Coffee Chat: Goodbye Look Fantastic – Why I unsubscribed from Look Fantastic Beauty Box after 3 years

Hello my lovelies,

You might have noticed that there wasn’t a post on Look Fantastic June 2020 and the reason is, I unsubscribed!

I have been a subscriber to the Look Fantastic beauty box for over 3 years now while at the same time being a subscriber to the other UK beauty boxes, Birchbox, Glossybox and Cohorted (and some other ones that existed for a few months and failed). I have been comparing these beauty boxes to each other for years, not just through scores on excitement and box value but also on how I feel about them as a subcriber.

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There are three main reasons for subscibing to a beauty box:

  1. The excitement factor – a monthly treat for yourself that is also secretive and you don’t know what it contains!
  2.  The keeping up with the market factor – beauty boxes are a great way to keep up with what is new but also what exists in the market.
  3. The price factor – beauty boxes are a great way to get cosmetics cheaper as the value of the boxes is often twice or thrice the money you payed. The catch here is that you don’t know what you are getting but what you are getting is cheaper!


Taking these factors above into consideration, Look Fantastic has been the least rounded beauty box (after Birchbox which was the worst) out of the other options, Glossybox and Cohorted.

The products contained were often travel or sample size which rarely brings excitement and is hard to make a full rounded opinion of a product from 1-3 uses, so it shouldn’t help the brands or consistent sales of products generated from the box either (perhaps it generates quick sales but I would be interested to know how many long term sales it generates – is this business model as successful as it could be?).

The brands and type of products were often the same too (same brands and lots of one use masks) and the overall price vs value didn’t feel as good as Glossybox or Cohorted. Cohorted is an expensive high-end box at £39.99 but you get what is promised, full size high-end products. Glossybox on the other hand, is the direct comparison to Look Fantastic (and interestingly are both owned by the same parent company, the Hut Group) and I don’t think that their content is different enough to cater to two different type of demographics, so no reason for both of them to exist. Glossybox is cheaper (£13.25 but you get the £3.25 back if you fill in quick surveys about the products, so it’s £10 vs £15 for Look Fantastic). The products contained in these two boxes and brands are often the same (I have quite a few duplicates) and so there is no justification for the Look Fantastic higher price. Glossybox also often contains full size products and is generally more balanced in the types of products it contains and the box composition (how much skincare vs makeup vs haircare etc). So, if you want to subscribe to a beauty box, I’ve said this consistently the last 3 years, Glossybox is the best money vs excitement choice (click here for 20% off your first box).

I think that Look Fantastic should either be scrapped or redesigned. If the £15 price is to be kept then perhaps create a box between Glossybox and Cohorted, something that contains full size products from both high-end and drugstore, is well balanced composition-wise and caters to the “I like to try both expensive and cheap products” type of person, the person in their late twenties or thirties who has a bit more cash and cosmetic experience but doesn’t want to pay £39.99 a month for Cohorted. I think this is sort of what they tried to do already with it but in my opinion, didn’t quite manage.

For these reasons, combined with the tough ecomonic times at the moment, I have unsubscribed to Look Fantastic and unless they change their box composition significantly, I don’t think I will be going back. It takes me a while to make such decition because I don’t want to make it on the basis of a couple of dissapointing boxes, but I think 3 years was enough.

It is a shame as Look Fantastic is my higher viewed beauty box post, much higher than Glossybox and Cohorted but I will not keep subscribing and writting about something I don’t believe in. The entire point of Bonds of Beauty is to bring you unbias, direct, honest and scientific, where appropriate, information.

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So, goodbye Look Fantastic beauty box!

Lots of love,

Bonds of Beauty


I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences unless cited with a relevant reference.

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