Beauty Product Discovery – Cohorted Beauty Box December 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Last beauty box for the year and sadly, it was a very disappointing one.

The Cohorted box was as always the standard black, square box that closes magnetically and ties with a ribbon. The box also came with its monthly, small beauty magazine (about 30 pages) that tells you a little bit more about each product and some featured products or artists.

Cohorted doesn’t really do themes but you can sort of guess one from the editorial intro of the beauty magazine and it turns out that it is a “best goodies for the ultimate Christmas treat” theme. Sadly, this really didn’t work out as for me at least, it was one of the most disappointing boxes of the year.

Cohorted December 2018 4_20181218173436159

Cohorted December 2018 contained 5 products of which all except one were full size, from left to right as seen in the picture: a contour palette, an eyebrown pencil, a concealer pencil, a lipstick and a body wash.

Let’s have a look at the products in more detail. These are short reviews that cover first impressions and experiences from using the products. For full reviews, including ingredient analysis and if I would recommend a product or not, check out: Bonds of Beauty (all articles here). Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and that beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa, please leave your comments below!

To subscribe to Cohorted and get £5 off your first box click here and use the code: 6z8sdk


Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette in colour Medium

How exciting to open a beauty box, find an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette only to realise that it’s the wrong shade for you.

That’s the huge risk that beauty boxes, who do not allow you to create personal beauty profiles, take. From a business perspective, I completely understand, as customisation would make everything more complicated and less profitable in the immediate future. However, it would make more happy and loyal subscribers which should mean more money in the future. Nevertheless, if you choose to not do this for your business that’s fair enough but at least then don’t include products that will just lead to disappointment in many. Go for colour neutral products instead and avoid foundations, concealers, brow products etc.

A bit of a rant, I apologise, but it is very disappointing. I have now collected many products from Cohorted over the years that I can’t use, and while I try to make the most of them and give them away to my readers, friends or family, it’s still disappointing from a £35 box.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette in colour Medium_20181218173157418

I am quite fair skin toned so medium is too dark for me. For this reason I didn’t try this product in order to give it away to someone intact. It looks like a lovely palette and what a disappointment from Cohorted. I guess it is a Christmas box…just not for me.

This is a full size palette that retails for £42. Since I didn’t use it, I can’t fairly score it.


Chanel Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Pencil in Colour Blond Doré 804

There is something extra disappointing about seeing another high-end brand product, getting really excited, “omg it’s Chanel” and then realise that again, you got a colour that won’t work for you.

I’m afraid I didn’t try this product as my eye brows are quite dark and I didn’t want to touch it in case I can give it new to someone else. For this reason, I cannot fairly comment or score this product.

Chanel Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Pencil in Colour Blond Doré 804_20181218173239946

This is a full size Chanel brow pencil that is meant to be waterproof, lasts for 18M and retails for £30.


Cover FX Perfect Pencil Concealer in shade N – Light

I’ve never heard of this product before and I really wish I had!

This pencil is very creamy and easy to use and works perfectly for lining the lips or even correcting lipstick mistakes. It can get a little annoying as it will obviously pick up the lipstick colour (it’s light white naturally) so you will have to keep wiping the colour off if you want to correct mistakes but you’d have to do a similar thing if you were using a brush with concealer or foundation anyways.

Cover FX Perfect Pencil Concealer in shade N – Light_20181218172824237

I really love how petite the entire pencil is and even though the packaging is just plastic, it looks and feels like a high quality product. I also really love that you don’t have to sharpen it!

This product is clinically tested, paraben, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil and talc free. You can also use it to line brows!

This is a full size 0.28g pencil which lasts for 12M and retails for £16. SCORE = 9/10


Cohorted December 2018 6_20181218172709717


Too Faced La Crème Drenched Lip Cream Luxe Size in colour Naked Dolly

How cute does this lipstick look? I was hoping for a lipstick in the December beauty boxes but naked pink wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Nevertheless, at least it’s an item I can use and potentially even buy.

This cute little lipstick comes in the same packaging as the full size one, just smaller. It’s a golden metallic bullet packaging with the Too Faced logos on. Very simple but yet very elegant and expensive looking.

The lipstick works well, lasts long but obviously comes off in contact. It’s a lovely colour and although it’s not particularly moisturising, it doesn’t feel heavy or drying either. It doesn’t have a strong smell.

This is obviously a travel size lipstick which according to the Cohorted magazine, retails for £10. I would have thought you can get these from Too Faced for free with some deals, as I’ve never seen a Too Faced travel size lipstick being sold individually anywhere.

Nevertheless, it’s a great addition to the box. SCORE = 8/10


Sachajuan Spicy Citrus Body Wash

Well, I wouldn’t have thought of a shower gel as a Christmassy item but it is a practical one for sure.

This shower gel smells like citrus and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. It works well and is ideal for morning showers, as the strong scent will wake you up, but the ingredients are very basic. This means that although the product looks nice and works well, the price is not justified. While I am an absolute sucker for brands and the upper-most luxury experience, there has to be some reason other than basic ingredients and a nice looking bottle to pay that price. Even though amazing ingredients would be mostly a waste in a rinse off products, like this one, as your skin would not have enough time to absorb a considerable amount of them (or any at all), there still has to be some reason to pay more which I don’t see here.

With that being said, I will use up this product and enjoy it, while also love the simplicity of the bottle design but I would never pay £22 for this, even if it’s 300mL.

This body wash is suitable for all skin types and lasts for 12M. SCORE = 6/10


Cohorted December 2018 3_20181218173404152

Overall, this box had great potential although very little Christmas/winter spirit. Additioanlly, two full size items were not suitable for me due to skin tone/shade mismatch, which is very disappointing for a £35 box. If I ever unsubscribed from Cohorted, this would be the reason, it is not the first or second time that I’ve received full size products that I couldn’t use due to wrong shades. Not only does it feel wasteful but it’s also dissapointing considering you payed for it. Even more so, when it’s meant to/expected to be a festive box. 

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 6/10

Overall box score after product testing (average of product scores) = 7.6/10

Star product = Cover FX Perfect Pencil Concealer in shade N – Light

To subscribe to Cohorted and get £5 off your first box click here and use the code: 6z8sdk

Cohorted December 2018 5_20181218173508424

Did you get this month’s Cohorted? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

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For general subscription box reviews see the: BirchboxGlossyboxLook FantasticCohorted and My Little Beauty Box general review posts. For help on how to choose the right subscription box for you check out “Which Subscription Beauty Box is right for you?”.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.

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