Beauty Product Discovery – New Sophie’s Luxury Beauty Box – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Beauty boxes give you the chance to create a beauty collection for much cheaper than retail value as well as treat yourself and explore products that you might or might not know they exist. I am a huge fan of beauty boxes, I’ve found many product loves and hates and they keep me up to date by knowing and having tried all the new and trending beauty products.

I’m very excited to introduce to you another new high end beauty box, the Sophie’s Luxury Beauty Box. This is the big sister of the Sophie’s normal beauty box, if you missed that post check out: Beauty Product Discovery – New Sophie’s Beauty Box – Unboxing and Product Reviews

The difference between them is the price, £25 vs £30 for the luxury one and of course the overall value of products contained. The luxury box offers more high-end and full size products than the normal box.

Sophies Luxury Beauty Box 7_20180925095414477


You can subscribe to both boxes on a re-occurring monthly fee or even just buy them as one-offs gifts to yourself or others.

Sophies Beauty Box 4_20180925100001319

This box came in a plain black box that is held close magnetically and was decorated nicely with a Sophie’s Beauty Box ribbon. It’s still early days for the box so I can only imagine that eventually the box itself will be branded but to be honest, it looks pretty nice and elegant already. It’s a very similar type and quality box to its close competitors Cohorted and the MLB Box, even though this box is £5 cheaper!

The box doesn’t come with a monthly theme and you cannot create a personal profile, to tell them your skin shade, hair colour, skin type etc but this seems to be a general trend amongst higher end beauty boxes anyway, as neither Cohorted or the MLB offer any of that. However, like all beauty boxes, this box also comes with a leaflet that has a little bit of information about each product contained.

Interestingly, every Sophie’s Beauty Box is unique which means that no two boxes will ever be the same. This gives the box a “special or limited” edition type of value but also creates a luck element as to whether your box will be better than the other. This however, is likely something that eventually will change as the box becomes more popular and the amount of orders become more difficult to satisfy.

Sophies Luxury Beauty Box_20180925094849967

This month’s Sophie’s Luxury Beauty Box contained 7 products of which all 7 were full size! Let’s just stop for an applause here. That’s already amazing value for money. From left to right, this box contained: three face masks, another face mask, two lip glosses and a face cream.

Let’s have a look at the products in more detail. These are short reviews that cover first impressions and experiences from using the products. For full reviews, including ingredient analysis and if I would recommend a product or not, check out: Bonds of Beauty (all articles here). Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and that beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa, please leave your comments below!

To subscribe to Sophie’s Luxury Beauty Box and get £15 off your first box click here and use the code “SOPHIEBOX15”. This brings your box to £15 only, making it, for now at least, better value than all Birchbox, Glossybox, Look Fantastic, Cohorted and the MLB Box that retail around £15-£35! You really need to get yourself at least one while this offer is up, it’s such an incredible value for money.


Christian Breton Q10 & Provitamin B5 Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask

When beauty boxes include beauty masks, they only include one. That’s not usually a problem but it’s definitely not a bad thing to include 3 of them! I love that I got 3 masks in this box, even if they are exactly the same. It’s an item that doesn’t go off quickly and will get used up. Additionally, I am a huge advocate for trying out something a couple of times before you decide whether you like it or not, especially because there are products that tend to work the first few times and then stop working and also some that might eventually grow on you, and this gives you that chance.

This white sheet mask is big enough for a range of face shapes and sizes and it feels very nice on the skin. It left my skin soft and smooth and the overall experience is very positive and relaxing. All you need to do is place the mask on clean skin and leave for 20-25 minutes. You can then pat in any excess liquid, no need to rinse after.

This face mask contains some good nourishing ingredients like coenzyme Q10, collagen, adenosine, Aloe Vera, Mugwort, cucumber, chamomile, elderflower, daisy, allantoin, vitamin E and more. It is paraben free but unfortunately it contains fragrance. It smells nice and subtle but fragrance doesn’t provide you with a skincare benefit, in fact there are some claims that some fragrance ingredients can damage and irritate your skin.

You can buy a box containing three face masks, which is as many as I received in this box, for £45. This makes each mask cost £15 which is admittedly quite pricey. These masks are definitely great but they are a little pricey. For £45 you could buy yourself a good serum that you will use on a daily basis. Just saying! SCORE = 9/10


Eudoxia Lys De Fontanalba Refreshing Mask

Yet another mask in this box but I honestly did not mind. The more masks the merrier right? They are such an easy way of getting some extra skin nourishing ingredients in, while providing you with the perfect excuse to sit in relaxation for 20 minutes. Just do one today!

I love how big this mask tube is. That’s a lot of masks contained in there and I’m not complaining! I’ve never heard of this brand before but that’s what I love about beauty boxes. I get to try this out and perhaps even find a new favourite.

The packaging is very simple but elegant and I love the blue colour, it just stands out. I even love the way this face mask smells, even if I’m not a fan of fragrance in cosmetics. It smells soft and creamy but not in an overpowering way. It’s relaxing and feminine and that’s what you want from a mask!

This mask gave me a nice soft and smooth skin and it overall felt relaxing. It contains some nice ingredients such as niacinamide, hydrolysed collagen, honey extract, sodium hyaluronate, sunflower oil and more. However, the fact that all except the niacinamide are listed after fragrance, means that there is possibly less than 0.01-3% of these ingredients in this mask. Sometimes you only need a small amount for formulations and ingredients to be effective, so this doesn’t straight away mean that this mask is bad, but it definitely looks a little suspicious to me.

This is a full size (75mL) product which lasts for 12M and retails for £40.51 which sounds expensive but will definitely last you more than the 3 uses above! SCORE = 8/10


Sophies Luxury Beauty Box 3_20180925095114711


Lancôme Gloss In Love in Colour Scarlett Starlette

I am usually not the gloss type, I just hate the stickiness especially when my long hair gets stuck on it, but I actually really loved this one. It’s just so pretty, how can you not love it.

The packaging is simple, gorgeous and elegant, and the colour is very pretty! However, what I love most about this lip gloss is the fact that…it has a button! To open this gloss and pull out the wand you have to press a little button and the wand just pops out. I just love that it is different while at the same time it doesn’t look strange.

Lancôme Gloss In Love in Colour Scarlett Starlette 3_20180925103851637

This gloss is not as sticky as a lot of other glosses out there and the glitter doesn’t feel coarse. It’s very lightweight but it is still a gloss and it of course, doesn’t dry out and comes off in contact. You will need to re-apply this a lot throughout the day but that’s a typical behaviour with glosses in general.

It looks really nice on its own but it can actually elevate a red or pink lip even further.

This lip gloss’s ingredients are not particularly skin nourishing and it might contain carmine which can stain your lips. All of that is fine though, it’s just a lip gloss!

This is a full size lip gloss (6mL) and it retails for £22. SCORE = 9/10


Sophies Luxury Beauty Box 2_20180925095909032


Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté in Colour Pure 210

Another lip gloss and this time I do mind a little as I am not that big on glosses to begin with. I would have rather it was a lipstick or a different product but I do love that it is yet again a full size product from a know brand.

The packaging looks expensive and elegant and the colour is gorgeous. I love a good dirty pink and this one specifically is a lovely nude. It actually almost matches my natural lip colour exactly!

It doesn’t feel heavy or very sticky but it comes off in contact, like any other gloss. It has a nice subtle fruity type of scent.

Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté in Colour Pure 210 4_20180925095031659

What I love the most about this lip gloss is the wand. It looks really strange (reminds me of wall building tools like a trowel) and I initially thought it’s just a gimmick, but I actually like it. It makes applying lip gloss more line-precise!

Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté in Colour Pure 210 3_20180925095001261

This lip gloss also has standard, non-skin nourishing ingredients and could also contain carmine which can stain your lips. Again, all of that is fine, it’s just a lip gloss!

Ok so I think I’m slowly getting sold on lip glosses, what is happening to me! See, this is exactly why beauty boxes are nice, I would have never bought myself a lip gloss!

This is a full size (6mL) lip gloss which lasts for 24M and retails for £26. SCORE = 9/10


La Cure Beauté Multi Benefit Rose Cream Gel

This cream gel has a lovely rose smell and a very nice cream-gel texture. I really love the texture and it’s perfect especially for those with oily skin, that don’t want something too oily or heavy like a thick cream. It spreads easily on the skin and is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin feeling moisturised and refreshed.

This cream contains some skin nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, rose water, chamomile water, sweet almond oil, sodium hyaluronate, vegetable oil and more. It’s not the most nourishing cream I’ve ever seen or used but it is also not a bad one! The biggest negative is the strong scent of rose which although it smells nice, it can be a little overpowering and can cause irritation to some.

This product is free from sulfates, parabens, mineral oil and SLS. It is made of 96% natural ingredients and does not contain animal derived ingredients.

I even love the packaging, especially the fact that it comes with a pump. It keeps the ingredients safe from light and moisture, potentially increasing the lifetime and effectiveness of the product. Not to mention that it’s pink and cute, and although that’s super stereotypical for female and rose containing products, it suits it and looks nice!

All an all though, this is a nice cream gel. This is a full size (30mL) product which retails for £36.76. The price is a little high but the ingredients are not bad!  SCORE = 8/10


Sophies Luxury Beauty Box 9_20180925094812652


Overall, I really loved this box, I mean 7 high-end, full-size products for £15 (due to the summer deal, this box will cost £30 eventually), is just an absolute steal. You really need to get yourself at least one and take advantage of this deal! All products contained were full size, sealed and delivered with their own, original packaging, which is also amazing and something that not all beauty boxes do and not every time! This box is still at its infancy and there might be a lot of things that change over time, but so far it looks like a nice and money worthy, monthly treat. The value of this box was £170.27 but it would cost you only £30 (or £15 if you take advantage of the current deal)! That’s £140.27 worth of products for free!!!

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 9/10

Overall box score after product testing (a sum of product scores) = 8.6/10

Star product = Lancôme Gloss In Love in Colour Scarlett Starlette

To subscribe to Sophie’s Luxury Beauty Box and get £15 off your first box click here and use the code “SOPHIEBOX15”.

Sophies Luxury Beauty Box 8_20180925095501032

Did you get this month’s Sophie’s Luxury Beauty Box? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

For all the details on how Cohorted, Glossybox, Look Fantastic and Birchbox performed in 2017 and which one is worth your money, check out “Battle of the Beauty Boxes – Conclusions from the 2017 unboxing and reviews on Cohorted, Glossybox, Look Fantastic and Birchbox!

For general subscription box reviews see the: BirchboxGlossyboxLook FantasticCohorted and My Little Beauty Box general review posts. For help on how to choose the right subscription box for you check out “Which Subscription Beauty Box is right for you?”.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.

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