Coffee Chat: My skin condition story which can happen to you!

Hello my lovelies,

I wanted to share with you a few thoughts and a personal story about skincare and in particular, bodycare. So grab a coffee and join me!


Skincare is so much more than cosmetics and ageing concerns. Our skin is an organ that we should take care of, as well as the others. It protects us from the environment, and it is vital for our health. Did you know that if your skin barrier is damaged your chances of getting an infection are higher? I know what you are thinking, “that’s not going to happen to me”, but skin conditions and issues can come up at any time in life, even if you don’t have sensitive skin or previous history.

For more relevant information check out: What is sensitive skin? What are the causes and what can we do?


Here’s my story:

Quite a few years ago I started getting red spots on my décolleté that were sometimes itchy and always very dry. For a while, I thought it was just female hormones, so I ignored them. But many years passed, and they didn’t get better, they actually got worse and even started spreading. It all of the sudden looked quite serious (I’ll spare you the gross pictures but let’s say I couldn’t wear anything with an open décolleté) even though I never had skin problems before, and I still don’t have sensitive skin.

It all started one day when I was wearing an open T-shirt and a bag with the strap going across my chest. I walked for hours that day and thinking back, the friction of that strap must have damaged my skin. So, I decided to do what we should be doing every day, use products that contain ingredients which will keep the skin healthy. Although I always spent a lot of attention and effort on using very thought out skincare for my face, I wasn’t paying as much attention to the rest of my body. Sounds familiar?

Most skin conditions and skin sensitivities can be improved or eliminated when the skin barrier is healthy, so I started experimenting with a simple cream that contains ceramides and other ingredient goodies. My spots and dryness cleared up within a week, after so many years of having them!

Before I tell you what I used, please DO NOT experiment like me. I am a chemist and I have more in-depth understanding of ingredients and skincare than the average person, so please consult with a medical doctor first before trying anything out. Your condition will likely not be similar to mine!

I used a combination of The Chemistry Brand Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate and the Dermalex Eczema cream. Bear in mind that although my or your symptoms could fit Eczema, it doesn’t mean that they are. There are many different skin conditions that can look quite similar so again, please consult with a medical doctor first. I used this cream not because I thought that I have Eczema specifically but because of its ingredients being very good for repairing the skin. This product doesn’t contain steroids or any strong/serious medicine, so it is ok to use regardless (consult with a doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding). The ingredients that repair skin or are skin identical or even found naturally in skin are good to use regardless of condition (unless there is a specific edge case – again always consult with a medical doctor). Long story short, I went for a main mixture of hyaluronic acid, ceramides and cholesterol (which is actually good for your skin). There are of course many other ingredient goodies like for example vitamins C&E which are also skincare must haves but can be irritating to damaged skin and so might not be the best first choice. To find out more scientific information on the ingredients I chose check out:

Hyaluronic acid – the fountain of youth?

What are ceramides and do they work in skincare?

I’ve previously dedicated a post on The Chemistry Brand Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate and review of the Dermalex Eczema cream.

The combination of the healing and moisturising hyaluronic acid with the skin repairing ceramides, cholesterol and other goodies, as well as the absence of irritants, really helped in my case. I also chose these products specifically because they are as simple as possible, avoiding any unnecessary ingredients that could potentially cause irritation, such as perfume.


Here’s a step by step guide of what I did:

  • Clean the affected area gently with a minimal ingredient cleanser (no perfume, no alcohol, minimal ingredients). Preferably, use a wet cleanser to minimise friction and luke warm water.
  • Pat dry and do not rub.
  • Make sure there are no broken skin parts and if there are, let them heal first.
  • Spread half a pump (this depends on the size of area affected) of The Chemistry Brand Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate on the affected area.
  • Spread an equal amount of the Dermalex Eczema cream on top of the hyaluronic acid, no need to wait for it to dry. Do not use the hyaluronic acid alone as it could cause drying when on it’s own.
  • Leave the area alone and DO NOT rub, touch or itch!


I repeated this process twice a day, but only used The Chemistry Brand Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate once a day and the Dermalex Eczema cream alone on the second application of the day. In essence my two applications were: 1. equal amounts of hyaluronic acid + Dermalex and 2. Dermalex on its own. Doesn’t matter which one you do at day or night.

Keep consistent, don’t skip a day or more. While I was using these two products my symptoms disappeared, even the itching and my skin has never felt better, even before I got this problem. My skin became thicker, deeply moisturised and looking healthy without a single spot, dry patch or any itch. As soon as I let the regime down, because I ran out of the Dermalex Eczema cream and kept forgetting to buy more, it all came back about 2 weeks later so KEEP IT GOING!

In time, while your skin heals and brings itself back to normal, you will be able to introduce more ingredients and more complicated products without it being negatively affected. Be consistent and keep going and ask for medical help if needed!


Lessons learned

It goes without saying and both you and I know this, but you have to keep a good skincare regime for both your face and body. Don’t ignore the rest of your body, skincare is not just about looking young. Skin conditions are very common and can happen to anyone, but many of them can also be quite easily prevented, so be VERY SELECTIVE with your skincare AND your bodycare.

If you need a little convincing boost, buy one of those £10 microscopes off Amazon and look at your skin under zoom. I bet you it won’t be pretty or anywhere near as moisturised as you think (even if you are oily!).

I hope this story helps remind you that skincare issues can come even if you don’t have sensitive skin or previous skin conditions. My skin is still not sensitive or problematic in any other areas or ways, it’s only been that one spot and incident and it can happen to anyone at any time for reasons as simple as: you somehow damaged the skin’s barrier. But good skincare and bodycare can make a hell of a difference!

BUT REMEMBER! Bodycare products are not as nutritious as face skincare products, the bodycare industry still has a lot of catching up to do. Make more of an effort to read the ingredient lists, especially for bodycare, and try out the formulations. BE VERY SELECTIVE, it’s your body after all!

You can find all my in-depth reviews and ingredient analyses of products here:

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Lots of love,

Bonds of Beauty


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences unless cited with a relevant reference.

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