Glossybox Beauty Box July 2020 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Another month, another beauty box unboxing! It’s the little things in life that keep you going! If you are not a subscriber to a beauty box I highly recommend treating yourself to one. There are subscriptions as cheap as £10 a month which will suit most budgets and it’s a great way to treat yourself while also discovering new loves and hates! This month’s Glossybox theme was about brigning the holiday vibe at home which sort of worked! The boxRead more

Glossybox Beauty Box July 2019 – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Glossybox is in my opinion the best value for money beauty box simply because it is the most consistent. Plus, you can get the postage money back by answering quick surveys about the products making it essentially a £10 box! This month’s theme was all about summer vibes but I must say I didn’t get any at all. Even the tanning product reminds me more of winter because that’s the time people are most likely to use it. This month’sRead more

Glossybox Beauty Box July 2017 – Unboxing and Product Reviews and…some comments on translucent powders and flash photography

Glossybox July 2017 was dedicated to summer with a specific “summer getaway” theme. The box was not the usual pink Glossybox, it actually had a design this month which was a lovely surprise. The box was still the same size and type but it was a lot more intensely/hot pink coloured than the usual baby pink and it has “hello summer” written on the top lid with golden letters. Such a lovely box! So simple yet so nice. I’m so glad Glossybox is doingRead more