Estée Lauder Lip Conditioner – In Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Most of us moisturise our skin but we often forget that our lips is skin too, skin that actually goes through a lot of “wear and tear” throughout the day. To make matters worse many of us tend to have dry lips even if our skin is oily. As a result, a good lip moisturiser is a must even outside the winter months. There are many cheap lip moisturisers out there but when I looked through their ingredients they weren’tRead more

SPF Protection for Lips – Mega Battle: Carmex VS Maybelline VS Nivea VS Blistex – In depth Reviews and Ingredient Analyses

The summer months are here, the sun is lower and hotter and the days are longer. Hurray! Sadly though, all of that also means that we need to up our SPF protection to limit the sun damage on our skin and slow down the process of ageing. If you don’t know what SPF is, why we need it all year round or how much we need check out: Everything you need to know about sunscreens and SPF Although some of usRead more