Coffee Chat: Maintenance week #2

Hello my lovelies,

I started this blog for a couple of reasons, the main one being wanting to minimise the gap between science and the public. These everyday subjects, beauty and fitness, but also many others in life, are plagued with misinformation or lack of thereof. I hope that this blog is empowering you to utilise the power of science, by brining you some facts based on scientific studies and that you are finding other sections like ingredient analysis useful.

I also started this blog because I was fed up with so many people promoting chemophobia or rejecting science, telling everyone that certain chemicals, cosmetics or products will give them cancer etc, when they have no qualification to judge so. As a Dr in Chemistry I’m translating my professional knowledge into these everyday subjects, to bring you legit risks or bust myths.


I also started this blog because I was underwhelmed professionally, and I wanted a challenge or something new. I never tried blogging before and funnily enough, I always hated writing. In my spare time, I always analysed ingredients in products and read research papers about relevant subjects, so I challenged myself to share this information with you in the form of an accessible, easy to understand blog.

I strongly believe that education and specifically, science should be free for all and understandable (to a certain extent) by all. In the process of marrying science with beauty and my analytical scientific skills with my femininity, I started appreciating writing and found enjoyment in helping you make better choices, as well as spend your time and money more wisely.

What I didn’t realise and I’m sure many still don’t, is how much work blogging is. Blogging is a hobby for me but in reality, it is like a job. It has a lot of work and deadlines. It’s not just about writing and taking pretty pictures and even if it was, those two things take a lot of time! It also takes a lot of money to make investments in the blog infrastructure, as well as time in learning about coding and other website related skills. I enjoy it all and I’ve gained a lot of new skills and for that I am grateful. I want to keep brining you the best science infused beauty blog I can and so I will be taking this week off writing to catchup with some website maintenance. However, worry not, there are still plenty of articles to read about and there will be new ones coming again next week.

For science posts check out Bonds of Beauty (all articles here) and for lots of in-depth reviews have a look at Beauty In-depth Reviews & Ingredient Analysis (all articles here).

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Thank you so much for your time and support, it means the world to me.

Lots of Love,

Bonds of Beauty


* Important note *

Running a blog costs a lot of money. A blog is not just a site on the internet, there are bills associated with it, like for example paying for the technical aspects like the website address or tech support. Not to mention all the products that a blogger has to buy and test before finding the ones that are worth writing about or recommending. Even with a full-time job, a big part of my salary is going into the blog and sometimes it feels that I’m working just to keep this blog going. There are ways of making money returns, like for example using advertisements etc, but no one likes that, so please help keep this blog “clean” and going. Please use the donation button below and let me know (in the comments, by email or on my social media) if you would like the money to be used on a certain product, subject, concept etc. You can donate as little as £1 or as much as you like by changing the number in the box below.  Thank you so much for your support.

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