Paula’s Choice Resist Youth-Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50 – In Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis

Wearing an SPF of minimum 15 is an absolute must at all times, for the health and youth preservation of our skin. However, with the summer months now already settled and the sun shining lower and stronger, our skincare protection must also adapt accordingly. Although, bear in mind that even if you live or your holidays are in a colder place, a higher SPF protection might also required, especially if you are at high altitude or close to snow. IfRead more

Hyaluronic acid – the fountain of youth?

Hyaluronic acid is one of those increasingly popular, stand out ingredients that beauty companies use these days, which admittedly make a lot of skincare products sound more fancy, expensive and valid. It is specifically marketed as an intense hydration miracle worker and some even claim it has anti-ageing properties promising a healthier looking, less wrinkly skin. Interestingly, there are also claims that this ingredient can be used as an anti-oxidant, protecting from environmental damage, similarly to the effects of anRead more