Coffee Chat: Are you open to information or subconsciously looking for validation?

Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a while since we had a coffee chat so grab a coffee and let’s discuss something that has been bothering me almost my entire life!

As you might already know, I am a scientist, a Dr in chemistry to be exact, and I wanted to be one since I can remember. Sounds cheesy but it’s true. Part of what fascinates me about science is the act of seeking information, finding proof and basing conclusions on facts. And this is also one of the reasons why I created this blog, to bring some factual science to an everyday subject like beauty.

Easier said than done.

The world needs more trusted and validated information, especially since there is so much misinformation and popular science that it’s hard to know what is true sometimes. There are some people like you you seek that information (I assume since you read my blog you are interested in a more scientific-factual approach) but there are also many others who just selectively choose the information that serves their belief.

There are many reasons why this happens but let’s not get into psychology right now, let’s talk about beauty.

When you look for information on a specific product, maybe a Youtube video, a blog post or even a review, do you quickly skim through to find whether your perception is true? Do you selectively read the negative reviews, for example, to validate the fact that you don’t think that product is good? Do you filter out certain information or do you impartially take in all the information presented to you? Both positives and negatives?

It’s hard to be impartial. Selectively seeking information is part of quickly seeving information in a world with no time! We all do it sometimes but it’s important to be aware of it.

To use the lyrics of a Paloma Faith song, do you want the truth or something beautiful?

Next time you are looking for a review or some specific information on a beauty product (or anything else in life), check-in with yourself and see:

(a) are you looking for information from legit trusted sources, do the people providing the information hold any expertise in the subject?


(b) are you are taking in all available information or are you selectively looking for validation for a specific impression you have already?

It’s worth keeping this in mind. Why? Because descitions made on unvalidated, wrong and misleading information always lead in regret.

Spend your money and time wisely. Respect yourself and seek the truth.

And don’t give yourself too much grief if you do this. We all do, it’s natural. Let’s all try to become more aware of it and it will get better.

Lots of love,

Bonds of Beauty


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences unless cited with a relevant reference.

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