Glossybox Beauty Box February 2020 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

This month’s theme was all about love and the box was beautifully designed with words of love in different laguages, all over. Absolutely gorgeous box that I will be keeping for a while! The products inside were approrpriate and very exciting as well. Everything from the box to the products was pink, sleek and interesting.

Glossybox Beauty Box February 2020 5

This month’s box contained 6 products, 1 more than as always, of which all were full size! The box also contained a sample perfume which is great, always nice to try something extra as long as the sample is not taking the place of a full size product. However, I have to say I really hated the way they justified its presence in the box, saying that it is a gesture of appreciation for their subscribers…I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I’m really not, but this sounds a bit wrong. I wouldn’t call a sample a gesture of appreciation. Just add it in the box as a little extra and that’s it, it’s great enough.

Glossybox Beauty Box February 2020 2

Let’s have a look at the products in more detail. These are short reviews that cover first impressions and experiences from using the products. For full reviews, including ingredient analysis and if I would recommend a product or not, check out: Beauty In-depth Reviews & Ingredient Analysis (all articles here). Bear in mind that these are my personal opinions and that beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa, please leave your comments below

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Figs & Rouge Wonder Charm Glow Elixir

This glow elixir comes in a cute bottle and looks really nice on the skin too. It gives glow (from tiny little pieces of glitter) without looking too over the top. It dries quickly and has a subtle floral scent that is pleasant.

Figs & Rouge Wonder Charm Glow Elixir

So far so good until you look at the ingredient list vs the claims. When I received this product before, the packaging said that this elixir can hydrate with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C & E but the ingredient didn’t contain any of the above. The one I received here, has hyaluronic acid and the vitamins listed on the outer packaging but not on the bottle of the product. I wonder if they just made a mistake and didn’t write the right ingredient list, if they changed the formulation, if they have a large stock of already labelled bottles or even if the claims are just not true. The new vs old product look, smell and behave the same so there is no obvious change. Not sure what to think of this but either option is not great, you have to atleast double check the ingredient list before releasing something to the market…

Also worth noting that the old/simpler ingredient list is idetical to the Figs & Rouge Glow Drops which looks, smells and behaves the same…are these two the same product?! I used to like Figs & Rouge but I can’t help but feel a bit weary.

This product lasts for 12M, is vegan and cruelty free and a 30mL bottle costs £35. SCORE = 5/10


Starskin Dreamkiss Lip Mask

I’ve recently been using up lip masks faster than anything else because my lips are so dry, regardless of the weather.

Starskin Dreamkiss Lip Mask

This mask didn’t really stand out for me.  It stuck on the skin well because it was so wet but its shape meant that it wasn’t touching the entire up and bottom lip. It softened and hydrated my lips but at the same time, like most lip masks, it wasn’t anything memorably special.

This mask contains some good ingredients but a lot of them are contained in very small quantities and listed after fragrance. This is a one-off use, deluxe-mini (although it is full size really) mask which retails for £4.25. SCORE = 6/10


Saint Luxe Lip Liner

Love how this pack contains two lip liners, one naturalish pink (Crush) and one red (Cupid). What more could you want?

Saint Luxe Lip Liner

The pencils look nice and elegant and they are sealed, so you know they are new. However, after removing the plastic seal I couldn’t help but notice the strong smell of the pencils, which I can only describe as something between paint and a wood-pencil. It’s not too bad though, I’m sure it will go away with time.

The pencils are good, they work well and although they are not super buttery they are buttery enough to slide and sturdy enough to write well. The ingredients are very basic but that’s alright, all you need is a working lip liner, this is not meant to be skincare worthy.

This is a duo lip liner kit with full size pencils which lasts for 12M and retails for £23. SCORE = 8/10


Glossybox Beauty Box February 2020 6


Floss Beauty My New Favourite Lip Gloss in Colour ATH

This gloss is a nice everyday pink and has a caramel-chocolate type of scent.

Floss Beauty My New Favourite Lip Gloss in Colour ATH

It works well and looks nice. The ingredients are very basic which is slightly dissapointing, I prefer glosses with a bit of something to keep my super dry lips nourish but hey it does the job. This is the type of gloss I would probably use on top of lipsticks rather than on its own.

This is a full size, 15g lip gloss, which lasts for 12M and retails for £12.30. SCORE = 7/10


Glossybox Lip Brush

Not sure why Glossybox named it a lip brush, it’s not a lip brush in my opinion and they called it an angled brush when they included it in the Glossybox April 2018 box.

Glossybox Lip Brush

Nevertheless, I am a firm believer that brushes can be used for whatever the user feels better using them for, not what they are labelled for. I personally find this type of brush incredibly helpful for doing under eye lines or under eye shadow shading.

It is soft, washes well and it looks great. It’s a lovely addition to anyone’s brush collection, even if you have an angled brush already, you always need a couple of the same type! I really like that Glossybox made it a little personal and added a Glossybox branded item and I hope they do it again soon but please a different type of brush next time not the same again!

This full size brush is worth £5.10. SCORE = 10/10


Glossybox Beauty Box February 2020 3

Overall, this was a gorgeous box with gorgeous products. Top experience!

Initial box score, in terms of products and first feelings = 10/10

Overall box score after product testing (average of product scores) = 7.2/10

Box value = £79.65

Star product = Glossybox Lip Brush

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Glossybox Beauty Box February 2020 4

Did you get this month’s Glossybox? What did your box contain? What did you think of the products? Have you tried any of the products listed? Let me know your experiences!

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For general subscription box reviews see the: BirchboxGlossyboxLook Fantastic and Cohorted general review posts. For help on how to choose the right subscription box for you check out “Which Subscription Beauty Box is right for you?”. You can also see pictures from all beauty boxes (2017-current) on my Pinterest beauty box board.

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.

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