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Hello and welcome to the Bonds of Beauty blog!

We are living in an era of beauty, health and fitness with and many of us are becoming hooked in one way or another. But with so many beauty, fitness and health products out there how many times did you catch yourself asking: Does this actually work? Is it worth the money? Is there any scientific proof? and are there any better alternatives?

This blog is about all things Beauty, Fitness, Health and Well being. These are areas that I am very interested and passionate about and have daily interactions with.

So where’s the twist you might ask? Well I am also passionate about science. I am a professional chemist by training and I often find that my scientific background and thinking mixes well with these areas. I was inspired to begin this blog after hearing so many people look for or talk about specific ingredients for specific purposes, while understanding nothing about them or the processes. This blog is the marriage of beauty, fitness, health and well being with little injectable doses of understandable science.

I spend hours reading and reviewing peer-reviewed scientific reports and articles to bring you the actual evidence (if any!) on products, ingredients, concepts and ideas that are worth your time and money. I am aiming to bridge the gap between a lovely read and easy to understand but informative science while calling out any promotional bull-crap!

And in the meantime, I get to learn and try all these things too!

In this blog you will find:

  • Monthly Beauty and Fitness Subscription Boxes Reviews, including individual product reviews.
  • More beauty product reviews!
  • Science based articles on specific concepts or ingredients (and in which products I found them in).
  • Fitness product reviews and science based articles.
  • Scientific studies on current health research, trends and worries.
  • Little injectable science on well being (what is the chemistry of happyness?) and
  • Random “coffee talk” blogs on damn right, random, life subjects that come to my mind.


So if you are still wondering, Bonds of Beauty is about the Beauty in Bonds! You can find beauty in so many molecules that make up this amazing life and all it’s functions but you can also find beauty outside and inside of a person, a product, a life.

I hope you enjoy the content! Please subscribe and share this blog and feel free to email me your suggestions and topics or products to review.



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