Coffee Chat: Spring clean your house, your beauty and your mind

Hello my lovelies, We are more than half way through spring and if you haven’t done so already, a little spring clean is in order! Spring cleaning is one of those, almost cliché, things but it actually makes a lot of sense. Our life’s these days are so fast paced than when we manage to get a time out, the last thing we want to do is clean. However, the more you allow clutter to go on, the more stressedRead more

Coffee Chat: The new year is here, resolutions are set. Now what? 5 Tips to keep yourself on track.

Hello my lovelies, It’s almost tradition for most of us to set new year resolutions around this time. Some might think it’s silly, many might argue “why do you need a new year to change something in your life or make some serious decisions”, which admittedly I’m sure everyone would agree, you don’t. However, we are humans and sometimes we just need that extra little push, or excuse, to make a move or a change. Truly, it doesn’t matter whenRead more

Health benefits of exercise – An article to boost your motivation

Hippocrates, a Greek physician, wrote “Walking is a man’s best medicine and if there is a deficiency in food and exercise the body will fall sick”. [1] As far as ancient Greek quotes go here’s another good one that is used to this day “Your brain will be healthy if your body is healthy”. Everyone knows that exercise is good for us for many reasons. But even though we all know, every now and again we need a little motivationalRead more