Coffee Chat: Clean, Organic Beauty and Chemophobia – Your Cosmetics are Not Killing you, your Lifestyle and Genetics are

Hello my lovelies, As you know I am a Dr in Chemistry and the negative image of science, chemistry in particular, in our society has been saddening me greatly. I see situations, hear and read things almost on a daily basis that are factualess and yet take over some people’s lives entirely. The main reason I started this blog was to spread some scientific understanding in every day subjects like beauty and fitness, in a world where science is beingRead more

The Chemical Misconception – Should we avoid chemicals?

This is an opinion piece of my opinion as a Dr in Chemistry and the opinions of the scientists’ cited.   Throughout my career so far I have encountered many people, either in person or through articles in magazines, blogs or other media, that are either afraid of chemicals (chemophobia = fear of chemicals) or are people who dislike interfering with nature. Have you ever wondered, how did we go from chemistry and chemicals being considered magical and medicinal, toRead more