Enhance your Skincare with Korean Beauty Secrets – Jinmee Hydrapuff Super Absorbent Skincare Sheets

When it comes to skincare, there is one thing that matters the most and that is quality. It’s not about the quantity and price of the products used or even about the brands, but rather about the quality of your skincare routine and application. The ingredients and formulation, storage of products and methods of application are paramount.

Jinmee is a premium Korean skincare brand which shares these values and strives for quality and functional products that enhance your skincare experience, while promoting a healthy lifestyle to help you achieve the happy, healthy skin you deserve.

Jinmee Hydrapuff 22_20181008141211478

Jinmee means “Best Beauty” in Korean and they follow a “skincare first” philosophy which I couldn’t agree with more. Korean beauty, or K-beauty, has been slowly unleashing its secrets to the western world, bringing innovative products such as the Hydrapuff. Jinmee has kindly send me a PR package of Hydrapuff to review and share with you.

Jinmee Hydrapuff 4_20181008143104700

So, what is Hydrapuff and how does it work? Is it better than the common cotton pads and most importantly, is it worth your time and money? Let’s find out.


What is Hydrapuff?

Hydrapuff is an ultra-thin, versatile and multi-functional skincare sheet. Think of it as an advanced cotton pad that absorbs liquid and turns into a gel-like sheet. Instead of trapping the liquid like a sponge or a cotton pad would do, it is able to release and re-distribute the liquid, resulting in less product wastage (both liquid product and Hydrapuff as it is reusable) therefore, getting the most out of your skincare.

Read the claims section, towards the end of the post, to see the evidence on Hydrapuff actually releasing more product than a standard cotton pad.

Jinmee Hydrapuff 24_20181008141708567
On the left (on arm): wet Hydrapuff, on the right: dry Hydrapuff


How to use Hydrapuff

The beauty of Hydrapuff is that it is very versatile and can be used in any way you see fit and with any products you like. The most common applications are:

(a) As a sheet mask. You can soak Hydrapuff in your favourite toner, serum, moisturiser (or home made masks) etc and allow it to sit soaked on the skin for 5-10 minutes. This will give you a few moments of relaxation but will also help your skin absorb as much of the product as possible.

This can essentially create a short occlusion (=meaning covering the skin with cloth) which has actually been scientifically proven to increase the skin’s response or effectiveness of products. For example, skin occlusion combined with moisturisation has been proven to be a very efficient method for scar reduction. For more information and all the scientific evidence check out: Can the appearance of scars be improved with moisturisers?

(b) As targeted, personalised skincare sheets. You can personalise your skincare further and apply different products on different Hydrapuff sheets and place them on different parts of your face. For example, if you have large pores or combination skin you might want to apply different products in different areas, like a moisturiser on dry patches and a non-oil based gel on oil-prone areas such as the T-zone etc.

(c) You can also use Hydrapuff in the same, but more effective, way than your typical cotton pad. You can use it to quickly apply your toner on your skin by using patting motions to press the product onto the skin. Dragging motions are not recommended with any skincare product (which is why makeup removing wipes are not the best) as many believe they can reduce the skin’s elasticity and lead to faster skin ageing. However, let’s face it, we all use dragging motions often, especially when we are in a hurry or too tired to do things properly. Hydrapuff is a better option especially if you use dragging motions, as its gel-like sheet texture is softer and therefore does not result in as much friction on the skin.



Hydrapuff comes in a cardboard packaging which contains 60 pairs of sheets (=120 individual Hydrapuff pieces).

The box is of good quality, is colourful and beautiful. The box has a cardboard latch which you can use to hold the lid closed.

Jinmee Hydrapuff 5_20181008143143381

Inside the box you will find four stacks of Hydrapuffs and at the back the instructions of how to use the product and what Jinmee stands for.

Jinmee Hydrapuff 10_20181008142413152

Overall, I think it looks great and it’s a product that I love to have displayed on my beauty dresser.



One box of 60 pairs of Hydrapuffs (=120 individual Hydrapuff pieces) retails for £6.50 at the brand’s website. This brings each Hydrapuff down to £0.05 which is very cheap but also bear in mind that you can also re-use them if you wish, bringing the price down even lower.

A standard cotton wool pack from Boots retails for £1.85 for 100 of them which brings the price to £0.02 per pad. They are of course cheaper on first glance but they are (a) single use and (b) more product wasteful. If you were to take the value of product wasted when using a cotton pad vs Hydrapuff (especially if your skincare is expensive) the price difference would look very different.

To buy Hydrapuff from the brand’s website, click here, or find it soon in-store at Topshop.


Texture, Colour and Shape:

When Hydrapuff is dry it looks like a white cotton pad but feels a little less soft due to the fact that Hydrapuff is made from compressed fibres. This means that it will not break down during use and it will not leave behind fleece, like cotton wool pads often do.

Additionally, instead of the typical cotton pad round or oval shape, Hydrapuff has a wave shape making it easier to target certain areas, especially if you are using it as a quick-mask sheet, like for example under the eyes, t-zone, chin and neck.

When Hydrapuff is wet in turns into a softer, gel-like sheet which is very easy to use and does not break down of feel strange.

Although Hydrapuff is much thinner than a cotton pad it is much more durable and reusable while at the same time, feels like there is less friction on the skin when it’s used in dragging motions.

Jinmee Hydrapuff 15_20181008141803190
On the left: wet Hydrapuff, on the right: dry Hydrapuff

These skincare sheets wash easily and dry quickly back to their original shape and size, making them very easily re-usable.

One pair of Hydrapuff has the following dimensions: 14 x 5.5cm.



Hydrapuff has a natural, very subtle, soft, cotton-wool type of smell. It’s clean and pleasant but you will likely not smell it unless you put it very close to your nose. The light scent might even come from the cardboard packaging instead.


Skin compatibility:

Hydrapuff is compatible with any skin type and can even be used to apply different products in different areas of your skin to suit your skin type.

See above: How to use Hydrapuff, section (b).



This product doesn’t have an expiration date but like most cosmetic products, it is recommended to store it at room temperature and away from heat and direct sunlight. Also, keep out of reach of children.

Here’s what the brand says about this product:

“Here at JINMEE, we like to keep skincare simple. We believe it is not the quantity of the products you use, but the quality of your skincare routine and application. We strive to deliver a quality product that will enhance your skincare experience- and this, is where Hydrapuff was born.

Hydrapuff is an ultra-thin, multi-purpose skincare sheet.

Hydrapuff is super absorbent, and unlike conventional cotton pads that drink up liquids but are unable to release and redistribute product, once you add liquid to Hydrapuff, it transforms to a soft, gel-like tissue that clings perfectly to your skin, allowing for all that product to be absorbed where it’s needed, into your skin and not in the bin!

As a result, Hydrapuff assists you into getting the most out of your skincare, with minimum wastage of your precious toners, essences and serums.

Clinically proven to deliver up to 50% more product than cotton wool or hands. * tested in Japan.

95% of women surveyed agreed that Hydrapuff improved absorption of their skincare products.”


Jinmee Hydrapuff 18_20181008142016830


Practicality of use – user experience:

Hydrapuff is very easy to use. It’s very thin and it clings perfectly onto the skin. Its curved shape means that it fits perfectly under the eyes and onto the cheek area which is were I tend to “treat my skin” to a mini mask on a daily basis, to reduce the appearance of my large pores and the effects of my oily skin.

I love the gel-like texture and how thin is it. I also love that you can visibly see and feel the release of the soaked product every time you remove it from your skin and place it somewhere else. It slowly gets drier and drier with every application and you can tell that the amount of liquid product that is left in it is much less than in a traditional cotton wool pad. I also really love that it doesn’t leave fleece behind!



Hydrapuff has given me the perfect excuse to have mini and quick masks on a daily basis and enjoy my skincare a little more. It feels like a mini treat and I can also tell that there is less product lost during my skincare routine.

I haven’t used Hydrapuff long enough to say for sure if mini occlusion has enhanced the results of my skincare products, but my pores are loving the mini masks I’ve been doing with my toner!

For more information and the scientific evidence on skin occlusion check out: Can the appearance of scars be improved with moisturisers?


Jinmee Hydrapuff 21_20181008141120261



This is usually the longest section in my posts but this is a different, simpler type of product. The exact composition of Hydrapuff is of course a secret, otherwise other companies would copy it, but in general Hydrapuff is made of a pulp and rayon blend.

I wish I knew more about it so we could get into the scientific details of how and why this product absorbs and releases more liquid than a common cotton pad, but this is the nature of the industry, product formulations or exact compositions are either patented first or kept an insider secret.

I’ve actually looked for a patent on Hydrapuff and couldn’t find one, although some of them can be well hidden sometimes, especially depending on the country of patent application.


Claims: Does Hydrapoof actually deliver 50% more product than a standard cotton pad as claimed?

Well, I wouldn’t be a scientist if I didn’t put this to the test. This was the perfect opportunity for a little old fashioned material testing!

I initially wanted to film a video, while immersing both Hydrapuff and a standard cotton pad in the same amount of liquid, using them a couple of times and then taking their relative weight. Unfortunately, both Hydrapuff and a cotton wool pad are too light to make accurate measurements on a kitchen cooking scale. As a result, I’ve taken them both to the chemistry lab to investigate while using more sensitive equipment, but unfortunately, this meant that I couldn’t film a video, only some ugly pictures!

My one-off (bear in mind this is not statistically relevant, tests usually should be repeated multiple times) test showed that Hydrapuff lost 12.1% of the water absorbed whereas the cotton pad released 1.4%. This means that Hydrapuff releases 8.6 times more water than the standard cotton pad! That’s 860% more product released which is more than the claimed 50%, although I don’t know what that number was based on. Nevertheless, it’s good news, the claims are true and perhaps even better!

Hydrapuff also retains it’s shape and size better than a standard cotton wool pad when wet. After having soaked both of them in the same amount of liquid for the same time, I’ve given them a gentle pull on each side. As you can see in the picture below, Hydrapuff retained it’s shape and size but the cotton pad went from a circular to an oval shape.

Jinmee Hydrapuff_20181008142854161

Now here’s the more sciency bit from where these conclusions came from. If you are not into this type of information then skip to the Verdict section below.

The experiment: 

Hydrapuff and a cotton pad were weighed dry and then were immersed in a separate beaker containing 100mL of water. Both were removed after 1 minute of soaking, weighed as wet and then patted on a glove 10 times each and then the materials were weighed again. This experiment would be closer to the use case of soaking a pad to create home masks.

Jinmee Hydrapuff 25_20181008143217183

However, to be scientifically accurate, this experiment is a general material testing one and is not realistic for many reasons including: pure water was used (cosmetics are mostly, but not all, water based but they contain other ingredients too and the results will be different with each product), an excess of water was used (both materials were immersed in pure water which is not the use case scenario), the surface area of a cotton pad and a Hydrapuff are different (this can change how much they absorb), both materials were patted on a glove (our skin is obviously a different material than a glove) etc.

To create a scenario closer to applying tonner or in general less product, the experiment was repeated by using a 1mL syringe filled with water and dispersing it roughly in the middle of the materials.

This is likely the most realistic use case and so the results are more trustworthy as this experiment also eliminates some of the above unrealistic factors. For example, you will likely pickup a toner bottle, tip it upside down to get some product on the middle of the pad and then apply it on the face.

The experiments gave the following results:

*The wet weight gain should be +1g (at standard temperature and pressure) on the initial weight, however some water loss occurred when picking both the cotton wool and the Hydrapuff up to place on the balance. Since it happened with both materials, it was ignored as a factor, the difference could also indicate water retention capability although under different stress factors. The overall difference between the two materials is large enough to be outside measuring and handling errors.

In the case of full immersion, Hydrapuff absorbed 18.81 times its weight in water whereas the standard cotton pad absorbed 16.69. After 10 times of patting, Hydrapuff released 6.55 times its weight in water whereas the cotton pad only 4.

In the more realistic case, when 1mL of product was added, Hydrapuff absorbed 3.10 times its weight whereas the cotton pad absorbed 1.93. After 10 times of patting, Hydrapuff lost 0.38 times its weight in water whereas the cotton pad lost only 0.027. Almost nothing!

Jinmee Hydrapuff 14_20181008142650014


Hydrapuff can help you make the most out of your chosen skincare products and also give you an excuse for daily, quick and easy, mini masks.

I love how versatile it is and that you can even use it as a cotton wool pad, without the negatives. It doesn’t break the bank either and it will look gorgeous on your beauty dresser.

As a chemist I take my skincare very seriously and I love products that can enhance it and so I recommend Hydrapuff to anyone, from the skincare beginner to the skincare expert, the mask lover to the toner user.

I’d like to thank Jinmee for sending me a PR package for free.

Jinmee Hydrapuff 23_20181008141442040

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.

Beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. Have you ever tried these products? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences below!

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