Triyit Discovery Club meets Beauty Kitchen – Unboxing and Product Reviews

Time for another Triyit box! Triyit is a product discovery club that allows you to try new products, at home, for free! It is a little bit like Influenster with one of the differences being that Triyit is actually UK based. All you need to do is go to and create a personal profile, where you can tell them about your likes and dislikes, personal habits, like exercising, or what type of food you like etc. Then, every now and againRead more

Elsa’s Natural Deodorant Stick in Scent Ocean – A Chemist’s Verdict: In Depth Review and Ingredient Analysis.

As a fitness minded person, I am always working out and running around and even though I am a woman, and we smell like roses, that’s a fact, I do sweat! Revelation! As a result, I have been looking for a good and reliable deodorant for a while now. I have been quite disappointed by the mass market deodorants, mainly because they either stain my clothes, last only for a while, mix with my sweat smell and make me smellRead more