Simple Kind to Skin Moisturiser – Review and ingredient analysis

This review and ingredient analysis article is a requested one. As you probably know already, I am a chemist by profession and I use my knowledge and skills to “analyse” and review beauty and fitness products and concepts. Someone asked me if I can have a look at their favourite daily moisturiser and here it is! If you also have products that you would like me to have a look and write about, let me know on my social media,Read more

Can the appearance of scars be improved with moisturisers?

Most of us have a scar or two, some more serious than others, and while some of those we might have acquired with pride, there are others that we’d rather forget. Sometimes due to emotional or traumatic reasons but most of the time it comes down to what we perceive as beauty. It is common knowledge and almost common sense nowadays that in order to keep your skin healthy, you must keep it well hydrated. But is there any scientificRead more

Do cellulite treatments work?

Cellulite is one of the biggest cosmetic concerns in women affecting 80-90% of women past puberty. [1] It usually appears on thighs, buttocks and abdomen as little dimples giving an “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” appearance. Cellulite is a localized skin condition and is found in women more commonly than men due to sex related differences in skin structure. [1] Scientific evidence right there, it is hard being a woman! Scientifically, cellulite has been an accepted gender predominant condition sinceRead more