Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum – Does it work?

Having oily skin, I’ve battled with blackheads, pores the size of craters and texture skin all my life. Despite the fact that oily skin ages/wrinkles slower than dry skin, it somehow never was an advantage.

Large pores, contant blackheads and oil production large enough to fry eggs have been the deciding factors for all cosmetic related decitions I’ve made throughout the years. Although I’ve managed to control my oil production completely with proper skincare and makeup, I was never able to significantly decrease the size of my pores or make those black dots dissapear.

I’ve previously wrote about the Bioré Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analysis as one way, although not the best, of cleaning out blackheads. In this post we will be looking at a vacuum device, the Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum, which is meant to suck out blackheads or other debris from the pores, cleaning them and freeing them up to potentially reduce to a small size.

There are many different brands for this type of device, I haven’t tried them all but I don’t think it makes much difference which one you get. Suction is what is meant to be doing the work here and any of them, even the cheap ones, should do that.


Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum 3



The Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum comes in nice simple packaging that is sealed on the outside with a plastic wrapper so you know if anyone opened it before.

Inside, the device comes on a plastic holder which also contains:

  • 1 USB A to micro USB charger
  • user manual
  • 2 silicon rings for the nozle
  • 8 sponge filters to prevent dirt going into the machine
  • 1 oval probe
  • 1 microcrystalline probe
  • 1 small circular probe
  • 1 large circular probe

Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum

According to the brand, the different probes are meant to do different things, from smoothing and massaging, skin tightnening, cleansing and smoothing of fine lines.

Overall, the product looks good, it’s easy to use and is more thought out than I expected, with the exception of some thin parts that looked badly manufactured, like the gold rim around the nozzle (see picture below). That is simply visual though and shouldn’t take away from how well or bad the device functions.

Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum 4


How to use

You are meant to use this on a clean and dry face and apply on the affected areas for no more than 3 sections, otherwise you risk getting bruised.

The device has 5 different suction levels of increasing power.



The Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum costs £19.99 on Amazon. Given that all a device needs to do is provide some vacuum, I really wouldn’t spend more money than this, the more expensive ones will likely not work better and cheaper ones might not provide as strong suction as this one.


Results and experiences

I’ve used the Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum in a couple of different ways in an attempt to find what works best. In all cases I first cleaned my skin and then:

  1. dried it and used the device
  2. spent a few minutes warming up my skin and opening pores with luke warm water, drying the skin and then used the device
  3. had a warm shower, dried my skin and used the device
  4. spent a few minutes under a towel in a hot water bath to open the pores, dried the skin and then used the device

Neither of the above made a difference really and the amount of dirt I managed to get out of my skin with this device was literally 1-2 dots that I had to squint to see.

Overall, the process is painful even at the lowest vacuum setting and in an attempt to make this work, I managed to bruise my face all over as I was trying the strongest setting, even though I followed the instructions and never kept the vacuum at any point for more than 2-3 seconds.

The next day my face became visibly bruised, in lined patterns, as this is how I was moving the device, so instead of cleaning my face looked worse! It didn’t hurt to touch my face but it was visibly bruised. It’s worth noting also that I don’t have sensitive or thin skin, my skin, especially my chubby cheeks, is actually quite thick. Plus, I ended up having to use a lot of colour correcting products and foundation the next day, in order to cover the discoloration from the bruises, which probably filled in my pores too, all in all it was counter productive for me.

On the other hand, my partner also tried it and it was a completetly different experience for him. He used the strongest setting and got out sooooo much dirt and white material out of his skin it was disgusting but also very satisfying. His skin did not bruise even though he has dry and thinner skin and it looked visibly cleaner.

One could argue that my skin is cleaner than his since I use cleansers (AHAs and BHAs) and follow a good skincare regime whereas he does…well nothing. So perhaps his skin had more to get rid off. On the other hand, my skin looks dirtier than his because of all the black dots I have scattered around. However, after having a closer look of my skin under a microscope (I highly recommend you do this) I realised that those dots are not blackheads but rather oil glands. This is very important to figure out for your skin too in order to know how to take care of it and whether those annoying black dots are ever going to go away…or not. Sad times.

What this also tells us though is that if you have a good skincare regime you don’t need to use tools like this, there won’t be anything significant to get rid off. So, focus on building a strong skincare regime and it’s a win-win.

Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum 5


Overall, it was a total flop for me and a success for my partner. However, I cannot recommend this or any other pore vacuum tool. It’s not worth the pain and I don’t think that applying strong suction like this on the skin is a good idea regardless of whether it works for you or not. I would recommend finding a better way to clean your pores, by for example using AHA and BHA containing cleansers often.


Hoposo Blackhead Vacuum 2

I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.
Beauty is a very personal thing, we all have different skin, requirements and biological build which can influence things. What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. Have you ever tried these products? Did they work for you? Let me know your experiences below!

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