Simple Kind to Skin Moisturiser – Review and ingredient analysis

This review and ingredient analysis article is a requested one. As you probably know already, I am a chemist by profession and I use my knowledge and skills to “analyse” and review beauty and fitness products and concepts. Someone asked me if I can have a look at their favourite daily moisturiser and here it is! If you also have products that you would like me to have a look and write about, let me know on my social media,Read more

What is sensitive skin? What are the causes and what can we do?

Do you think you have sensitive skin? Or have you been diagnosed with sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is a very complex subject with about 70% of the population believing to have sensitive skin. [1] Medical science classes sensitive skin as a condition rather than a disease and some research studies go as far as distinguishing between skin reactions as subjective and objective. Subjective reactions are the ones said to be influenced by personal feelings, tastes, opinions etc whereas objective are the onesRead more