My Little Beauty Box UK (aka MLB Box)

Welcome to the review corner for the My Little Beauty Box UK version (not sure there is a non-UK version)!

*Please note that this subscription beauty box has closed down due to staff illness and is therefore, no longer available. *

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My Little Beauty Box (aka MLB Box) is a new subscription beauty box which is delivered monthly to your doorstep for £35 a month (postage is free – UK only). It is meant to contain a minimum of 4 full size products and a wax melt or candle as “the scent of the month” and two one-page cardboard cards that tell you a little bit about each product. The price tag together with the fact that the box is meant to contain high end brands, up and coming brands, and some classic products is essentially very similar to Cohorted.

MLB Box March 2018 6_20180318222347326
MLB Box March 2018

Unfortunately, like Cohorted and Look Fantastic, there is no personal beauty profile and therefore, this means that you cannot tell them whether you have oily skin, dark hair, wrinkles etc. This means that the products you will receive every month might not all suit you. For example, you might receive a day cream for dry skin even if you are oily and you might get a blonde brow liner when you have brown. It is a major disadvantage as the products contained might not always be relevant to you, but as I mentioned above the MLB box is not the only one with this drawback.

The MLB Box comes in a black cardboard box with an MLB logo sticker on top. It’s not particularly fancy and although it doesn’t feel like a bad quality box, it’s not one that I’d keep for storage either.


The box doesn’t come with any monthly design or themes and all that is contained is some black straw paper, the products and 2 cardboard cards with some info about the items contained.


There are 4 options for subscription deals: 1 month, 3, 6 and 12. You will save £0, £5, £15 and £35 respectively, meaning that if you subscribe for a year you will get one box for free. This is not a very convincing price difference to make committing to a full year of beauty boxes an easy choice however, it is within what the Glossybox used to offer (review your boxes and get 1 box a year for free) so it’s not unexpected for this industry. If you pay for 1 month you will automatically go on a rolling system and will only stop receiving boxes if you cancel, which you can do any month before the payment of the month is taken (reoccurring bill will be on the date you subscribed so if you subscribe on the 22nd you will always pay on the 22nd). Otherwise you might have to wait a month.

The boxes are dispatched fairly late, at the end of the second week of the month. This means that out of the UK Birchbox, Glossybox, Look Fantastic and Cohorted, the MLB Box is the last box to arrive, sometime mid to end of the month. It is also a “pre-order” type of box, like Cohorted, which means that if you order on the 19th of May you won’t get the May box but rather the June one. There is also no way of buying a previous month’s box.

The MLB Box does not offer any VIP or loyalty system-like bonuses for recruiting friends or reviewing the products your received etc.  However, bear in mind that this box launched in March 2018 so it is expected, to a certain extend, that there won’t be a lot of features just yet. Because the box is so new expect a lot of things to change, like for example the beauty leaflet contained with the box has changed format and appearance from March to April 2018 (for the best though) and I wouldn’t be surprised if more changes happen over time.

MLB Box April 2018

Personal opinion: 

The point above brings me to a nicely to how I feel about this box. It contains some really nice stuff, there are always known brands and full size or travel size products contained but overall, it is not as polished or “stable” as the other beauty boxes out there. Every month so far there’s been a different number of products in the box so I couldn’t even tell you if this is a 5 products a month box or more (MLB March 2018 actually contained 9!) or less.

For sometime they also advertised that they know that most people like the surprise of the beauty box experience, the feeling of not knowing what you are going to get and then finding out yourself when you open the box, and so they advocated for keeping that month’s box a “secret” (i.e. not posting a picture on their website). I completely agree with that, I personally avoid the Birchbox, Glossybox and Look Fantastic websites for half a month until I receive and open those boxes. However, even though the MLB box does not post the box’s contents of the month on their website, I have had many spoilers from them on Instagram! So, don’t follow them on Instagram if you want to avoid spoilers!

Overall, opening this box feels like a treat, like any beauty box unboxing should feel, mainly because of the brands contained and the amount of full size products that are often in. However, the instability of not knowing what to expect every month, how many products you are going to get, if the format changed again etc shows that it is still early days for this box.

MLB Box May 2018 7_20180604143452261
MLB Box May 2018


*Please note that this subscription beauty box has closed down due to staff illness and is therefore, no longer available. *

Would I recommend subscribing to this box? If you can afford it then definetely yes. The products contained are usually full size and from reputable brands. However, if you think this box is too expensive for you, then the Glossybox or Look Fantastic box (click the pages to read general reviews and find discount links!) are amazing cheaper options.  So far, the MLB’s box most unique selling point or reason to subscribe over it’s rival Cohorted or over the cheaper ones is the fact that it always contains full size or at worst travel size products from known brands.

The MLB Box is a good beauty box that will satisfy your branded beauty cravings.



I am not affiliated with any company or brand. These are my views and experiences.


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