Wellthos Health and Fitness Box October 2017 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

October may have passed, and so has November almost, but during my house move last month I ended up sacrificing the review of the October Wellthos box. However, since my reviews are more about the products inside rather than “what did the box contain” I thought I’d do it anyway even if it’s a bit late. This way you can still read about the products and figure out whether they are worth trying. November’s Wellthos review is coming in aRead more

Wellthos September 2017 Health and Fitness Box – Unboxing and Product Reviews

September’s Wellthos box contained 10 health and fitness products and as always not all where food items which personally I really like. As always the Wellthos box was a simple cardboard box with no special design. Wellthos and other health and fitness boxes don’t seem to invest in designed or themed packaging but that’s fine, these type of boxes are not expected to be as nice and thought out as the beauty boxes. Like every month, the box also containedRead more

Coffee chat: Our food choices affect others in ways we might not even realise

Yesterday, while I was walking back home from the gym, I saw something that struck me so I decided to write about it hoping that it will make you think too. As I was walking down the street I saw a blackbird flying past me and landing very quickly on the pavement. I turned around and looked at it feeling a little envious on how quickly and gracefully it can move around, while feeling a little sorry for myself forRead more

One simple secret and 9 steps to sticking with a fitness or diet regime

So many of us start or want to start, a fitness or diet regime and while a few of us brave it through trying something new, most of us fail at some point. Some of us fail due to lack of motivation while others due to lack of information and help. But whatever the reasons, there are a few simple steps to maximising your chances of success: (1) Set a goal, define what you want to achieve and why. Do you want toRead more