Cohorted Beauty Box August 2019 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Cohorted August 2019 was a one-brand box, containing only Doucce products. This idea is not new, Cohorted did this before in June 2018 and other times with other brands, but it is still equally brilliant. I love the idea of a one-brand box and with so many products inside it, how can you be disappointed? When Cohorted changed its subscription price from £35 to £40, I was concerned as the price was steep to begin with. But I have toRead more

Doucce Freematic Flexible Palettes – In-depth Review and Ingredient Analyses

There are so many palettes out there these days making it very hard to choose. With their beautiful packaging, attractive colours and clever branding, what is it that makes you choose which one to buy? For me it is their usability. Despite the fact that colourful eyeshadow palettes look very attractive and gorgeous, I tend to avoid them because I know I won’t use them that much. Similarly, I avoid buying contour palettes because they often contain too many options,Read more

Beauty Product Discovery – Cohorted Beauty Box Doucce Special Edition June 2018 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

The last four months of Cohorted were a bit of a shambles but gosh did they make up for it this month! What a box! I can tell you now this will definitely be the beauty box of the year. The Cohorted June 2018 box was an exclusive Doucce curation which included only Doucce products. Whether you like Doucce or feel indifferent, a box of 6 full size makeup items would surely have made your day. I’m not surprised byRead more