Eyemajic Instant Eyeshadow – Does it give professional eyes in 10 seconds?

I remember when I first tried to do an eyeshadow look, it was very daunting. More daunting than any other makeup skill somehow. I’ve watched countless of Youtube videos, bought myself an eyeshadow palette and some fancy brushes, and then spent about an hour trying to re-create the look I found.

I get it. I really do. Doing an eyeshadow look can be intimidating and, depending on the level of your makeup skills, it can also take a lot of time.

I think it’s safe to say I have a bit more skill now and I can do an eyeshadow look in a few minutes. However, what if there was a faster option? The Eyemajic instant eyeshadow product promises professional eyes in just 10 seconds and I was very intrigued.

Is there such thing as an instant eyeshadow and if so, is the Eyemajic worth your time and money? Let’s find out.


Eyemajic Instant Eyeshadow 3_20190512224607538



The Eyemajic instant eyeshadow I got came in a small silver box. However, I saw this type of product under a lot of different brand names and packages.

The actual product comes on a foam base shaped like an eye. It feels pretty cheap but that’s ok, it’s supposed to be cheap, even though in the long run it’s actually not (see price section).



This product, and the ones from the other brands, come in plenty of different colours but the one I’m using in this review is called “shade 21”.



One Eyemajic instant eyeshadow pack which contains 5 pairs (so 5 uses) of eyeshadow applicators retails for £5.99 on Amazon. This might initially sound cheap, especially when compared to the £35-45 eyeshadow pallets, but it really isn’t. Those £5.99 will only give you 5 uses (if it works) whereas an eyeshadow palette, no matter how small, will give you A LOT more uses than that.


Practicality of use – user experience

The idea of this product is practical and easy. All you are supposed to do is place the foam pad with the eyeshadow down on your eye, hold for 4 seconds for it to warm up and then apply some pressure while dragging it out, away from the eye. The entire process should take 10 seconds or so and you are supposed to be left with a professional makeup look.

It is very easy to do what is required but the instructions are nowhere to be found in the product. You have to go online to figure it out. It even says: “see 10 second tutorials online” on the product outer packaging.



I followed the instructions and tried the entire pack of 10 applicators (5 pairs). I tried applying them on dry eyes, wet eyes, foundation covered eyes, concealer covered eyes, eye shadow primed eyes. Nothing mattered. The results were rubbish.

Only a very small part of the eyeshadow transferred on to the eyes but that was the least of the issues. The eyeshadow that did transfer, didn’t cover the entire lid and the finish of it looked dragged. The corner of the eye looked untidy and dragged through and the entire look didn’t look blended at all. Sure, you could spend some time blending it and tidying it up, but then it beats the point of instant eye shadow, why not then do the entire look yourself?

Moreover, even if the application worked, there are fundamental problems to begin with. The three colours that are chosen are strangely placed. No makeup artist will ever layer three colours in parallel lines like that and if they did, they would use colours that blend more effortlesley and succeed each other. A lot of these colour combinations, including the one I got, look strange.

The top layer for example, of the shade 21 that I got, is meant to be the highlighter part which is way too light for the rest of the colours. This then makes me wonder, is it meant to be placed on the bone highlight under the eyebrows? Which then raises another issue, this didn’t reach the eyebrow bone for me and I have medium-large eyes, so it won’t work for all eye sizes and shapes.

This product has incredible ratings and positive reviews on Amazon which makes me wonder whether they are all payed for. If those reviews are truly legit then this product either varies in quality or doesn’t work for everyone, and either reason is good enough to not buy this.

Bottom line is: this product doesn’t work and even if it did, it won’t give you a professional makeup look.


Pigmentation and Texture

It’s very hard to comment on pigmentation and texture when the product doesn’t work well to begin with.

The pigmentation is medium but there is a lot of product left on the applicators. Perhaps the colours would be more intense if the entire product transferred.

The texture feels like a normal powdery but thin eyeshadow.



The eyeshadows are easy to blend however, if you have to blend them at all, aka put any effort into the look, then what is the point of this product. Might as well buy a palette and do the entire look yourself.



I can’t really comment on the longevity of these eyeshadows since the looks I got were so bad I couldn’t wear them.


Transfer proof tests

I can’t really comment on the transfer proof nature of these eyeshadows since the looks I got were so bad I couldn’t wear them.



This product doesn’t smell of anything.



This product apparently lasts for 60M.

Information found on the product’s outer packaging:

Professional eyes in just 10 seconds!

World’s first instant eyeshadow

Do you believe in Majic? We do” Majic means believing in professional-looking eyeshadows that takes seconds to apply & lasts all day

Majic means clever heat-sensitive applicators that instantly transfer the finest pigments in the most beautiful colour arrangements.

Majic means discovering the world’s first instant eyeshadow that’s hygienic, cruelty-free, paraben-free & recyclable.


Eyemajic Instant Eyeshadow_20190512224230221 


Eye shadows don’t often contain any “nutritious for your skin” ingredients but rather just the ones required to create the formulation and pigmentation. As a result, there isn’t really that much to say in this section.

This product contains 30 unique ingredients (and 12 may contain ingredients) of which 16 can offer some benefit, 2 are negatives and there are 9 potential irritants.

Each colour contains different pigments, some of which, like carmine, can stain. However, if you usually wear an eye shadow primer you will likely not get any staining at all. I never observed skin staining from this product.

Every time the subject of eye shadows comes up I always get asked about the safety of two ingredients in particular, talc and silica. As a chemist I can tell you that there is no scientific proof that talc or silica are harmful, unless you breath them in as powders in large amounts. For more details and information on the safety on talc check out: Is talc in cosmetics safe?

To keep this article short, I am only listing the skin nourishing or skin positive/negative ingredients and ignoring the ones that only play formulation or pigmentation purposes. For the full list of these products’ ingredients scroll down to the “full list of ingredients” section.


Ingredient positives:

  1. PEG-8 – Humectant (=locks water in).
  2. Butylene Glycol– A humectant that can preserve water and a skin conditioner.
  3. Squalane – A moisturiser, source of replenishing fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Creates a barrier between the skin and the environment, keeping the moisture in and also conditions the skin.
  4. Sorbitan Sesquioleate – A skin soother and humectant (=locks water in).
  5. Dimethicone – Creates a barrier and can therefore protect the skin. Also acts as a skin and hair conditioner. When used on the skin it leaves a silky feeling and can even fill in lines temporarily.
  6. Ethyhexyl Palmitate – A skin conditioner and fragrance. Often used as a silicone replacement, giving a dry slip feeling.
  7. Diisostearyl Malate – A skin conditioner.
  8. Caprylyl Glycol– Skin conditioner and anti-microbial agent.
  9. Boron Nitride – Can function as a lubricant and an optical diffuser (due to its light scattering properties) creating a soft focus with a shimmery and translucent finish. Has a silky smooth feel and adheres to the skin well. Can also absorb excess oils and helps disperse pigments evenly.
  10. Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer – Forms a film which can protect your makeup but also can absorb excess oils.
  11. Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate – A hair and skin conditioner.
  12. Diethylhexylsyringylidenemalonate – A skin protecting agent.
  13. Tocopheryl Acetate – A more stable form of vitamin E. A hero anti-oxidant molecule. A skin conditioner that also enhances the ability of sunscreens. Can help with inflammation. Check out: Vitamins C & E – Do they work in skin care?
  14. Methicone – A skin conditioning agent and film former that can create a barrier. This ingredient is too large to penetrate the skin. It can, however, enhance the penetration of other ingredients.
  15. Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride – A skin conditioner and replenisher. Can enhance the delivery of vitamins, pigments and other ingredients. Can act as a cleanser too and provide a lightweight non-greasy barrier of lubrication.
  16. Polysorbate 20 – Can lubricate and sooth the skin.


Ingredient negatives:

  1. Methicone Although this is considered a safe silicone, due to the fact that it doesn’t penetrate the skin, it can enhance the penetration of other ingredients which could be a positive but also a negative in some cases.
  2. D & C Black No. 2 Carbon Black (CI 77266) – A dye that is a possible carcinogen, highly depending on its grain size.


Ingredients that can cause irritation to some:

This is actually really case specific, as different people have different sensitivities and allergies. Just because a compound has been reported by some to cause sensitivity, it doesn’t mean you will have an issue. “Sensitizer” compounds being present is not a negative in my opinion, as this is the case with pretty much everything out there and funnily enough I’ve seen products that are targeted specifically for sensitive skin, containing some compounds that have been reported by some, or are known to be, sensitizers.

If you have sensitive skin or you are prone to skin sensitisation and unwanted reactions, try a little bit of this at the back of your hand first and consult a medical doctor if you are concerned.

Check out: What is sensitive skin? What are the causes and what can we do?

The following compounds present in this product have been either proven or claimed by some to be sensitizers, irritants, allergens etc: Butylene Glycol, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Ethyhexyl Palmitate, Diisostearyl Malate, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate, Sodium Hydroxide, Tocopheryl Acetate.


Full list of ingredients:

Talc, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Water (Aqua), Peg-8, Butylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Squalane, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Dimethicone, Ethyhexyl Palmitate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Diisostearyl Malate, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Silica, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Boron Nitride, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Triethanolamine, Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate, BHT, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Sodium Hydroxide, Tin Oxide (CI 77861), Diethylhexylsyringylidenemalonate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methicone, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Polysorbate 20 [May Contain: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), D & C Black No. 2 Carbon Black (CI 77266), Manganese Violet (CI 77742), Ultramarines (CI 77007), Chromium Oxide Greens (CI 77288), Red 30 Lake (CI 73360), Carmine (CI 75470), Ferric Ferrocyanide (CI 77510)].


Eyemajic Instant Eyeshadow 4_20190512224647915


I don’t want to be negative but rather realistic. Most of the time when something sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. This product doesn’t work as advertised and is actually very expensive, considering how much money you’d have to pay to get the same amount of looks as from an eyeshadow palette.

If you are daunted by the idea of creating eyeshadow looks, buy a palette and watch lots of Youtube videos. Practice a lot and you will get it. You will also eventually become quite fast at it as well.

Don’t waste your money. Neither money, time or professional result have a claim on this product.


Eyemajic Instant Eyeshadow 2_20190512224527128

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.
Beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. Have you ever tried these products? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences below!

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