would roughly cost around £5-10. A very cheap way to start your fitness journey or improve your cardio levels. SCORE = 9/10


Ok granola Coconut Based Granola

Even though I’m not a coconut fun, I loved this granola. It tastes so nice that I admit I ate it all during the box photo shoot, which is why the tub might look half way empty in some of the pictures. Whops!

What I like even more about it, is that it is lightly sweet and not as crunchy or boring as normal granola. In fact, if it wasn’t for the granola on the product name I wouldn’t have thought this is granola (in a good way), I’d class it as a mix fruit and nut type of snack.

This product is vegan and gluten free and also homemade in Hackney. Unfortunately though this means that I cannot give you nutritional stats or a price. Tastes lovely though. SCORE = 9/10


Karma Bites Popped Lotus Seeds in Caramel Flavour

I’ve tried a popped lotus seed snack before and even though it’s not exactly something I would think about having, I liked it. This one was also nice. Think of this snack as an alternative to popcorn, it has a similar consistency as well.

It has a caramel flavour and it is only 126kcals per bag. It is gluten free and vegan. One bag would provide you with 3.8g of fat of which 0.8g are saturates, 22.9g of carbohydrates of which 12.9g are sugars, 0.5g of fibre, 1.6g of protein and 0.4g of salt.

The packaging quality is high but I personally didn’t like the brand name, Karma bites. It puts me off a little, is it just me?

One 30g bag retails for £1.59 if you buy 12 of them from the brand’s website. It’s not the cheapest but neither the most expensive snack. SCORE = 8/10


The Vegain Bros Fudgy Chocolate Protein Powder Mix

I love that this brownie mix comes in a bottle, don’t ask why, it just looks nice and it makes me want to use it! It is meant to be a ready made brownie mix that is quick and easy to make but also slightly healthier. All you need to do is mix this will milk (or vegan milk if you are vegan) and oil and then bake.

I like the easiness of it and the packaging. The brownies tasted nice but I have to admit I’ve tasted some nicer ones from other quick-healthy brands. This might be down to personal taste though.

This mixture yields around 10-14 brownies. For a quarter of a bottle which is 2-3 brownies (without the added milk and oil) you would get 160kcals, 3.4g of fat of which 1.3g are saturates, 19g of carbohydrates of which 0.4g are sugars, 4.7g of fibre, 11.2g of protein and 0.8g of salt.

This snack is vegan, gluten, wheat and dairy free. One 182g bottle retails for £5.49 which is around a similar price tag for this sort of items. SCORE = 7/10


Nutmad Activated Nuts Almonds

I’ve tried activated nuts before and although they taste nice I find the “activated” term misleading and inaccurate. What they mean by “activated” here is that the nuts have been soaked in salty water for at least 12 hours and then dried at low temperature. This is meant to make the nuts more nutritious and allows the body to absorb them better.

Unless the water breaks a membrane or something in the nuts that releases nutrients, I do not see how this process would make the nuts more nutritious, in fact the water can actually swell, dissolve and take away some goodies.

Nevertheless, this nut snack tasted nice and the packaging and design is even nicer.

One serving would provide you with 169kcals, 15g of fat of which 1g is saturates, 95mg of sodium, 208mg of potassium, 69mg of calcium, 5g of carbohydrates of which 1g are sugars, 3g of fibre and 6g of protein.

One resealable 70g bag costs £5.9 for a week’s subscription?! from the brand’s website which seems way too expensive and confusing. SCORE = 7/10


La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen

These little tubes are just samples but that’s better than nothing! It’s always nicer to try out something first before buying right?

These sunscreens are specially formulated for sensitive skin. They are also suitable for sun intolerant skin. They are very water resistant and do not contain parabens.

They spread easily and do not leave any sticky residues behind. They have a faint, sweet cream cosmetic scent and feel light on the skin.

They are not the most skin nutritious sunscreens out there but as they are formulated for sensitive skin they are very limited to what they can contain. SCORE = 8/10

Wellthos August 2018 13_20180820115823969

Overall, I liked this month’s box and it is sad that my 1.5 year Wellthos journey ends here. Unfortunately, this was the last box for me but it was nice to see this box develop throughout this time and I hope you enjoy many more to come. Wellthos has always been and still is a great option for nutrition, health or fitness minded people.

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 8/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 7.8/10

Star product = Ok granola Coconut Based Granola

Did you get this month’s Wellthos? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

For a general  review on Health and Fitness Boxes click here otherwise for a general review on Wellthos click here.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.

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