A chemist’s favourite health and fitness products – the Bonds of Beauty 2017 Health and Fitness awards!

Some of us feel sad when a year passes and others see this as an exciting opportunity for new experiences. At the moment, I am somewhere between the two and so I though it would only be fitting opportunity, to learn from what the previous year has brought, and list the best health and fitness products of 2017. Other than being a fitness and beauty blogger, I am also a chemist by profession which sometimes means that I am aRead more

Collagen supplements for fitness and beauty – Are they worth your money?

Considering the sheer quantity and functionality importance of collagen and the fact that naturally, our collagen decreases with age, stress, UV-damage and unhealthy diet, is it worth taking collagen supplements? Especially when considering that collagen supplements are not cheap? And are all these emerging beauty collagen drinks worth it?Read more