Glossybox Beauty Box August 2019 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

It’s Glossybox’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Glossybox! I hope there’s many more exciting and successful years to come.

Glossybox August 2019 3

What an amazing theme with an immense potential and what an amazingly beautiful box design. This could have been the month that Glossybox celebrates its existence and thanks it’s subscribers but unfortunately, the contents of the box were underwhelming.

Glossybox August 2019

This month’s box contained 5 products, as always.

Glossybox August 2019 2

Let’s have a look at the products in more detail. These are short reviews that cover first impressions and experiences from using the products. For full reviews, including ingredient analysis and if I would recommend a product or not, check out: Beauty In-depth Reviews & Ingredient Analysis (all articles here). Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and that beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa, please leave your comments below


Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Ritzy

This lip strobe is gorgeous and it swatches even more gorgeous! It looks amazing but somehow my super white complexion doesn’t do it justice. It looks like I’ve deleted out my lips with something a little shiny. I think this would be an absolute gem for darker skin tones but it doesn’t really do much for the whiter ones.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Ritzy

The packaging and wand are of standard quality. This full-size lip strobe retails for £17.

For me it is a little on the expensive side considering it is a bit patchy and you will need to re-apply it a lot. SCORE = 7/10


Furr Rose Gold Lash Curler

This lash curler is very beautiful and I really like the golden-rose colour.

All you have to do is gently clamp the upper lashes and squeeze to create a curl. Don’t lamp for more than 2-3 seconds, otherwise you will end up crimping the hair instead of curling.

Furr Rose Gold Lash Curler

It’s a nice beauty tool product to find in a beauty box and everyone should probably own one, even if you don’t use it much.

This curler retails for £15. SCORE = 7/10


Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Razor

I love Wilkinson’s razors, I’ve been using them for years and they are worth their money. However, I’m not sure how I feel about the women/men razors. Razors are razors and there shouldn’t be a difference.

Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Razor

This razor worked well, feels nice to hold and is easy to clean. It is a full-size razor which retails for £6. SCORE = 8/10


Glossybox August 2019 4


Bang Beauty Felt Tip Liner

This eyeliner is very sleek and elegant.  The felt tip is also very thin and it writes well. The black colour is solid and it’s easy to control the thickness of the line.

Bang Beauty Felt Tip Liner

I’m not usually a felt tip eyeliner fan, I prefer brush eyeliners but this one seems good and I will be using it more.

This is a full-size eyeliner which retails for £15.75. SCORE = 8/10


BeautyPro Eye Therapy Under the Eye Mask

Who doesn’t love eye masks. Even if they don’t make the difference you might have wished, they at the very least relax you and your under eye skin.

This eye mask was easy to use and very relaxing. You are meant to put it on clean under eye skin and leave for 20 minutes.

BeautyPro Eye Therapy Under the Eye Mask

To be honest, I didn’t notice any difference under my eyes and although the ingredients contained are not bad, some of them sound fancier than they are.

For example, collagen, as fancy and promising as it might sound, does not penetrate the skin and therefore will not increase the collagen content of your skin. It will however, condition the surface of the skin so it’s not completely useless, it just doesn’t do what you think. It is worth to note though, that this eye mask contains hydrolysed collagen which (depending on it’s molecular weight) might penetrate the skin but then it still wouldn’t have the exact same action as collagen would.

Nevertheless, this was a nice relaxing eye mask and I enjoyed it thoroughly. SCORE = 8/10.

Glossybox August 2019 6

Overall, I was very excited by the Birthday theme and the box design looked absolutely gorgeous. Sadly, the contents of the box didn’t follow that and it just left a disappointing feeling.

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 6/10

Overall box score after product testing (average of product scores) = 7.6/10

Star product = Bang Beauty Felt Tip Liner

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Glossybox August 2019 5

Did you get this month’s Glossybox? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

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For general subscription box reviews see the: BirchboxGlossyboxLook Fantastic and Cohorted general review posts. For help on how to choose the right subscription box for you check out “Which Subscription Beauty Box is right for you?”. You can also see pictures from all beauty boxes (2017-current) on my Pinterest beauty box board.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.

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