Coffee Chat: Is wearing makeup lying?

Hello my lovelies, I wanted to have a coffee chat with you today about something that has been running around my head for a while. So, grab a coffee and join me. Makeup is often referred to, indirectly, as lying or hiding something and that couldn’t be further than the truth. However, you can see this belief in many occasions like for example when bloggers post apology videos they tend to be either makeup free or wearing very light amounts.Read more

Why do we use make up…and should we?

We all use cosmetics in one way or another, admittedly some of us more than others. Cosmetics by definition are products (or procedures) that affect only the appearance of a person with the aim to improve or enhance it. The term cosmetic covers anything from make up, lipsticks, nail varnish and even hair styling products. But how did we come about using these? How did it all start? And…why? Humans have been decorating their face and body, by using paintRead more