Cohorted Beauty Box December 2019 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

What a lovely surprise, for once Cohorted arrived before Glossybox! Although Cohorted always arrived last this year, it has imrpoved content-wise from last year and that’s all you can ask for. It has also increased in price though…to £40 a month! So with that in mind, the content HAS to be good.


The Cohorted box was as always the standard black, square box that closes with a lid. The box also came with its monthly, small beauty magazine (about 30 pages) that tells you a little bit more about each product and some featured products or artists.


Cohorted December 2019 contained 4 full size products.


Let’s have a look at the products in more detail. These are short reviews that cover first impressions and experiences from using the products. For full reviews, including ingredient analysis and if I would recommend a product or not, check out: Beauty In-depth Reviews & Ingredient Analysis (all articles here). Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and that beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa, please leave your comments below

To subscribe to Cohorted and get £5 off your first box click here and use the code: 6z8sdk


ARgENTUM La Lotion Infinie

Oh, oh, oh. Let’s talk about the packaging for a second. This bottle is the perfect example of simple but elegant. It doesn’t get simpler, one might argue it’s too unbranded and that’s not good, but I just love how it looks. Gorgeous! There is no writing on the bottle whatsoever but it comes with a little paper booklet that hangs off the neck. Just…gorgeous.


Now, let’s talk about ingredients. This body lotion definetely contains some goodies but nowhere near enough to be worth the £84 price tag for the 200mL bottle. The lotion is also thin which likely means the ingredients are not as conencetrated as in a body butter and it has a medium to strong scent that is pleasant but smells more like a perfume than a cream.

This is the type of product that I would happily use but not buy. The packaging is there, the presence is there but the ingredients need more work. SCORE = 7/10


Nails Inc in Bruton Mews 

This colour definetely fits the Christmas month and although I don’t think I would ever buy myself a green varnish, I did catch myself asking why not? The colour is absolutely gorgeous.


The bottle is also beautiful but simple and thankfully the big decorational lid comes off which makes it easier to use the product.

This nail varnish smells like a typical varnish and also lasts typically, 2-3 days. How long a varnish lasts highly depends on the top protective layer you use and not as much on the quality of the colour varnish itself.

This is a full size nail varnish, 14mL, which retails for £15. SCORE = 9/10.


Morphe Oh My Gorge Artistry Palette 9G

Well you have to give it to Cohorted, it has included 2 Morphe palettes in 2019! No other beauty box in the UK has done that! Extra brownie points.


Excitement aside, I can’t say that this palette made it into my favourites as it is not a standalone. It contains 6 metallics and 3 mattes. All absolutely gorgeous colours but there aren’t many options in creating looks with this palette alone.

Nevertheless, the quality is good and the palette comes with a giant mirror. This is a 9 colour palette of 13.5g which lasts for 12M and retails for £10. SCORE = 8/10




Jorgobé Refreshing Scrub Mask

I previously tried the Jorgobé hand cream and I absolutely loved it. If you missed that post check out: Jorgobé Hand Cream – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

So I was very excited to try this. It was pleasant to use and left the skin feeling clean and soft. I’m not a fan of physical exfoliation as it can damage the skin although the beads are not harsh and it the product contains salicylic acid (BHA).


This product contains a few good ingredients but it doesn’t really matter as it is meant to be a rinse off cleanser.

It also came with a sample of the Jorgobé White Tea Balancing Cream which was pleasant but not great for my oily skin.

This 100g tube is a full size which lasts for 12M and retails for £26. SCORE = 7/10


Agent Provocateur Fatale Pink Perfume

I wished they included a full size of the Agent Provocateur Aphrodisiaque perfume as the scent of it was reasonably unique and had me intruged. Anyhow, this one also smells nice but at the same time very typical.


It a pink sweet perfume with floral accents. It’s great but also very common. This 30mL bottle retails for £36. Since perfumes are down to personal taste I will not be scoring this item.


Lancôme Mini Monsieur Big Mascara

This mascara is either a freebie or part of an old set, it even says “not for individual sale” on it. As a result, it’s likely not worth £10, come on Cohorted! Freebies are still great when they are addons in a beauty box and there is no need to exaggerate.


The product is also damaged on the outside which reminds me of the last time Cohorted included a Lancôme product that was also very damaged. Check out: Cohorted Breauty Box May 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews. Can we please not have the left overs again?

I feel really bad for trying this product, who knows how old it is or what it went through. On the other hand, the product is really good, it creates huge, unrealistic lashes that are longer and thicker. Everyone will think they are fake! They also stayed up for a long time, so all and all a great mascara. SCORE = 9/10



Overall, this month’s box was great and worth £161. A good year for Cohorted, let’s hope they keep it up or even step it up!

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 9/10

Overall box score after product testing (average of product scores) = 8/10

Star product = Lancôme Mini Monsieur Big Mascara

To subscribe to Cohorted and get £5 off your first box click here and use the code: 6z8sdk


Did you get this month’s Cohorted? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

For all the details on how Cohorted, Glossybox, Look Fantastic and Birchbox performed in 2018 and which one is worth your money, check out “Battle of the Beauty Boxes – Conclusions from the 2018 Unboxing and Reviews on Birchbox, Glossybox, Look Fantastic and Cohorted”.

For general subscription box reviews see the: BirchboxGlossyboxLook Fantastic and Cohorted general review posts. For help on how to choose the right subscription box for you check out “Which Subscription Beauty Box is right for you?”. You can also see pictures from all beauty boxes (2017-current) on my Pinterest beauty box board.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.

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